The House of The Dragon Reacts to the Future - SerAtlan (2024)

Chapter 1: Information

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I think they will also be shocked by the numbers and scale of Battles. For example:- The bloodiest battle of Aegon's Conquest (The Field Of Fire) caused less than 5000 Deaths. While one of the smallest and least bloody battle of War of The Five Kings (Battle of Green Fork) caused more than 6000 Deaths.

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Chapter 2: Prologue: Gathering The Cast


The Cast Is Gathered


Some Clarification:-

Laena and Laenor are alive, so both Rhaenyra and Daemon aren't married with each other. But they had an affair, and Rhaenyra is pregnant with Daemon's child.

As Laena is alive, Aemond couldn't claim Vhagar. So he claimed Cannibal. He still lost his eye, at the fight in Driftmark though.

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Those who haven't read the original story of Sammy_1000, I suggest you go and read it. It's bloody amazing.


"Hello":- Normal Speech

"Hello":- Thoughts

"Hello":- Narration


It was an average day in Westeros.

In the Red Keep, King Viserys I was sitting on the Legendary Iron Throne brooding. He was thinking about inviting Daemon and Rhaenyra's family to King's Landing, for a Dinner to mend the gaping hole between the family, that was widening day by day.

Alicent was writing a letter to her son Daeron, who was currently fostering in Old Town, under her cousin Ormund Hightower.

Otto was plotting as usual. Thinking how to convince the King Viserys to name Aegon as his heir and not her daughter, Rhaenyra.

Ser Criston Cole was busy drilling the newest batch of Gold Cloaks, to replace the ones who had retired due to age or injuries. He is also desperately searching for prince Aegon, who has once again escaped from his morning training.

As usual, Prince Aegon is drinking wine, while gambling with some Gold Cloaks in the Street of Silk.

Princess Helaena was looking at her latest collection of Bugs, which included the beautiful Crickets from Summer Isle, which her Grandfather Otto had brought for her as a gift to his favorite grandchild.

Aemond was flying on his Dragon, Cannibal whom he had bonded in Dragonstone. His mind is thinking about how to take revenge on the Blacks and protect his family, especially his Sister Helaena. He knows that the greatest threat is his uncle Daemon and his wife Laena Velaryon. The former is brutal and cunning while the latter rode Vhagar, The biggest living Dragon.

In Old Town, Daeron is busy polishing the scale of his Dragon, Tessarion. The She-Dragon screeched in delight, loving the pampering she is receiving from her bonded rider.

In Driftmark, Lord Corlys Velaryon was busy preparing for another one of his great voyages, to the displeasure of his wife Rhaenys Velaryon, who wanted nothing more than to bash her husband's head and burn his ship with the help of her Dragon, Meleys.

Inside the Castle training yard, Laena with a tender smile watched her daughter Baela practice with a bow, while goading her younger sister Rhaena, who was too shy to train. They are under the watchful eye of her husband Daemon, who was displeased at Rhaena's refusal to practice.

In Dragonstone, The Seat of Heirs, Princess Rhaenyra was reading a story book about Old Valyria, while her sons, Jacaerys, Lucerys and Joffrey were practicing their sword skills under her husband, Laenor Velaryon. She carresed her belly, which was growing with her child. A gift from her Uncle Daemon, when he had visited Dragonstone two moons ago. They wanted to name the child Aegon, which would no doubt piss the Greens, especially Alicent and Otto.

All in all, it was a normal Day.

Suddenly something strange happened throughout Westeros. Time slowed down to a halt, and in a flash of light, everyone disappeared.


They opened their eyes to find themselves in a big dark room.

"What the?!!" Was the first response from Daemon the Rouge Prince. On noticing the Greens his hand went towards the hilt of his Sword, but found it missing.

"Where is Darksister?"Daemon thought looking around.

There were shocked exclamations from both sides, as they looked at each other.

"Does anyone know where we are?" Alicent asked uncertainly, as she looked around. The room was large with Red Walls, and had multiple Wooden chairs in the center

"That is what I am asking" Daemon looked around before he narrowed his eyes at the Greens, especially Otto Hightower "Did you do this?"

Not liking the tone the Rouge Prince was using, both Aemond and Criston stepped forward, even though they were missing there weapons.

"Back off Prince" Criston said in his signature calm voice, which hides his malice. Aemond sneered at his uncle, wanting nothing more than to carve his uncle's head.

"Or what Ser Cripsy?!" Daemon looked mockingly thoughtful "Or was it Cripson? Sorry I couldn't recall"

The Velaryon children all giggled at that, while both Laena and Laenor sighed at the verbal spat.

Here they go again.

"It's Ser Criston" Criston said tilting his head mockingly "Perhaps my Prince recall how I thrashed him in the Tourney two times in a row".

That wiped the smirk from the Rouge Prince's face, while this time it was Alicent's children who laughed, even Helaena let out a soft giggle.

"Good one!" Aegon clapped his hands. He would have toasted Ser Criston's comeback, if he had some wine.

"Looks like the Rouge Dragon got burned" Aemond cackled with glee. Alicent sighed. Can't they talk without mocking one another or trading insults for a single minute.

"Alright that's enough" Viserys quickly reminded that he is still here and will not tolerate any fighting "Instead of fighting amongst ourselves we should try to find a way out of here." No doubt the disappearance of the entire Royal Family will cause a huge uproar in the Capital.

"You are right father" Rhaenyra nodded causing Viserys to smile at his sweet daughter.

"But how did we got here?" Daeron asked.

"All I remember a flash of light" Jace answered his youngest Uncle, with whom he had shared the same Wet Nurse.

There question was answered when a voice echoed across the room.

"I am the one who brought you here" A voice said. They turned towards it, and to their surprise found a girl, maybe only 6 years old, with the signature Targaryen hair and Indigo eyes.

"Who are you?" Daemon demanded stepping forward to look threatening.

"I am the Lore Keeper, but you all can call me Keeper" The girl smiled cheerfully ignoring the threatening tone of the Rogue Prince "And I have brought you here, so that you can see the future of Westeros. More specifically, the future of almost 170 Years from now".

Their eyes widened at that. Viewing the future? That's impossible. There can be prophecies or even Dragon Dreems like Daenys the Dreamer. But directly seeing the future?

"How? How can you show us the future?" Aemond demanded, causing Alicent to frown at her son's tone. However the girl answered the question, before she can reprimand him for talking to a lady like that.

"I am the Lore Keeper. All the stories of past and future are mine to keep." The girl answered simply.

"But why?" Helaena asked softly. The girl's eyes softened as he looked at the misfortune princess.

"Because I don't want you all to suffer for the mistakes of the few" She said softly before looking at them "All your futures are bleak. There is nothing more than Fire, Blood and slaughter that awaits your future".

"What misfortune?" Alicent asked with dread, her hand clutching Daeron's tightly.

Keeper took a deep breathe and began narrating their future.

She told them about Aemond accidentally killing Luke above Storm's End.

About the horrific blood and cheese.

About Rook's Nest.

About the death of Laena and Daeron above Mander.

About the Battle of the Gullet, where both Laenor and Jace loose their lives.

About Helaena's suicide.

About the death of Joffrey and the storming of Dragon Pit.

About Battle above God's Eye, where both Daemon and Aemond kill each other.

About Rhaenyra's execution by Sunfyre.

And at last about Aegon's and Alicent's poisoning.

There was silence in the room which was broken by the loud cry of Helaena falling on the floor sobbing hysterically.

"NO!NO!NO!NO!" She shook her head sobbing "My Sons". Aegon and Aemond rushed to their sister's side, to try and comfort.

"Shhhh!!" Aegon whispered kissing her forehead "It hasn't happened yet my sweet". Aemond nodded clutching them tightly.

Rhaena was crying too, while Baela clutched Daemon, who was in a daze, learning about the horrific atrocity he committed to kill Helaena's children.

Rhaenys, Laena and Laenor looked devastated, while Rhaenyra hugged all her children fiercely, refusing to let them go. Corlys shook his head, always knowing the war was inevitable.

"I am too young to die"Luke thought with tears falling from his eyes.

Alicent was sobbing while hugging Daeron. Her greatest fear of losing all her children had came true. Both Criston and Otto looked awkward, not knowing what to do, thought the later tried to comfort his daughter to no avail.

But it was Viserys who looked devastated the most. If he was not standing, he would have surely fallen down in grief. His family.... All became Kinslayers?!

Alicent looked at the Keeper who was looking at them with a gaze filled with sorrow.

"Thank you" Alicent sobbed bowing her head "Thank you for this gift of future knowledge. We will prevent this at any cost".

"We will. This hasn't happened yet. We will do anything to remedy our sins" Rhaenyra agreed before nodding at Alicent.

They all slowly calmed down when they realised that this hasn't happened yet, and can still be prevented.

"Now as you are coming down" Keeper nodded "Let's view the future".

With a snap, a thick book appeared in the centre.

"What is it?" Rhaenys asked curiously.

"The future" Keeper replied gesturing for them to take the book.

"Wait we have to read?" Aegon asked a little disgusted at the idea. He just escaped the lessons from the Maester, and now he had to read.

"What's wrong in that?" Aemond rolled his eye at his brother's oafishness. Unlike his brother, he loves reading, especially History of Old Essos.

"An introvert like you would say that" Aegon muttered, causing his brother to sneer.

Seeing no one is picking the book, Helaena rolled her eyes and took the book.

"I will read first" She declared causing both Otto and Alicent to smile.

"Good" Otto mouthed silently. Helaena smiled back at her grandfather, and slowly opened the first page.



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Chapter 3: Reaction :- 1


The Cast reacts to "Dark Winds, Dark Words"


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Chapter Text

"Hello":- Normal Speech

"Hello":- Thoughts

"Hello":- Narration

"Before Princess Helaena begins" Keeper interrupted Helaena before she can open the book "I want to say something that might make you all a little uncomfortable"

They all looked at each other in concern before Daeron asked hesitantly "What is it?"

The keeper took a deep breath and dropped the bucket "In this timeline, House Targaryen is not the ruling House of the Seven Kingdoms anymore. They are usurped by House Baratheon".

There was silence for a few moments before the mentioned family all but shouted at the top of their voice.


"Ow!" Keeper rubbed her ears in pain.

Daemon Targaryen leaped on his feet "What do you mean by usurped by House Baratheon!" He growled like a raging Dragon.

Rhaenys looked devastated at that. Her mother's House will become usurpers!

"We won't be ruling in the future?" Rhaenyra felt sick at that. If they aren't ruling then how would they fulfill the prophecy of The Prince That Was Promised?

"Is the prophecy just an hoax?"She thought. Unknown to her, Viserys thought the same. Was Aegon The Conquerer lying about the future?

"We should exterminate House Baratheon right now!" Daemon growled earning a sharp look from his mother in law.

"Careful" Rhaenys said, a cold warning in her tone "That's my Kinsmen you are talking about"

Daemon scoffed and said "And the same Kinsmen would usurp us one day"

"I believe there must be a reason for that" Alicent reasoned in a calm tone.

"Oh there are plenty of reasons" Keeper agreed and began narrating the reasons of Robert's Rebellion. She told them Aerys Targaryen's jealousy over Tywin Lannister, his lust over his wife Joanna Lannister, his slow descent into madness, The Tourney of Harrenhal, the kidnapping of Lyanna Stark by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, unjust executions of Brandon and Rickard Stark, Aerys's demand to Jon Arryn to deliver him Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon's heads, The Battle of Trident, the Sack of King's Landing and finally the exile of remaining members of House Targaryen.

"Damm!" Aemond whispered before shaking his head "That's reason enough"

"I am sorry to say this, but anyone would have rebelled at that" Corlys said grimly "No great House would tolerate their daughters being kidnapped and raped, and their Lord Paramount being unjustly executed"

"The contract of fealty goes both ways" Rhaenys said, her eyes hard "The Lords give their Loyalty to the King in return for his protection. If the King breaches the contract first, then it's null and void. My Husband is right, even I would have rebelled at those slights".

"That's our House you are talking about, Rhae" Viserys spoke gently, looking at his cousin.

"Don't call me Rhae" She snapped, causing the King to sigh. She was still bitter about the outcome of the Great Council.

"Well I think it's time to read" Aegon said awkwardly, still feeling a little uncomfortable hearing that his House would be usurped in the future.

Helaena nodded and with a deep breathe began reading. But before she can, a screen of fire errupted startling them.

"What's that?" Joffrey asked timidly.

"For your viewing" Keeper answered "As you read, scenes from the book will appear on the Screen"

"Now this will make it interesting" Daemon crossed his arms.

"It will be like a Theatre Drama" Baela agreed with her father.

The North had always endured. They had survived the ravages of the Long Night, they had resisted the might of theAndals. The North had also toppled theTargaryenswho have ruled over them for 250 years.

The family in question pressed their lips awkwardly hearing that, except Viserys and Rhaenyra, who were more focused on first line.

"The Long Night!" Viserys exclaimed "It's real?"

"Yes" Keeper nodded seriously.

"The Prince That Was Promised" Rhaenyra whispered in awe.

The Greens looked confused at that.

"What in the bloody blazes is The Long Night?" Aegon asked confused.

"Beats me" Aemond shrugged.

With the arrest of Lord Eddard Stark, the banners of Winterfell had been calledonceagain, this time by his 15 year old son Robb who is going to fight against the Lion of Lannister for the freedom of North and its people.

But will they survive this newchallengethat's coming their way?

"The Lannisters are crowns in Laws right?" Otto asked.

Keeper nodded.

"Then why is Stark arrested?" Daemon asked confused "Aren't they allies?"

"You would know soon enough" Keeper said simply.

"And this Robb Stark. He is as young as me" Daeron looked interested "And he is leading his men to War all by himself".

Rhaenyra's children looked interested at that, especially Jace. Robb Stark is only a year Older than him, and he is leading his host to war. Daemon meanwhile scoffed. This Robb is nothing more than a boy playing at war. Soon he will be screaming for his mother at the first sign of blood.

"And he is your descendant" Keeper smiled pointing at Aemond, who looked dumbstruck.

"My descendant?" Aemond stuttered. His mother and siblings looked shocked.

"But you said Aemond will die in the war" Aegon asked.

"He will" Keeper nodded "But he had a child with a girl in Harrenhal, a bastard. Robb's grandmother was Minisa Whent, who is the descendant of the bastard. So yes he is your blood"

Aegon thumped his brother's back "Never knew you would sire a child out of a wedlock, brother" He said mockingly "Consider me impressed"

"Shut up" Aemond mumbled, still looking at the ground.

Otto looked happy at that. So one day his blood would rule Winterfell!

"May I continue?" Helaena asked politely.

"Of course sweetling" Alicent nodded.

Chapter 1:- Dark Wings, Dark Words.

"Sounds ominous" Luke muttered.

299 AC




"Call the banners" The voice that spoke was cold and demanding, belonging to a lord giving a command to his subjects. It was hard to believe the voice was his own. But to be honest it was hard to believe that everything going on was real.

They got a first look at young Robb Stark, and each took him with various degrees of reaction.

Warriors like Daemon, Aemond and Criston immediately deduced that Robb is a great warrior based on his height and build.

More politically astute once like Rhaenyra, Otto, Alicent and Corlys noticed his commanding voice. Even though he is so young, his voice commanded respect.

The younger ones like Daeron, Jake, Luke and Joffrey looked at the boy in awe. Even though he is as young as them, he looked like he can crush them with his bare hands.

While Helaena, Baela and Rhaena couldn't help but blush at seeing him. Robb Stark is the most handsome man they had ever seen, with his blazing red hair and blue eyes. His well muscled stature attracted them.

Helaena was the first one who snapped out of her daze and continued reading.

Robert Hoster Stark cannot believe that his entire life is falling before his eyes.

His father is imprisoned and proclaimed a traitor, his sweet little sister, his Sansa, being held prisoner by the Lion Bitch and her Lunatic Boy King.

"He cares for his sister very much" Baela smiled at that.

"I swear I will burn King's Landing to the ground if something happened to my sweet sister"Robb thought snarling like a Direwolf.

"A little too much" Rhaena gulped. The others looked visibly disturbed at Robb's threat of burning King's Landing to the ground.

"He really is your descendant, brother" Aegon looked at Aemond, who stayed silent.

At least his younger Sister Arya is still safe in Winterfell. She had refused to go with father, when he had made his journey south with King Robert to take his position as Hand Of The King, and judging by the look on her face she was regretting that.

He shook his head before looking at peace of paper, that was stating his father's arrest in the capital and Boy King demanding Robb to come to the capital and swear his fealty to king Joffrey.

Joffrey perked at that.

"He is named after me" He looked wide eyed.

"But he is nothing like you" Keeper soothed him "You are a hundred times better than him"

"Fealty my ass" he snorted "He is a bigger fool than I thought if he thinks that I will come to the capital like a kicked dog"

No, he is not a dog on a leash that can be summoned whenever his master likes.

No, he is Direwolf, a very hungry and angry Direwolf.

If his Grace wants him to come to King's Landing he will go to King's Landing. But not alone.

He is coming with an army of vengeful Northmen who want justice for their Lord being wrongly imprisoned and their honour slighted.

"He is a rogue, just like me" Daemon smirked "I like him"

"But a little too bloodthirsty" Corlys mumbled.

"He cares for his family" Daeron said determined "I would have done the same, if my family is in danger".

Alicent smiled at her youngest Son's daring words, while Otto nodded proudly.

"I hope you are talking about both families" Viserys stated quietly, causing both factions to shift uncomfortably.

The thought about leading an army made him both excited and a little nervous. For his entire life he had been taught by his father on how to be a good lord. On how to lead armies into war and how to take care of the Small Folk. But even then he was still a boy five and ten namedays. And while he had done remarkably well in managing Winterfell and made sure that trade flows well through Winter City in the absence of his father, he knows that ruling in peacetime and leading armies to war were two different things.

"At least he is not foolish and overconfident" Otto nodded "He clearly knows his capabilities"

"First rule of war" Laenor's eyes gleamed, mind flashing back to the bloody fields of Stepstones "Know your enemy, but first know yourself"

"Understand that boys" Rhaenyra asked her sons who nodded, their attention fixed in the story.

"Robb" he broke out of his dark musings and looked at his sister. Arya was a Stark in both looks and behaviour. While She and Sansa are both twins, they are polar opposite to each other. While Sansa is a prim and proper lady with her courtesy, soft voice and needle works, Arya was the definition of warrior woman with her, bold voice, Sword and Bow.

His mother was at first reluctant to let Arya practice in the Tiltyard to learn the arts of war but after much coaxing from both him and his brother Jon Snow, she had finally relented.

"So just like me and Rhaena" Baela teased putting an arm on her sister's shoulder blade, causing her to squirm.

"Let go" Rhaena shrugged of the hand, causing her sister to pout.

"Enough girls!" Daemon scolded "Behave".

"Fine" Both said, with Rhaena huddling close to her mother.

Thinking of his half brother filled Robb with sadness. He had pleaded to Jon to not to join the Night's Watch saying that his father will ask King Robert to legitimise him as a stark and he will be given his own lands to rule. All his siblings and even his mother had requested him not to join. But Jon was too stubborn to listen, saying that if he stayed at Winterfell he will always be in his brother's shadow and in The Night's Watch he can make a name for himself.

"Doesn't he fear that his bastard brother can take away his birthright?" Alicent asked in surprise. As a woman brought up in Old Town, she was very religious. Her Septa always warned her how Bastards are a sin, a product of lust.

This was one of the reasons she had refused to betroth her only daughter with Jacaerys which would have sealed both factions together, by marriage and blood.

"They were raised together, since they were babes" Keeper shook her head "They were as close as brothers can be"

"And his wife accepted it?" Alicent looked scandalized.

"She had some discomfort at first. But the Child won her over with time" Keeper smiled.

"But still" Otto mumbled "For Lord Stark to raise his bastard alongside his trueborn children"

"The North is a harsh place, Lord Otto. When the harsh winter winds blows, it doesn't see the difference between True born or base born" Keeper smiled grimly "Every life is precious there. An extra child means an extra spare, in case something happens to other members of family"

"Precautions" Daemon nodded.

"I'm ok don't worry" He waved Arya off and took a deep breadth. He can't afford to show weakness not even to his own Sister.

He turned to look at Theon Greyjoy, his brother in all but blood, who was watching him with a curious look. The Ironborn's usual co*cky smile was not present as even he understood the implication of what is happening.

"What's an Iron Born doing in the North?" Aegon asked the Keeper.

"After Robert's ascension to the Iron Throne, Balon Greyjoy, thinking that the Seven Kingdoms are weakened, decided to secede from the Crown" Keeper explained.

"Is Greyjoy an idiot?" Daemon looked incredulous at the stupidity. Iron Islands are sparsely populated and low on resources. It can never fight against the might of The Seven Kingdoms.

"You are right. It wasn't a good idea, as Robert crushed the Rebellion easily. Balon lost his two elder sons while his youngest Theon, was sent to Winterfell as a hostage, so that Baelon doesn't try to rebel again" Keeper agreed.

"Good riddance" Otto muttered. He, just like all Reachmen, hated the Iron Born with a burning passion. For Centuries the Pirate scumbags have raided the Shield Islands.

"It looks like Theon was treated well despite being a hostage" Rhaenyra noted "The bond between him and Robb Stark is strong"

"Ned Stark is an honourable man" Keeper said simply in return.

"Theon help maester Luwin with the Ravens" He said to his best friend.

"Alright" Theon nodded "But where are you going"

"I am going to the Godswood to pray" He answered before rising from the chair and walking out of the great Hall.

"I forgot that the Northmen worship their Tree Gods" Baela looked interested.

"Heathens" Alicent muttered causing Otto to shook his head.

"Don't forget daughter, that Old Town was built by the First Men" Otto reminded her firmly "We were once Tree Worshipers too, before the Andals arrived with their Steel Weapons"

"Lord Ormund said that it was Brandon the Builder who built Hightower" Daeron asked, causing Otto to nod.

"Not only Hightower, but Casterly Rock, Winterfell, Storm's End and The Wall in the Far North, we're all built by Brandon" Otto said "He was THE builder of his time"

The children all looked awed at the information.

The walk was short, Robb quickly walking out of the Great Hall, past the Sept his father had build for his mother and straight through the courtyard.

Alicent looked surprised at that. This Ned Stark, despite being a Tree Worshiper, built a Sept for his wife? She felt a little envious of that. Here is her husband who only cares about his daughter from his first Wife, while this Northman loves his lady wife, and takes care of her needs.

"He is a dutiful husband" Rhaenyra hummed with a smile.

People quickly steeped aside to let the
6'2 ft tall young lord of Winterfell pass by them. He paid them no heed, his steps were strong, his strides wide as he stormed through Winterfell till he reached the Godswood and was hit by a wave of tranquility.

Like always, it was a beautiful place, quiet and undisturbed by men.

Closing his eyes, Robb let himself just bask in the environment, letting it seep into his bones and calm him. He desperately needed it, despite his calm exterior, his emotions were turbulent and wild, fraught with worry and doubt.

"I once visited the Godswood in Highgarden. It was beautiful" Daeron said.

"You entered a Godswood?" Alicent asked baffled.

"It felt more at home than a Sept" Daeron shrugged, while Daemon smirked.

"Looks like your children are slipping from your grasp,My queen" Daemon mocked, causing Alicent to frown.

And as he opened his eyes, they settled on the one thing he came here to view.

The giant Weirwood tree that sat in the centre of the Godswood. In ancient times long since passed in the Age of Heroes, the founder of House Stark, Bran the Builder had built the Godswood around this very tree. Winterfell later being erected by the very same man, surrounding the Godswood.

"Scary" Joffrey muttered looking spooked at seeing the face in the Wierwood.

"What you are scared off?" Aegon mocked the youngest Strong Child "You ride a f*cking Dragon and you are scared of a Tree"

"Looks like he isn't asStrongas his brothers" Aemond chuckled causing The Blacks to growl in anger.

"Enough!" Viserys slammed his cane with a in the ground "Aegon, Aemond behave yourselves"

The mentioned two rolled their eyes in annoyance, while Helaena continued the story, a little awkwardly.

Crouching down, Robb clasped his hands together and bowed his head. It was a pose his mother had taught him when she had attempted to teach her children of the Southern Gods, the Seven. Robb, just like all of his siblings had never taken to the Seven very well.

He paused for a few seconds before praying "I don't know what is happening but please let my father be safe, please protect Sansa from the queen, please protect my mother trapped in Riverrun, please gods of the old, please"

Both Alicent and Rhaenyra couldn't help but feel pity at the sight. Robb Stark is still a boy of only five and Ten. And he is feeling helpless without anyone here to advice him.

Both of them could understand. They themselves prayed to the Gods, for the safety of their children.

As always no answer came, and he chuckled to himself "Who am I kidding" he murmured to himself "Why will the gods listen to the plight of a mere mortal."

"I have always said that if there are Gods, then they are cruel c*nts" Daemon said solemly, his eyes hard.

The less religious ones agreed with both Robb and Daemon's words. Why would Gods care for mere mortals who were nothing but their fleshy puppets on string?

He sighed before rising to his his feet to leave the Godswood. But before he can take a step he was suddenly hit by a wave of nausea, and before he can ask for help he passed out.

"Eh what happened?" Helaena stopped her reading in confusion

"He just became unconscious" Rhaena looked at little concerned.

"Turn the page" Keeper instructed calmly "Everything will be cleared". The Princess nodded and turned the page.

When he opened his eyes he saw nothing but darkness surrounding him.

He frowned before shouting "Hello?! Guards!".

No answer.

He said again but this time louder "Hello, can anyone hear me?"

"Is he dreaming?" Jace asked confused at what's happening.

"He must be imagining it" Luke said "He was just knocked out"

Again, no answer.

He shouted this time in frustration "Can anyone hear me? Am I alone in here?"

"Oh you scream too much little wolf" A raspy voice said from behind him.

He whipped around and came face to face with an middle aged man.

The man had a long face with typical Stark Grey eyes and shaggy brown hair. He is wearing Stark colours with a snarling Direwolf woven in the centre of his clothing. He was also wearing a Bronze Crown with the runes of first men and nine iron spikes shaped like Longswords.

"Who is that?"It was everyone's thoughts.

Robbsquinted his eyes. He cannot help but feel that this man look somewhat familiar even though he had never meet him. He looks like a Stark that was a given with his Grey eyes and wearing Stark colours.

"Wait, Stark colours, long Face, And a bronze crown of winter can he be"his eyes widened as he recognised the figure standing in front of him"no way, it can't be him"

"Look like Stark recognised him" Ser Criston commented crossing his arms.

The man smirked seeing his shocked look "Looks like you finally found out who i am, took you long enough wolf pup" He drawled sarcastically "Even then let me introduce myself" He smirked before bowing mockingly " I am Theon Stark, but you will know me better as The Hungry Wolf, The Bane of Andals and The Ravager of Andalos"

"Theon Stark!" Aemond's eye lit up at recognition "The Defender of Old Faith!".

"You know about him?" Aegon asked his brother intrigued.

"Brother, any Military commander worth his salt knows who Theon Stark is not only in Westeros but in Essos too" Aemond exclaimed "This man constantly defeated enemies who outnumbered and outmatched him in every turn"

"He is one of the few Military Commanders who remained undefeated in the field of Battle" Otto explained.

"He is also a very capable Naval Commander" Corlys looked at the screen intently "He made the Northern Navy from the scratch and invaded Andalos with it, defeating the Andal Navy on his way"

The others, especially Daemon, Laenor and Criston, looked at the man impressed. Their talents in the War of Stepstones, pales in comparison to wars Theon Stark had fought in the past.

"But eh" Robb asked dumbfounded and wondered if he was hallucinating.

"Magic of the old Gods and let's leave it to that" The hungry wolf answered with the same smirk.

"So the Old Gods are real" Alicent gulped.

"Very real" Keeper answered.

"Wait, magic is still here in this world?" Robb asked amazed "I thought Magic was gone after the last Targaryen Dragon died"

"So our Dragons are dead too?" Rhaena looked down sadly.

"This hasn't happened yet sister" Baela soothed her placing a comforting hand on her shoulder "We can still prevent it"

"We must" Both Aegon and Rhaenyra said at once before looking at each other and nodding.

Theon chuckled at his enthusiasm "Of course it's still here, it's the reason I am standing in front of you"

"Then what are you doing hear? What do you want from me"

"Well you did asked for advice from the old gods and I am here to provide" Theon shrugged.

"So the Gods do care about us mere mortals" Daemon said sarcastically "Colour me surprised."

Robb eyes widened with surprise and excitement. Theon Stark was considered one of the greatest war commander and tactician that Westeros had ever seen as he had defeated a numerical and technological superior foe with nothing but cunning tactics and grim determination. He was regarded as a hero in the North as it was him who defended the North from the Andal Invasion.

He was also one of Robb's role figurehead . He was always fascinated with the Hungry Wolf and he had spent hours in Winterfell's immense library reading all the tactics he used during the Andal War.

And now learning that he was about to receive advice from one of his role figureheads filled Robb with a giddy feeling.

Aemond was jealous at his descendant's luck. Just like Robb's, Theon Stark is one of his role models too. And he too wanted to meet the man in person.

"What is it" Robb asked refraining himself from bouncing up and down in excitement.

"Only one" Theon paused before looking Robb right in the eye and said in a serious tone "Forsake Honour"

"Good advice" Daemon nodded crossing his hands.

"Honour has no place in War, because your opponents certainly won't play by the rules" Criston nodded. The Dornish he had fought certainly didn't have any.

Aegon clenched his fists at Daemon's words, still remembering Keeper's story of Blood and Cheese.

"Huh" Robb asked confused.

"If you want to win this coming war you have to forsake your Honour" Theon said seriously.

Robb felt a feeling of dread in the pit of of his stomach. For all his life his father had taught him and all his siblings about the code of honour and how to live with it. And now one of his role model is telling him to throw all his life teachings of his father like nothing.

"What do you mean by that" Robb demanded "You mean that I throw all of the teachings of my father, the same fatherr that I am trying to rescue"

"He is giving you good advice, you idiot" Aemond snapped, wanting to smack his descendant on his face.

"Come on brother, you are unfair to him" Daeron said "Robb had just found out his Father was arrested, his Sister is a hostage and his mother trapped in Riverlands. And now someone is saying to throw away all his teachings of honour he got from his father".

Daeron could understand Robb's hesitatance of forsaking Honour. Being fostered in Reach, the Heart of Knightly Chivalry, he knows how hard it is.

"Maybe you are right" Corlys agreed "But he has to adapt to survive or he will die alongside his father and rest of his family".

"Yes" he replied simple "If you are going to win this war then it's a necessary sacrifice don't you think"

"I can't do that" Robb exclaimed "Honour is what defines House Stark"

"Don't shout at your elders boy" Theon snarled silencing Robb "And if you think honour defines House Stark then you are a fool"

"Looks like young Stark is forgetting what happened to House Greystark and Redstarks" Otto said his eyes gleaming.

"What happened to them?" Aegon asked.

"Let's just say that Starks of Old makes Maegor the Cruel seem kind" Keeper said causing the others to gulp.

Seeing Robb's shocked look he continued "You say that honour defines us, do you know what the Old Kings Of Winter did to their enemies boy" Robb shook his head no "They sacrificed them to the Weirwood trees, with their bellied cut open and their guts strangled with tree branches for a slow torturous death"

Many were repulsed by the description of the executions.

"Eh!" Rhaenyra looked disgusted.

"Barbarians" Laena muttered.

Robb looked surprised at that, while he did know that often prisoners or deserters who were sentenced to death were often beheaded in front of Weirwood trees, he didn't know anything about blood sacrifice.

"The Old Kings even gave their enemies to the Boltons, to be flayed alive for any information" Theon continued further surprising the young Lord of Winterfell.

"Is flaying Legal or outlawed brother?" Daemon asked the King.

"It is outlawed, officially." Viserys said eying his brother wearily, not liking the question. Daemon hummed eyes narrowing.

"Officially" The Rouge Prince purred stretching the word, causing his daughters to inch away from their father.

Theon paused before looking at Robb and asking "Do you know what I did to the Andals"

Robb gupled, of course he have heard it, everybody in the seven kingdoms have heard how the Hungry Wolf ransacked the entire island of Andalos, how he had butchered every single men, women and children before mounting there heads on spikes in the coast of the north as a warning of any would be invaders.

"So now you see" Theon began "It wasn't honour that helped me to win the war against those seven worshipping curs, but fear and blood did" He looked at Robb in the eye "I put the fear of the old gods in them and after that they didn't dared to attack us again"

"Theon Stark protected his people, no matter the cost" Aemond said firmly, while the people who followed the Seven, shifted uneasily. They cannot dispute the claim, after all it was the Andals who first invaded and slaughtered the people of Old Faith.

"But my father......" he began but Theon cut him off.

"Is rotting in a cell for his precious honour and his kindness" Theon snapped " Your younger brother is crippled and your sister is being kept as prisoner of the enemy and all you still care about is your precious honour"

Robb stumbled back a bit, taking deep breaths before looking at the man standing in front of him "Forsake Honour"

"Forsake Honour" Theon agreed.

"About time he understands it" Aemond grumbled with both Ser Criston and Daemon agreeing.

Daeron sighed, knowing that Chivalry and honour, were the first casualties of war.

Suddenly the background is covered in light.

"Well looks like it is time for you to wake up" Theon noted before turning his back on him and beginning to walk away.

"Wait! I have some more questions" Robb shouted but he suddenly felt dizzy as his eyes dropped.

"Good luck Young Wolf, you are gonna need it" It was the last thing he heard before falling into slumber.

"So the Old Gods came to his dreams" Rhaenys looked interested.

"It is different than my Dragon dreams"Helaena thought, as she continued reading the last lines of the chapter.

Robb'seyes shot open as he woke up with a gasp.

He looked around frantically breathing before turning to look at the Weirwood tree in shock.

Forsake Honour

"Your real" Robb muttered breathlessly before he began chuckling which turned into a full grown laughter.

"Forsake honour" he muttered before turning around the direction of the exit of the Godswood and began walking out leaving the sacred place behind.

"And End Chapter" Helaena closed the book as they sat in silence.

"So" Keeper began "How did you like it?"

"Well it's the first Chapter so too soon to say anything" Rhaenyra said "But we are introduced to the first few characters who must be of great importance in the future"

"He is handsome and brave" Baela blushed with her sister agreeing.

"He is bold" Jace gave his input "He is our age and is already leading men to war. I like him"

"And he is my descendant" Aemond smiled a little, surprising his siblings.

"Our descendant" Otto corrected with a smile. His Blood ruling a Major Kingdom in the future, is like a dream come true for a Second Son like him.

"Who will read the next chapter?" Helaena asked.

"I will" Aegon took the book before his brother can. Aemond growled at missing the chance but sighed and accepted it. He can always read the next one.

Aegon opened the next page and began reading.


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Chapter 4: Reaction :- 2


The Cast Reacts to Chapter 2 "The Banners Of Winterfell".


The Cast Reacts To The Madness That Are The Northern Lords.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

"Hello":- Normal Speech

"Hello":- Thoughts

"Hello":- Narration

Chapter 2: The Banners Of Winterfell

"So the armies gather" Daemon muttered ominously

"Let's see the Lords of The North" Viserys looked interested. Before this, he nor his council had much interest in the North. They were too foreign and isolated from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. Last time he had seen a Northern Lord, was when Rickon Stark visited King's Landing to swore his fealty to Rhaenyra, when he had declared her, as his heir.

299 AC




Robb adjusted the strap of his fur cloak and checked the sword strapped firmly to his waist, before taking a deep breath to calm his racing heart.

The servants of Winterfell had reported that many of the lords had already arrived with their men and they are now waiting for him in the Great Hall.

He took another breath to calm himself, he had to be in his best because he knew that many of the Lords only answered his call because he was a Stark. They respect his Stark name, but they do not respect him personally.

"Aren't the Northern Lords, loyal to the Starks?" Rhaenyra questioned the Keeper.

"Loyalty to a position and personal respect are two different things, Princess" Keeper spoke calmly "The Northern Lords value strength above all else. They are obviously loyal to Winterfell and Ned Stark, but Robb hasn't done anything to earn their respect, yet"

Rhaenyra nodded thoughtfully. She always thought that the Lords of Westeros would respect her father's declaration of her as heir to the Throne, and flock to her sides if a conflict of succession ever arises. But she was proven wrong when Keeper told them about the Dance, where many supported her half brother Aegon over her rightful claim.

"I haven't done anything to gain the Lord's respect"She finally realized. Now realising how foolish and naive she was, she silently vowed that she will do everything in her power to prove her competence to the Seven Kingdoms.

They see him as nothing more than a green boy playing at war.

"Well you are a green boy" Criston muttered.

"Well" he smirked coldly "I just have to prove them wrong".

He is not a boy playing at war. He is a Direwolf.

"I will say it again" Daemon smirked "I like this kid"

"Of course you would" Viserys muttered a little fondly.

"Forsake Honour" The haunting words of Theon Stark seemed to echo in his head, like the whisper of winter winds.

Fastening his doublet for the last time, he walked out of his room.

"Now time for some greets and meets".

"Hopefully it will be done without much trouble" Alicent muttered, as Aegon turned the next page to read.

As he entered the Great Hall all the bickering between his lords ceased immediately.

His icy blue eyes scanned the room looking at all the Lords assembled around the table.

Lord Roose Bolton of the Dreadfort and his son and heir Domeric Bolton.

Lord Greatjon Umber of Last Hearth and his son Smalljon Umber.

Lord William Dustin of Barrowtown.

Lord Mark Ryswell of the Rills.

Lord Medger Cerwyn of Castle Cerwyn.

Lord Galbart Glover of Deepwood Motte and his brother Robett Glover.

Lord Rickard Karstark of Karhold and his sons, Robb's distant cousins, Harrion, Torrhen and Eddard Karstark.

Lady Maege Mormont of Bear Island and her daughter Dacey and Jorelle Mormont.

Lord Gregor Forrester of Ironrath and his son and heir Rodrick Forrester.

Lord Halyns Hornwood of Hornwood and his son and heir Daryn Hornwood.

"Wait!" Alicent interrupted surprised "There are Women in the War Council?" Even the others looked surprised at that.

"They are Mormonts of Bear Islands" Keeper nodded "They may be Women, but they are no less dangerous than men".

"So just like Dorne, the North let their Woman fight in wars?" Aemond guessed. Keeper nodded at the One Eyed Prince.

"Bear Island had a low population and they are in a constant threat of raids from Pirates and Wildlings" Keeper exclaimed "Because of this, even Women were taught to fight. It is a necessity for them"

Then there is his cousin Wulfric Seastark, heir to Wolf's Den, sitting at the table with a flagon of Northern ale. His father Cregan, Lord of Wolf's Den had not come as he was busy preparing the Northern Navy for war.

"So the North would have a standing Navy in the Future"Corlys thought interested"Maybe we can makea TradingAlliance with House Manderly in the future"

"They are close friends" Helaena observed how Robb looked at Wulfric.

"Most Northern heirs were fostered together. So that they become close with one another. This forges a bond of friendship and loyalty" Keeper explained "Wulfric Seastark was fostered in Winterfell, alongside his Cousins. So they are pretty close"

"Perhaps we should do the same" Viserys declared "Inviting the Heirs of great Houses to foster in the Red Keep alongside our children."

"It is a good idea my King" Otto nodded liking the plan very much. It will further cement the loyalty of other Lords to Aegon.

Rhaenyra clenched her fists fully understanding Otto's plan, but before she can shout, her Uncle interrupted.

"Perhaps some heirs should also foster in Dragonstone and Driftmark. You know to form close bonds" Daemon spoke smoothly, smirking at Otto's frown.

He regarded them all with a nod before speaking "My lords, my ladies" he began "I am happy that you have all answered my call to arms and it warms my heart to see you all came here to help me to rescue my father"

They all nodded in return, satisfied with the praise.

"Good tactic" Otto nodded "Some flattery to their pride always works"

"Just like you pouring honeyed words in my brother's ears"Daemon thought with a sneer.

"Now" Robb began "Let us begin".

So for the next 2 hours they discussed various strategies on how to best respond to the situation in the capital.

"With the arrival of Lord Karstark and Umber the total number of our hosts is 25,000 strong, give or take" Wulfric Said.

"That's a good number" Aemond said "But not enough for a big campaign. The Crownlands alone can muster 8000 men"

"15,000 if we include the Lords of Narrow Sea" Laenor added.

"Only 25,000?! That's less than half the number of men, the North can muster" Galbart exclaimed.

"How many men the North can muster" Daeron asked the Keeper.

"If the Lord's stripped entire villages of working men, then nearly 60,000" Keeper replied thoughtfully before adding "65,000 if they call the reserves from Skagos"

They were all shocked by the Numbers. The last time a Northern army was muster, it was only 30,000 strong under King Torrhen Stark.

"That's a lot of men" Daeron exclaimed.

"Well the North can't bring all the troops South" Keeper shrugged "They still need some at home to tilt the fields for the last harvest before winter"

"Even still" Daemon shook his head "How did they nearly double their power in just 300 Years?"

"We can't leave the North defenceless now can we Lord Glover" Lord Horwood pointed out cautiously.

"With the Iron Born in the West, it's stupidity to leave the North defenceless" Otto agreed with Lord Hornwood's words.

"Fear not Lord Glover more men will join us in the way" Wulfric assured "The banners of Wolf's Den and White Harbour are still mustering and they will meet us on the way to Moat Cailin"

"My Uncle Benjen is also mustering his men and preparing the defences of Moat Cailin" Robb added.

"Wait!" Jace raised his hand "Moat Cailin is repaired? Last I heard it was still a barren ruin"

"Not yet" Keeper said "Lord Cregan Stark, the current Lord of Winterfell, would lay the foundation of rebuilding the Castle, after the Dance"

The mention of the Dance caused the occupants to look at each other awkwardly, while Viserys sighed sadly at his family's dark future, which was narrowly avoided.

"Even still it will only be a force of 30,000 men" Roose said in his quite whispery voice "The armies of Casterly Rock alone will outnumber us two to one and if the banners of Stormlands join them, it will particularly be a death sentence for us all"

"So Casterly Rock can muster 60,000 men, too" Aemond crossed his arms.

"And rather easily it seems" Otto nodded "Which is expected. After all they are the second most populous Kingdom after the Reach".

Alicent smiled. Looks like her decision of making an alliance with Ser Tyland and Lord Jason Lannister was fruitful.

"And let's not forget who is leading them" Mark Ryswell said grimly "Tywin Bloody Lannister"

At the mention of Tywin, everyone quietened down immediately. Tywin Lannister, The Old Lion of Casterly Rock, is famous for his battle prowess and his ruthlessness while dealing with his enemies. The Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion where he wiped out Houses Reyne and Tarbeck and the Sack of king's Landing, comes to everyone's mind.

There was silence in the room as everyone mulled over the horrifying Words.

"By the Seven!" Alicent whispered shakily.

"Lannister wiped out House Reyne and Tarbeck?" Otto muttered in disgust. He is not a good man, but even he isn't as brutal to wipe out two Houses from root and stem.

Daemon meanwhile looked impressed "This Lannister knows how to rule with fear" He said causing his brother to frown.

"Did you hear that Lannister sacked King's Landing? It's our City!" Viserys growled looking at hid brother with disgust. He knows how cruel his younger brother is and how brutally he dealt justice during his tenure as Lord Commander of The City Watch.

The Rouge Prince shrugged ignoring his elder brother's words. Viserys was weak willed who doesn't know how to rule with an Iron Fist. He forgets that it was with Fire and Blood, and not flowers and love, King Aegon used to conquer the Seven Kingdoms.

Robb coughed loudly to gain his Lord's attention. He was losing ground in this conversation, he cannot allow that to happen.

"At least he is paying attention to the finer details" Otto muttered wishing his eldest grandson had such intellect to his surroundings.

"Now that we have taken care of that" Robb began, his annoyance abundantly clear "I have decided that Galbart Glover will lead the vanguard in our first battle with Lannister forces" He noticed Lord Galbart looked giddy with excitement at the prospect of such an honor, but nearly groaned when he saw Lord Umber bristling with anger.

"Uh oh" Laenor looked worried "Looks like Stark just made his first political mistake"

"What do you mean?" Luke asked hisfather.

"What my brother means, is that Robb just unknowingly insulted House Umber's honour" It was Laena who replied "House Umber is more Powerful than Glover, so Robb asking Glover to lead the Vanguard is a slight to Umber's prowess"

"It should also be mentioned that House Umber and Glover are rivals just like the Brackens and Blackwoods" Otto continued.

"Politics" Daemon grimaced.

"A necessary evil" Aemond replied.

He thought that the giant of a man might shout or curse but Lord Umber only smiled grimly and spoke with obvious humor. "For 40 years I've been making corpses out of men, boy! I'm the man you want leading the vanguard."

"40 Years of fighting and killing, and he is still alive" Criston hummed "This man is dangerous. Maybe more dangerous than me"

Daemon too agreed on that. Someone who is fighting for that long and still alive and kicking, must be a beast of a man.

Despite the breach of formality, Robb quite agreed with him on that. Lord Umber and his Berserkers armed with Axes and Greatswords would create quite a bit of chaos in the enemy lines. Which also says nothing of Lord Umber's experience in battles.

"Then why did he choose Glover" Joffrey asked confused.

The Greatjon is the most experienced Lord when it comes to battles. He is a veteran of three wars and he has been fighting against Wildling Raiders and rebellious mountain clansmen for his entire life. His father once said, that during the Battle Of The Trident, he had seen the Greatjon, tear a Knight's head off his shoulder with nothing more but his bare hands and brute strength.

The Cast grimaced at that.

"Ew!" Helaena looked disgusted. The image of someone tearing one's head off his shoulder, is repulsive.

"I will say it again" Criston looked disturbed "THIS man is dangerous"

"He is more powerful than Ser Harwin" Aemond said a little troubled, and this time there was no mockery in his tone. He genuinely meant it.

Ser Harwin got the name 'Breakbones' as he was the strongest man in the Seven Kingdoms. But even he wasn't capable of ripping heads off with his bare hands.

But he also knows that Lord Umber and his troops were known for their battlelust and willingness to chase fights, something which could be disastrous against a well prepared opponent, especially against commanders like Tywin Lannister and Ser Addam Marbrand.

Now they understood why Robb didn't choose Umber.

"That's a good tactical decision" Daeron agreed "No matter how good a Warrior you are. You cannot do much against a disciplined and compact formation of Shield and Spears."

"Good thing we have Dragons then" Aemond said smugly "No matter how good your army is, you cannot do anything when fires rained from the Sky"

"Yeah! And that worked wonders on Dorne" Was Daeron's sarcastic reply.

"I think it's time we stopped relying on our Dragons for everything" Rhaenys said slowly "It has made us stagnant".

Aemond remained silent, knowing it was true.

Not to mention, he also could not back down from his decision now. Not without losing what little respect he had earned from his lords, who respects strength and willpower above all else.

"Backing away now means, he will be forever under their scrutiny" Daemon agreed "The Lords will always sniff for weakness. Making one demand or another" The last word was a jab to Viserys's soft nature.

"Galbart Glover will lead the van." Robb replied humorlessly. If he bowed to Lord Umber's demand, then there was no chance of the northern lords ever respecting him, especially with a southern lady as his mother.

"The bloody wall will melt before an Umber marches behind a Glover!" Lord Umber exclaimed still in seemingly good humor, until his face darkened and he leaned forward. "I will lead the van or I will take my men and march them home."

"Oh sh*t!" Daeron and Jace muttered together, their eyes wide.

"What will he do now?" Rhaenyra muttered.

Daemon remained silent waiting for the next line.

Robb's face darkened and his eyes glinted furiously and beside him Grey Wind, who was laying at his feet, began to growl and snarl no doubt sensing his master's distress.

"Is that a Wolf?" Joffrey asked his eyes glinting.

"That's a Direwolf, my Prince" Keeper smiled softly at the youngest sonson.

"The Sigil of House Stark" Otto muttered.

Robb began to absentmindedly ran his fingers through his Direwolf's smoky grey fur, as he looked at the Lord Of The Last Hearth.

"You are welcome to do so, Lord Umber." Robb said coldly, nodding his head as he began to rise on his feet. "And when I am done with the Lannisters, I will march back north, root you out of your home, and hang you for an oathbreaker." In the corner he saw Wulfric cringing at his words and looked to the Greatjon, just as every other set of eyes at the table did.

The Cast had their eyes widened at that.

"Did he....." Laenor coughed, choking on his words "Did he just threaten one of his Principle bannermen with death?"

"So it would seem" Corlys had his eyes widened.

The only man who appeared to match Robb's anger was Lord Umber, who knocked his cutlery to the side and jumped to his feet. "Oathbreaker is it?!" The man bellowed, his hand flying to a dagger on his waist. A Dagger as big as a Longsword "I'll not sit here and swallow insults from a boy so green he pisses grass!"

"Oh sh*t!" Luke muttered while Rhaenyra quickly covered Joffrey's eyes, no doubt knowing the violence that was about to erupt.

Robb took a step forward with his hand grasping down towards the hilt of his sword. But before anyone in Hall can draw their weapons, he saw Grey wind jump at the giant man.

He watches with grim satisfaction as the Direwolf tore of two of Greatjon's fingers.

There was a tense silence in the hall before Robb spoke again in a mocking tone "My Lord father taught me it was death to bare steel against your liege lord. But doubtless the Great Jon only meant to cut my meat for me."

Helaena looked away from the screen, while Rhaena and Baela looked disgusted.

"Damm!" Aemond was in awe. His descendent has some balls of Steel. First he chops some fingers from one of his main bannermen, and now he is insulting him.

They all tensed knowing an all out fight is about to begin.

Everyone around the table tensed at Robb's words. The GreatJon had just been humiliated by Grey Wind and now Robb was mocking him? Knowing he was one of his principle bannerman.

Unsurprisingly, the GreatJon kicked his stool across the room and stood up angrily. Everyone was waiting for him to storm out, damn Robb's threats, but instead he started speaking angrily.

"Your meat-" He began before looking around and smiling, holding up his bloody stumps where his fingers once were. "is bloody tough". The Lords, led by Jon Umber, began laughing loudly, while Robb only grinned before joining in what may have been the fakest laugh he had ever made.

"What in the Seven hells happened?" Daeron blurted out in shock.

"That man just lost two of his fingers, and laughed it off like nothing happened" For once Daemon was shocked.

"Bloody Northerners!" Aemond muttered, as Aegon turned the next page, his hand shaking a little from the excitement.

After another hour of debate, the council was finally dismissed. Everything is now clear and ready and they will begin their march from Winterfell in two days. On their way south they will be joined by the Manderly forces from White Harbour, before making their final stop at Moat Cailin, and join with the host his Uncle Benjen Whitestark is gathering there.

It was also decided that Helman Tallhart, Lord of Torrhen's Square and Lord Brandon Forrestor will stay in the North and raise another host, which will act as reinforcement, and if the war ever takes a turn for the worst then the force will defend the North. As everyone agreed that leaving the North defenceless is too risky.

"Good thinking" Otto nodded "The new host can reinforce the losses they would suffer in battles"

"And if the North is ever invaded. They would have an army prepared to defend it" Corlys agreed.

With the council dismissed, all the lords left the chamber with the exception of Robb, his cousin Wulfric and four more individuals, three males and one female.

The tallest person in the room suddenly chuckled before speaking "Damm Robb, I didn't thought you would stand against my father".

He was Smalljon Umber, the Heir to The Last Hearth. But do not let the "Small" fool you, for he is at least 7'2 feet tall, almost as tall as his father, and had enough strength in his arms to cleave armoured men in half, in a single swing of his Greatsword.

Warriors like Daemon and Aemond looked impressed at that.

"Why would you call someone who can cut you in half,Small?" Daeron complained.

"Maybe he is small in another area" Daemon waggled his eyebrows causing the females to blush in embarrassment.

"Daemon!!" Laena exclaimed scandalized, her cheeks flushed red "Are you trying to corrupt the girls?" The Rouge Prince shrugged.

"I think the Septa had already explained to them what happens in martial bed" Daemon pointed to his children. Both Rhaena and Baela look like they would faint from the embarrassment.

"Father" Baela groaned blushing a beat red causing her father to laugh in amusem*nt.

"Yeah no sh*t, If I was you I would have probably pissed myself" The person beside him spoke.

"Aye, me too" The third individual spoke.

"That's because both of you are Cowards" The only female in the group said tauntingly.

"Oh burn!" Aemond cackled.

"Wow! The lady put them in their places" Daeron clapped.

"I like her" Baela looked at the girl interested.

"Hey who are calling cowards Dacey" The second individual yelled causing the girl now named Dacey to smirk in amusem*nt.

Dacey Mormont was a beautiful woman with a voluptuous figure, grey eyes and raven black hair. Despite that however, she was no less dangerous. For she, along with her sisters, were hunting wild Shadowcats and Snow Bears and slaying Wildling raiders at an age when most Southern Girls learned their embroidery skills. She had a scar on her left cheek, courtesy of an Ironborn axe, that only further accented her wild beauty.

"She is a badass" Daeron looked at the girl dreamily. Aemond agreed with his younger brother.

"And she is beautiful" Jace looked at the girl flushing at her beauty.

Rhaenyra smiled softly"Looks like my dear boy has a crush"

Daemon whistled "Now that's what I would call a badass Warrior woman" Laena looked jealous at that.

"I am right here dear husband" She grumbled.

The girls meanwhile looked at her in awe

"Father! Can I learn Sword fighting too" Baela pleaded her father. Daemon's eyes lit up at that.

"Of course sweetling" He cooed "You would be the next Visenya Targaryen" Rhaena looked jealous at the attention her sister is getting.

"Then I will learn too" The younger twin blurted out, her eyes resolute.

"Of course" Daemon nodded pleased. He was happy that both his girls, especially Rhaena, will now take their lessons in fighting seriously.

Laena while looking a little unsure of her girls learning fighting skills, nevertheless agreed with their decision.

"Harrion, Domeric that's enough" Wulfric sighed.

"But she started it" Domeric protested. Domeric Bolton is a ruggedly handsome man, with dark raven locks and eyes as beautiful as the pale moon. An expert in close range Knife fighting and dagger throwing. During his fostering with Lord Horton Redfort, he said to have killed a dozen Mountain Clansmen of Vale with nothing but a blunted knife.

"How can you kill someone with a blunted knife?" Daeron asked confused and a little disturbed.

"By applying enough force" Both Daemon and Criston replied simultaneously, before glaring at one another.

"That's enough" Robb repeated his cousin's words with a little steel.

Both of his friends calmed down instantly, knowing very well when to stop.

"You always take her side" Harrion muttered. The Heir to Karhold, while not as great a Swordsman as his friends, is an excellent Cavalry Commander. He had led the Karstark Cavalry against the Lysene and Tyroshi Pirates from The Three Sisters, and routed the slavers from the eastern shores, despite being heavily outnumbered.

"I noticed something" Corlys began, a strange look in his eyes "Even though these boys are so young, they are not completely green. Every single one of them seemed to have killed an enemy"

"These Northern Lords surely know how to raise Warrior children" Daemon agreed "Good for them. At least they won't freeze up at their first kill"

Aemond's finger itched at that. He has never killed before, but he knows he is capable of it given the right reason. And when time comes, he will prove himself to all the Gods and Men.

Robb then turned to the tallest individual in the room before saying "I apologise for what I said to your father Smalljon and please forgive Grey Wind, he is a little aggressive while protecting me".

The heir to The Last Hearth waved his apology "If anyone should apologise it should be my father, not you" then he grinned "and besides I think you just earned his respect".

"So whoever chops your father's fingers will earn his respect" Wulfric said drily. His cousin, one of the most level headed advisors of his council. Expert at Logistics and economics the backbone of a military campaign, he always urges caution over battlelust.

"Of course, we are Umbers of Last Hearth, the giants amongst men, earning our respect is not an easy task" Smalljon boasted.

There were few laughter at that.

"But seriously!" Jace said "That man lost two of his fingers and laughed it off like it was nothing more than a scratch"

"The Northerners are a hardy people like the Stormlanders and Dornish" Rhaenys agreed.

"At least this Wulfric Seastark, seems more level headed than the others" Helaena said a little unsure.

"He had to be. After all he is the logistical expert of their forces" Corlys as a trader knows how a good supply line is necessary for any military campaign.

Robb shook his head in amusem*nt, the same old prideful Umber. He still remembers how he met them and how they all became friends.

It was during the Harvest festival that took place every two years in Winterfell. Traditionally his father had invited all the lords of the North to come and take part in the feast. And with the lords, came their heirs.

Robb, Jon and their cousin Wulfric met them in the melee competition that their father had set up as a mini Tourney which all the heirs of the North took part in.

"Nothing better than competing and training with one another to become close friends" Viserys nodded with a smile "Knock each other down, pick each other up. They will all form a lifelong bond"

"Fat lot it did for us" Aemond muttered, his hand feeling his left eye, which he lost during a practice match, when the Second Strong bastard whipped out a blunted steel sword, instead of the Wooden practice sword.

Luke flinched at that, looking at the ground in shame. He shouldn't have used real steel without the supervision of Ser Criston.

It was Robb who had won the Tourney with his half brother coming in the second place and Smalljon receiving the third place.

After the Tourney all of them become fast friends and have maintained contact with each other since then, with the help of the Ravens.

"Looks like Robb is a good warrior then" Daemon nodded in respect "Winning against experienced fighters who had drawn blood, at only the age of 14 is no small feat"

This caused Daeron and Rhaenyra's kids to further feel admiration for the Stark heir. While Laena looked surprised that her husband is praising someone, who isn't Valyrian.

Robb shook his head again before saying "I think we should all retire now, it is getting late"

They all nodded before shuffling out of the room with the exception of Robb and Dacey who stayed behind. Wulfric gave them a knowing look and a wicked smirk before closing the door.

Daemon who immediately understood what is about to happen, quickly darted forward to close Baela and Rhaena's eyes.

"Hey!" Baela protested against she and her sister struggled against their father's grip. However they froze when Aegon read the next line.

As soon as the door closed, Dacey was upon him immediately, kissing him furiously. Robb eagerly returned the kiss, placing his hands on her hips and drawing her close to him before invading her mouth with his tongue.

"Whatttt in the Sevel Hells!!" Daeron squeaked ducking his eyes as he blushed up a storm.

Rhaenyra quickly covered Joffrey's eyes, while her elder sons gawked at the scene.

Helaena blushed crimson and covered her eyes with her hands, but sneakily tried to take a peek behind her open fingers.

The others looked uncomfortable, while Aemond slapped his brother's back.

"Read the next part quickly" Aemond ordered, his voice choking.

Aegon, who was the only one, enjoying the scene, chuckled at his brother's modesty and began reading.

After a few seconds of intense passion both of them separated with flushes on their cheeks.

"Damm" Dacey panted lightly before placing her head on his shoulders "I have been waiting for this since the start of this council"

"Me too" Robb agreed because he was, the last time he was with Dacey was during the harvest festival. It was during that time when he had taken the young She-Bear's maidenhead.

"Isn't it scandalous" Alicent looked uncomfortable "Giving your virtue to someone you may never marry"

"The Mormonts are a little free on that" Keeper explained, a little uncomfortable herself.

He had been Dacey's first though she was not his. He had been visiting the brothels of Winter City since he was eleven. It had been Theon Greyjoy who had first introduced him to a woman's touch and ever since Robb hadn't been able to get enough of it. Serving girls, whor*s, the daughters of lords of the North, where Robb had gone a bloody trailed followed of broken maiden heads and broken hearts.

"Looks like he is just like you, Aegon" Aemond mocked his brother.

"But unlike him, Robb has still got his brain" Daemon smirked, causing Aegon to frown.

Alicent pursed her lips. Looks like lust and vises of men are the same everywhere. While Baela and Rhaena blushed, thinking if Robb would like them.

This was the only thing his father ever disapproved, but he understood that despite the Tully Look he had more of the Infamous Stark Wolf's Blood than any of his siblings, except Arya.

"So" Dacey began jolting Robb from his thoughts "Do want me to visit your chambers tonight" she asked seductively.

"Please don't!!" Daeron nearly begged.

"As much as the offer is tempting, I have to refuse" Robb said "We will begin our march in two days and there is still work to be done".

The Ladies sighed at that.

Dacey pouted adorably and Robb couldn't help but kiss her again "Don't worry, we will get plenty of opportunities along the road"

Dacey's pout turned into a smirk "I will hold on to your offer" She said before kissing him again.

"Horny teenagers!" Rhaenys grumbled, as Aegon turned the last page of the chapter.

The next morning they are ready for the March ahead.Robb looked at his siblings and Maester Luwin, who were all standing in the courtyard. He looked at Bran who was being carried by Hodor.

"Remember" Robb said looking at Bran in the eye "You are a Stark of Winterfell and I have full faith in you that you will do well"

Bran nodded seriously knowing full well the responsibilities that has been dropped at his shoulders. His brother trusted him and he is going keep that trust and prove that he is a true Stark.

"He really loves his brother" Helaena smiled softly.

Aemond felt a twinge of jealousy. How many times he had wanted, Aegon to treat him like this, when he was young and Dragon less. Instead all he got was bullying. And it was only after losing his eye, did Aegon begin treating him as his younger brother.

He turned to his sister next "I know how much you want to come with me, but believe me when i say that our brothers need you more than I" he paused before saying "And I know full well that you will protect them with your life"

Arya nodded furiously "If someone wants to hurt them, first they will have to go through me and my Needle" She said pointing at the thin sword strapped at her waist. Jon had given the sword to her as a parting gift, when he left Winterfell to join the Night's Watch.

"Fierce little thing" Laena muttered looking at the girl. She is just like her daughter Baela. Bold and full of energy, always standing up for her sister.

He then turned to his youngest brother and tried to shake the feeling of guilt he felt. Rickon had tears in his eyes as he looked at Robb pleading him to stay.

"Always Listen to Maester Luwin and behave properly, ok" he told his brother who only cried more before angrily storming inside the keep.

"Poor thing" Alicent muttered sadly "His father and sister prisoners, mother trapped in another Kingdom, and now his brother is leaving him for war".

Rhaenyra clutched Joffrey, praying her younger wouldn't have to face such in the future.

Robb sighed sadly and turned to Maester Luwin "please take care of them", causing the aged Maester to nod in affirmation.

With a last look at his siblings he turned towards the gate where his white Stallion is standing.

After Climbing his personal war horse he urged it forward and fell in line with his lords who were all ready to march. With a nod his army began marching, in two great columns with Robb leading them from the front.

He never once looked behind him again.

"End chapter" Aegon finished.

"Phew" Daeron huffed muttering "This was intense"

"And the battles haven't even started yet" Aemond pointed out "I don't know about you all. But I am exited for the next chapters".

"Me too" Aegon nodded before giving the Book to Aemond "Here"

"Me?" The One Eyed Prince looked surprised.

"Well!" Aegon smiled awkwardly "You wanted to read the next one". Aemond stared at his Older brother before nodding.

Alicent smiled a little at the interaction. Hoping that by the end of this, both brothers would become closer.


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Chapter 5: Reaction :- 3


The Characters React To Chapter 3 "Moat Cailin".


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Chapter Text

Aemond turned the next chapter and began reading.

299 AC


"They reached Moat Cailin so fast?" Jace asked a little confused. In the previous chapter the army just marched out of Winterfell.

"It's a time skip. There will be time skips between chapters" Keeper answered "You don't want to see everyday of the boring march now would you"

Jace nodded in understanding.

Moat Cailin, the ancient stronghold of the First Men that has guarded the North, since the Age of Dawn. The Fortress guards the boggy swamplands of the Neck, which was created when the Children of The Forest brought down the Hammer of The Waters, which shattered the Arm of Dorne, creating the Island Stepstones, and separating Westeros from Essos.

They looked surprised at that.

"The children of the forest are real?" Otto asked in surprise. As a Hightower he knows about the Lores of Age of Dawn like the back of his hand. His own House was one of the descendants of Garth Greenhand, the First King of The First Men, before they converted to the Faith of Seven during the Andal Invasion.

"Of course they are" Keeper nodded with a smile.

"Damm the Children Of The Forest are really powerful!" Aegon exclaimed "To sink a part of the Continent with magic"

"If the children are so powerful then how did the First Men ever faught them to a standstill?" Daemon questioned a little confused.

After the death of Berron Stark, during the Andal war 6000 years ago, the castle lacked a proper lord who can govern the boggy lands of the neck and because of it the stronghold began to decline and by the time of Aegon's landing in Westeros it was nothing more than a crumbling ruin, with only three towers remaining standing in place where once there was twenty.

That was until the time of Cregan Stark, as it was him who laid the foundation of repairing the ancient stronghold to it's former glory.

"You think we should make an alliance with this Cregan Stark?" Alicent asked her father quietly.

"It could prove beneficial" Otto muttered back agreeing with his daughter. Cregan Stark seemed like an extremely competent ruler with high ambitions to make his Kingdom prosperous.

However they are not the only ones. Corlys too was thinking about making an alliance with the North, especially House Manderly and Seastark.

Cregan will not live to see it though as even with best builders and best Stone masons, it took more than 60 years to repair the castle, as the marshes of the neck made it extremely difficult for the builders to repair the castle.

Now Moat Cailin sports forty towers, instead of twenty, and now it can defend against attackers from both South and the North. It also had hundreds of farming villages, established by Cregan, when he saw how fertile the Lands of the Neck are. These farming villages proved instrumental during the Robert's Rebellion, as it provided the food and other logistical support, to the Northern Army.

"It will be a daunting task for any army to take this Castle from the North" Laenor observed "And impossible from the South. With the farming villages, the Fortress will have almost endless supplies of food for the defenders"

"It was a good thing that Aegon The Conquerer had three Dragons with him" Daemon said crossing his arms "Without it I doubt the North would have bent their knees or that we had any chance to conquer them"

"You are over thinking, again" The voice of hiscousin, who was riding beside him, snapped Robb out of his thoughts.

His father had taught him that he should always know the men who are fighting for him. And as such, each day he invited a different lord to ride with him in the front. And today, it was Wulfric's turn to march with him.

The boys looked at Robb with admiration. He really is a great Lord who cares about what his men thinks.

"Good thinking" Corlys nodded with respect "With that he will know what his individual Lords thinks. How loyal they are and what there ambitions are"

Otto sighed. Why couldn't his eldest grandson be like this?

Aegon felt a twinge of jealously at that. He could clearly see the respect and admiration everyone is having for Robb. Even though he is as young as his youngest sibling.

"I will become better"Aegon though with determination. After this ends he will try to become a better father to his kids, a better husband to his wife and a better son to his mother.

The Keeper smiled at that. Looks like Aegon had finally realised his shortcomings.

He shook his head before looking at the ancient fortress of the First Men and even from afar he could see a host camped just outside the castle's Northern Gate.

"This fortress is really enormous" Criston looked awed "I pity the poor sod who would try to take it"

"Looks like our uncle was busy" Wulfric muttered seeing the camp.

As they reached near the castle, a horn suddenly blasted from the battlements, signalling their arrival and the gates of castle opened for him to enter.

"Wulfric, tell our men to make camp and inform the lords to be prepared for a war council" Robb ordered causing his cousin to nod, before he raced back to the army to relay his orders.

"Good coordination" Daemon observed "He is getting the hang of commanding his forces swiftly".

Robb rode through the gates and into the castle where two men were waiting for him inside.

He dismounted his horse, giving it to the waiting hands of the nearest stable boy, before racing towards the two individuals.

"Uncle Ben, Lord Reed" He greeted with a smile.

"Robb" Benjen Whitestark greeted his eldest nephew, giving him a hug.

Jace felt a twinge of jealously at that. Oh! How many times he had tried to get close to his Uncles, especially Aegon. He craved his eldest sarcastic uncle's friendship when they were young. In fact it was his Uncle Aegon who had encouraged him to claim Vermax, and he had been the first to congratulate him by giving him fresh Lemon cakes.

"Congratulations Nephew, you are now a Dragon Rider."His uncle had said.

"When did we become such bitter enemies?"Jace thought sadly. He had entirely forgotten when they had gotten from playing with each other to conspiring against each other.

"Lord Stark" Howland Reed greeted him with a small bow which Robb returned.

"Damn Robb that's quite an army you have gathered" Benjen praised his nephew about the army he had brought with him.

"You like it, more than 30,000 men from all corners of the North ready to fight for their Liege Lord" Robb boosted.

"Good numbers" Rhaenys nodded "Now they have a fighting chance at least".

"But don't forget that the Lannisters still outnumber them" Viserys pointed out and sighed when his cousin merely huffed, ignoring him again.

Aegon's mouth twitched in amusem*nt. As much as he hates the Blacks, he has some respect for Rhaenys. She was the only one who was bold enough to disrespect his father, to his face and get away with it.

"How did you managed to gather so many in a single month" Howland voiced "Your father could manage to gather only 18,000 during the rebellion"

Robb and Benjen's smile died at the mention of Ned, still wrongly imprisoned in the dungeons of the Red Keep.

Robb shook away his sadness and said "After I got the message saying that my father was injured during his fight with the Kingslayer, I sent ravens to all the lords, telling them to prepare their men incase of any conflict" he explained to Reed how he gathered so many men.

"Great insight this boy has" Laenor's eyes shone with respect "He is smart enough to forsee a coming conflict and prepare accordingly"

"Something that I had failed to see" Viserys muttered sadly, causing Rhaenyra to pat her father's back in comfort.

Both Benjen and Howland nodded, impressed that a boy of only five and ten namedays managed to thought ahead of the coming conflict and prepared himself accordingly.
"If only I had a child as capable as him"Both Corlys and Daemon thought with a spike of jealousy at Ned Stark's fortune at having such a capable son.

"I want to marry him" Baela muttered dreamily causing her sister to blush in embarrassment.

"Come Nephew, lets head inside" Benjen offered "You should freshen up before the War council"

Robb nodded to his uncle before the three of them headed inside the Keep.

"Good. Not wasting any time resting" Otto nodded. He always follows the principle of 'Work before rest'. If you do your work before then you will sleep without any tension.

"Well they don't really have much time to begin with" Helaena muttered as Aemond turned the page.

"The River Lords are falling back, with Jaime Lannister and his army of 30,000 men on their heels" Robb's voice cut through the tense silence "It will only be a matter of time before he besieges Riverrun itself"

"Already" Alicent looked surprised "It couldn't be more than two months since they received news from the Capital. How are the Westermen besieging Riverrun already?"

They looked at the Keeper for an answer. Their Host only shrugged.

"Let's just say that Robb wasn't the only one who was preparing for a conflict" She said simply before nodding at the book "More will be revealed later"

"Couldn't you just say it now?" Daemon looked frustrated at the secrecy. He didn't like not knowing something.

"No" Keeper replied simply causing the Rouge Prince to huff. Aemond shook his head and continued reading.

"And Lord Tywin is bringing around another host of another 30,000" Wulfric continued where his cousin left off "The scouts reported that they are marching to the Green Fork, no doubt they want to fortify the ford as it is the only possible crossing along the Trident river for miles".

"They are in a pinch of both time and manpower" Laena looked concerned. She hated war and the unnecessary suffering it brings, especially to the Smallfolk.

"They should March to Riverrun with haste" Rhaenyra said confidently "If they can liberate Riverrun then the River Lords will flock to their sides, increasing their manpower"

"Good luck with that" Otto sniffed snidely "It is easier to find a pin in a sack of hay than uniting all the River Lords together"

Rhaenyra looked down embarrassed. She had entirely forgotten the fight that had happened between the Blackwood and Bracken, during her betrothal ceremony.

"If we attack Green Fork then we will lose Riverrun" Robb thought his eyes roaming across the map "And if we attack Kingslayer's Army, then Tywin will swoop around and attack from our flanks and cut our route of escape"

The others looked surprised at that.

"Excellent tactical insight" Otto said in surprise. Even he had completely missed the chance of an encirclement between two armies.

"I....even I haven't thought of that" Daemon said slowly in surprise. He cursed himself in the inside. He was a War Veteran of the Stepstones then how did he forget such a minor detail.

"Our wars were never much tactical, was it?"He thought. Most of his battle tactics, only consist of how to kill the most enemy soldiers with Dragon fire rather than complex troop movement like traditional war.

"This boy is a prodigy in the making"Corlys thought his eyes glinting.

"We have to march quickly, before Riverrun falls" Benjen said worriedly.

"But my Lords Riverrun is a formidable castle, surely it will not fall so quickly" Lord Dustin protested "And Lord Edmure is already gathering another host near Riverrun"

Robb shook his head "The River lords have already suffered a disastrous defeat at the Golden Tooth, they will need time to gather another army that can challenge Jaime Lannister and his host" He said gravely "Time they do not have".

"The Riverlords are a divided bunch to begin with" Daeron nodded "A defeat will make them further reluctant to contribute their men to form an United Army, instead of just defending their lands"

Otto looked pleased at the tactical insight of his youngest Grandson while Alicent patted her youngest in the back.

"Good boy" Otto smiled causing Daeron to flush at the praise. His grandfather was a difficult man to please, so hearing his genuine praise is high indeed.

"Looks like Lord Ormund had raised him well"Alicent thought with a smile.

"But even still why should we fight for a southern House, why should we bleed for them" Lord Bolton said, causing Domeric to look at his father in shock.

"What an Idiot!" Daemon said bluntly.

"Disrespecting your liege in front of so many?" Criston looked dumbfounded "Did he forget what happened to Umber?"

"Is he mad? Doesn't he know who Eddard Stark's wife is" Domeric thought looking at his father and thinking if he is crazy or an idiot or probably both.

Knowing his father, it will most probably be the third.

"At least this one has a brain" Laenor nodded in approval.

"Choose your next words very carefully Lord Bolton" Robb said coldly looking at the Lord of The Dreadfort right in his eyes "This Southern House as you are calling it belongs to my mother and Lord Eddard Stark's, your liege Lord's, lady wife".

Roose Bolton pursed his lips before bowing "Of course my Lord" he said softly.

"Always make sure sure the Lords know their place" Daemon smirked. His words were clearly aimed at Otto who only pursed his lips but didn't bothered to entertain the Rouge Prince.

"But you should also take the Lords opinion into consideration" Viserys spoke firmly.

Daemon sneered at his brother who always was a weak sentimental fool. Perhaps that is why the Great Council choose Viserys. The Lords knew he was a weak willed ruler, someone who they can easily manipulate to their bidding.

Robb nodded before looking at Benjen "Uncle Ben, how many men did you and Lord Reed managed to muster".

"At least 4000, including the Crannogmen of House Reed" His uncle replied.

"Good and how many are you bringing south"

"At least half of them with the rest, mostly the Crannogmen, will stay here and guard the Neck and Moat Cailin".

"Good judgement by Lord Reed" Otto nodded "The Crannogmen are weak in open field battle but are excellent in ambush and guerrilla warfare. They will bleed any army dry if they attack from the boggy swamplands from the South"

During the Andal Invasion the Crannogmen proved devastating to the Southern Armies. They expertly poisoned their food supplies, burning camps at night and set up bloody traps and ambushes along the boggy Neck which bleed the Andal Armies before they even made it to Moat Cailin. They are essential in survival of the First Men.

"I heard the Crannogmen eat frogs" Luke asked causing the others, especially the ladies, to look disgusted at that.

Robb nodded at that, Moat Cailin is the single most important fortress in the North, and if it ever fell in enemy hand it will spell disaster for the North.

"We need a good scouting reports. We need to learn the enemy fortification and their supply lines, their position before we can make any plan to engage the enemy" Robb explained, his eyes fixed on the map.

"This boy clearly knows what he is doing" Otto muttered a little shocked how tactical Robb is proving himself "He is only a boy of five and ten but he is leading a Council of War Veterans. It is like leading armies comes naturally to him."

"Some men are born prodigies, Lord Otto" Keeper smiled softly "Just like Theon Stark and Tristefer Mudd before him, he is a born leader".

"I want to be like him" Joffrey's eyes shown with admiration, wishing he had a big brother like Robb.

The war Council nodded, and for the next hour, finalised all the plans for the upcoming war, taking stock of supplies, and the preparation for the march tomorrow.

After the council Robb went to chambers that has been given to him by his uncle. The chamber belonged to Edwyle Whitestark, Benjen's Son and Robb's cousin who was currently at White Harbour, being fostered by Lord Manderly. He is only ten namedays old, too young to fight in a war, so he had stayed behind at White Harbour.

"More like he had to be chained by Lord Manderly to prevent him from marching to war" Keeper said in amusem*nt causing the others to look a little taken aback.

"Are all Northmen so bloodthirsty for war" Alicent looked a little disturbed at the though of a literally child wanting to fight battles.

He freshed up and put on his night clothes but before he can sleep there was a knock at the door.

Robb frowned, thinking who is knocking at the door in this late hour.

He opened the door and to his surprise Dacey Mormont is standing in front of him in all her glory.

Aemond stopped reading and his face turned red with embarrassment. He closed the book, his eyes narrowed in challenge.

"I am stopping here" His voice is a little awkward. Aegon smirked at that.

"Come on brother mine don't be embarrassed" He sing songed before snatching the book "Well if won't read, then I will finish it".

"Don't you idiot!!" Aemond snapped however it was too late as Aegon started reading.

Before Robb can open his mouth to ask why she was here, Dacey was already upon. Her lips kissing his furiously and her tongue invading his mouth.

Robb managed to pull away, before looking at the smiling girl with a raised eyebrow silently asking her what she was doing here so late at night.

Just like previous chapter Daeron closed his eyes while Helaena blushed up a storm. Deamon tried to close his daughter's eyes however Baela pushed his hands away.

"No I am adult. I want to see" She said firmly but a flush was rising on her cheeks. Daemon gawked at that while Laena's eyes widened at her daughter's wantonness.

"You too" Daemon turned his attention to his youngest Rhaena, who only nodded mutely, her throat dry.

"You promised me a night remember" Dacey whispered seductively before nibbling his jaw causing Robb to groan in pleasure.

"I have, haven't I?" Robb asked with a smile, with one of his hands cupping and squeezing her breast causing Dacey to moan in pleasure.

"Aegon" Both Helaena and Daeron complained but the oldest Son of Alicent, only chuckled and continued reading, dodging Aemond's attempt to snap the book from him.

"Take off your clothes, now!!" Dacey ordered panting, her voice breathy.

"Come on" Jace complained covering Joffrey's eyes, who squirmed in his seat.

"Hey! I want to see" Joffrey complained.

"No" Rhaenyra spoke sharply.

"Whatever my lady commands" Robb said his hands already taking off his jerkin.

The She Bear watched with lust as her eyes roamed his broad chest with bulging muscles and hard abs. Robb may have been a teenager, but his body is that of a grown muscled man.

Baela looked at the screen with heat pooling in her stomach. She gulped lightly.

"I like" She whispered licking her lips while her sister and Helaena looked redder than a Strawberry from The Reach.

And that night the lord's chambers was filled with the sounds of groans, moans and sighs of pleasure.

"The End" Aegon finished cheerfully and Aemond immediately took the book from him.

"Thank the Seven!" Daeron muttered, his face beat red.

"Who will read next?" Alicent asked trying to diffuse the uncomfortable situation.

"I will" Surprisingly it was her father who carefully took the Book next.

"After that I will" Daemon said immediately, cursing that the Hightower got the book before him.

Otto only nodded at the Rouge Prince, before taking a deep breath and opened the next chapter.


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Up Next:- The Final Preparation.

Chapter 6: Reaction :- 4


The Cast Reacts To Chapter Four "The Final Preparations"


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Chapter Text

Otto opened the next chapter and began reading.

"Looks like the strength of both the armies are given" Otto said, which sparked immediate interest amongst the military leaders.


INFANTRY- 22,000 men.

CAVALRY - 10,800 men.

"Damm!" Daemon whistled "One third of their entire forces is mounted. It will be a tremendous advantage for their mobility and their logistics"

"With so many mounted men the Northern Army can cover huge distances" Criston nodded.


50,000 Westerlands men + 10,000 sellswords + 2000 mountain of The Vale clansmen (As Reinforcements)


INFANTRY - 24,000 men.

CAVALRY - 6000 men.

REINFORCEMENTS - 2000 mountain clansmen from The Vale (Under the command of Lord Tyrion Lannister).


SER JAIME LANNISTER - 30,000 men .

INFANTRY - 24,000 men.

CAVALRY - 6,000 men.

The air becomes tense as they read the number of Soldiers the Lannisters had.

"They are outnumbered two to one" Daeron looked a little uncertain.

"More than 12,000 Cavalry" Corlys narrowed his eyes "I didn't knew that Westerlands can field so many mounted men".

"Forget that" Laenor exclaimed "How can they buy so many Sellswords and how in Seven Hells did they manage to buy the loyalty of the Vale Clansmen?"

"House Lannister is the richest House in the future. So hiring Sellswords is nothing more than pocket change for them" Keeper explained shrugging.

"So in future House Velaryon will not remain the richest House"Corlys thought broodingly, a little sad. He had spent years on voyages to make his House rich. And all that, all his hard Work, will go in vain?

"How would Robb win?" Baela thought, a little worried for her new object of attraction.

299 AC



The Twins, the seat of House Frey.

"So they are now in Riverlands" Rhaenyra muttered narrowing her eyes. If Keeper's words were true then the Freys supported her faction in the Dance.

"Let's see how capable the Freys are as allies"Rhaenyra thought.

"Looks like they have decided to attack Jaime Lannister" Daemon said "Its Understandable. If they want support of the Riverlands they have to save Riverrun before it falls"

Thecastle received its name because of it's two identical stone castles standing on a margin of the Trident. It also have high curtain walls, deep moats and a barbican and portcullis in each.

"Impressive defences" Daeron said "Considering the Twins sit at a major strategic location, it is one of the most important castle in Westeros"

"Yes" Aemond nodded at his brother's assessment "If anyone wanted to take the Twins they have to attack from both North and South. Making it costly for any army to cross"

Robb and his army of 32,000 men were currently camped just outside the Castle, debating on the next course of action.

And that led to the current situation.

"My lord I must protest, it's too dangerous for you to go" Lord Umber protested

"Yea Robb, you are too important for us, we cannot lose you, please send someone else" Wulfric pleaded.

"What's happening?" Helaena asked nervously.

"Looks like the Freys have denied passage to them" Daemon concluded looking at Keeper who nodded at the Rouge Prince's words.

"You are right, my Prince" The Servant of Gods nodded.

"But the Freys are bannerman of House Tully" Helaena complained "Surely they will answer the call of Riverrun and help their Liege Lord"

"Not everything is so easy, dear sister" Aemond muttered softly "Every Lord sees for its own interest. Yes they may have sworn a Oath, but that doesn't mean they are obliged to respect it, if their interest is not in line"

That got Rhaenyra thinking. What Aemond spoke was true. The Lords swore their oaths of fealty to her out of obligation towards her father. But that doesn't mean they respect her. Something which was proved during the Civil War.

"I think you should listen to your cousin, Lord Stark" Ser Brynden 'Blackfish' Tully, said to his great nephew. The Legendary Blackfish, had left his position as the Guardian of the Bloody Gate, in the Vale and had decided to join his nephew in this war.

Robb appreciated that, the Blackfish was a war hero and veteran of three wars and he was often compared with the likes of Randyll Tarly, Stannis Baratheon, and Tywin Lannister, as one of the Greatest commanders in the Seven Kingdoms.

"Good for them" Laenor nodded "They are outnumbered and they needed every advantage they can get, if they want to win the war".

"Having another War Veteran will be a sure boast for their council" Corlys nodded at his son's Words.

The Blackfish had also brought two important news with him.

1. His aunt Lysa Arryn, will not send the knights of the Vale to help him in rescuing his father and sister.

2.His mother is trapped in Riverrun, which is now under siege by the Kingslayer's host.

"sh*t!" Daemon cursed "They are not getting any break, do they"

"Misfortune upon misfortune is falling upon them like dark feathers of Ravens" Rhaenys agreed.

Meanwhile both Viserys and Rhaenyra were grimacing with anger at Lysa Tully's action.

"This Lysa Tully is sullying the name of myAemma"Viserys frowned.

"That stupid bitch!" Rhaenyra growled showing her inner Dragon "She doesn't deserve to bare the name of House Arryn"

"Poor Robb" Rhaena looked at him sadly. His mother trapped in a Castle surrounded by an army while his Aunt turned her back on them.

Robb shook his head in anger. His own aunt will not help him. She will not help her own family, whose words were Family, Duty, Honor.

Now he understood why Theon Stark told him to forsake his honor. Honor has no place in the times of war his own aunt has proven that.

"True about that" Aemond muttered. According to the Keeper, he himself would have done f*cked up sh*ts in the War, if it had happened.

Daemon too nodded at that. During times of war Honour is nothing more than a liability and weakness that restricts ones ability. The Pirates he had faught in Stepstones certainly had no honour. So he paid them back by killing their important leaders during the Parley.

"Show honour to only those who fight with honour" Laenor nodded "And in war you can't expect your opponent to be honourable".

He looked at his cousin before saying " I have to negotiate with Walder Frey, if we want to cross the river".

"But you can always send someone else".

"And who will that be, I am the leader of this army Wulfric, and it is my duty" Robb said "and besides I don't think anything bad will happen to me".

"I like his insight as a leader" Corlys nodded "But the others are right too. It is stupidity to go alone when they can turn their backs on you".

"Like I did at the Stepstones" Daemon waggled his eyebrows at Corlys reminding him how he alone went to parley with the Pirates.

"And you have a Dragon" Laenor retorted "Something Robb doesn't have"

"Good point" Daemon shrugged.

"But Robb, they are Freys! Who knows what they'll do to you?" Greyjoy said "What's stopping them from slashing your throat open or throwing you into the dungeon? Or give you head as a gift to Lord Tywin for any rewards" Theon added, looking genuinely worried for his best friend.

"A possibility as one of Walder's son is married to Twin's sister" Keeper explained.

"That makes sense" Rhaenys grimaced "Frey is playing both sides". Oh how she hated men like those.

"Obviously an army 8 times their size, camping outside his home" Robb said dryly, motioning at his large army.

That got some chuckles out of the audience which slightly broke the tense atmosphere.

"Good humour" Jace chuckled.

"Walder Frey is a proud rat, but he is also smart. He knows that all the rewards the Lannisters might offer him mean nothing if he's dead." Everyone still looked worried, but a bit more mollified.

"Nice way of breaking tension" Daeron laughed a little.

"But the risk is still there. You cannot trust men like Walder Frey" Alicent spoke cautiously.

"Don't fear my lords, I will be safe, I doubt Lord Walder will attack me under Guest Right" Robb said "That's what I think" he added mentally. After all when it comes to the Freys of the Crossing, nothing can be certain, "And if I don't return in an hour you all have my full permission to take the castle by storm".

"An Army at their gates will surely prevent them from doing something stupid" Almond stated.

"But the Freys are not trustworthy nor they are smart" Alicent spoke her eyes narrowed "If Robb thinks they may break Guests Right, then surely their reputation is not good"

Breaking Guests Right is the biggest sin one can do. From the Wall to Dorne, from Iron Isle to Asshai. Be it Old Gods, New Gods, The Drowned God or R'hllor, every man of every faith maintains Guests Rights.

With a final nod to all his assembled Lords, he began to walk forward where Ser Stevron Frey, Lord Walder's eldest son and heir to the Twins, was standing.

"Let's go Ser Stevron" Robb nodded to the heir to the Twins.

Stevron nodded before he began to escort the Stark heir to his father.

"I feel a little bad for the Frey Heir" Rhaena spoke "Hearing everyone insulting your House in front of you and you can't do anything about it"

"Well it seems by their reputation they deserve it" Daemon shrugged at his daughter's words, as Otto turned the page.

"Heh, so the honourably son of Eddard Stark, graces my castle with his presence" The old weasel Lord Walder Frey, also known as the Late-Lord Frey, said in a mocking tone "I must say it is really an honor to see you here" he sounded anything but that. However Robb still forced a smile to appear on his face.

"And what an honor to meet you here as well. My grandfather had only great things to say about you."Robb spoke in the same tone that Walder Frey had used on him.

The Audience laughed at that.

"Damm! He burned Frey while standing in his own Castle" Daemon cackled. Some people only understand the language of fire, and you should talk to them the way they deserve.

"This boy is brave, I have to say that" Laenor laughed "He is completely alone without any guards, and still has the guts to insult a Lord inside his own house"

"But it's stupid too" Daeron frowned "He can't afford to offend Lord Walder when he needs his support"

"They need that bridge" Corlys agreed.

"Spare me the bullsh*t, Lord Stark. You nor your grandfather weren't here at my weddings, why are you here now?" The old Lord spoke sourly, no doubt thinking how his grandfather Hoster has slighted House Frey by not coming to his wedding or weddings.

"Weddings?" Helaena asked in confusion.

"Lets just say that Lord Walder loves Weddings and beddings" Keeper shrugged "This is his eight Wedding"

"What happened to the previous wives?" Rhaenyra asked.

"They all died at Childbirth because of his insatiable want for more children" Keeper answered "And before you ask, Lord Walder has 22 true born Sons and 7 True born daughters, as well as unknown number of bastard children".

"Is he trying to make an army from his breeches" Aemond gawked at the number of children Frey had, while the females looked disgusted at Walder. For them Frey is someone who sees women as nothing more than broodmare, who are only there for his lust.

"Good question, Lord Frey! Why would I walk all the way to the Twins, the only crossing in the Trident, with a huge army at my back?" Robb said sarcastically.

Once again they all laughed at Robb's words.

"He should be a jester" Baela giggled.

"A very handsome jester"Rhaena thought with a blush.

"Don't play cheek with me boy, and tell me the reason you are here".

Robb smile immediately vanished and was replaced with a cold look.

"You know very well why I am here lord Frey, what I want is to be allowed passage to cross the Twins." Walder Frey laughed at that.

"And why would I do that?" Walder Frey sneered "Your grandfather Hoster has always looked down upon House Frey, he insulted me and gave me the nickname of The Late-Lord Frey just because I was late to arrive at the Battle Of The Trident, so tell me why should I help you".

"It's more like he waited for the Battle to reach its conclusion to see which side would win" Keeper explained.

"Craven" Aemond muttered angrily. He hated men like Frey.

"He is craven but you cannot say that he isn't cunning" Criston said crossing his arms "He is looking for his own interests. To see which side is more beneficial"

"And in doing that he has lost all the trust and respect the other Houses had for him" Daeron countered.

"My Grandfather is your Liege Lord and you swore an oath of allegiance to him and House Tully" Robb countered.

"I also swore an oath of loyalty to the Iron Throne boy, I could easily hand you over to Tywin Lannister" Walder cackled "I believe he shall pay me handsomely for it".

"This is also true" Daeron concided "But for a bannerman the oath to his Liege Lord comes first before the oath to the King".

"So you are saying that the lesser Lords can disobey the commands of Iron Throne if his Liege Lord told him to do it?" Aegon asked youngest but far more intelligent brother.

"In theory they should. The allegiance of minor Lords towards their Lord Paramount is thousands of years old compared to the Iron Throne which is less than 200 Years old" Daeron explained.

The others were surprised at how astute Daeron's observation is. Both Otto and Alicent smiled proudly, with Helaena patting her younger brother's back.

The Blacks, especially Daemon and Corlys, placed close attention to Daeron.

"This boy can become a threat in the future. He is more cunning and intelligent than his brothers"Daemon thought.

Robb just smirked, which infuriated Walder even more.

"What are you smirking at boy"

"Maybe a view out of your window could answer your question" Robb answered him mockingly.

"Sorry, but I'm a very old man. Walking to the window would be too exhausting", Lord Walder said with an ugly sneer on his face.

"He is ugly" Baela shuddered a little. Walder looks like someone had carved a Weasel's face and given it human form.

"I second that" Rhaena muttered. Helaena too agreed with them, but she is too sweet to insult someone.

"Of course, I understand your health problems. Let me help you, my lord. After all I am a gentleman who helps people in need, unlike a certain someone I know" Robb said referring to Walder's rude behaviour.

"He really is putting Frey in his place" Aemond smirked loving the humiliation Walder is getting. If only he could help his descendant by burning The Twins to the ground and feeding Frey to Cannibal.

Unfortunately Cannibal doesn't eat poisoned meat.

"But what is outside the Window that he wants Walder to see" Luke muttered.

Lord Frey reluctantly got up and Robb took his bony arm, grabbing it a bit harder than necessary, slightly clawing his fingers into his old flesh. Lord Walder felt rotten and smelled rotten.

The others looked disgusted at that.

"That is why I don't like the Grand Maester" Aegon shuddered "He is as old and disgusting as Frey"

He slowly guided Lord Walder to the open window and while walking with him, he noticed that the old man's arm was trembling. He obviously was unable to figure out what Robb's intentions were.

Good, Robb smirked mentally he was already successful on frightening the old man. A weasel shouldn't argue with a wolf. A weasel was prey and wolves are predators. After they reached the window Robb released him from his tight hold.

"How many of you think that Robb will throw Walder out of the Window?" Daemon asked bluntly. Only Aegon and Aemond raised their hands.

"He isn't stupid enough to do that" Rhaenys shook her head.

"But it will be fun to watch" Daemon almost looked dreamy "Imagine the Old man falling from the Window down to the Water, screaming all the while"

His daughters giggled while Laena sighed.

"Daemon" Viserys sighed.

"I am just jesting brother" Daemon shrugged "Loosen up a little, will you"

"So, Lord Frey, tell me what you see?" Robb asked him.

"I'm afraid, my eyes are also weak", Lord Walder said sneering again.

"I think Robb should really throw him out the window. It will save precious time" Aemond said bluntly.

"While I don't agree with the method. I must say that Frey is wasting precious time" Daeron spoke, frustrated at Walder's lack of caring for the Riverlands.

Robb didn't react to his rude words because he knew that it was Lord Frey's poor and transparent attempt to anger him.

"Of course, my lord. Then I will tell you what I can see outside your castle and inside your castle" Robb answered him.

"I'm listening", the old weasel said.

"Outside your castle I see 30,000 grim, well armed and battle-hardened Northmen; inside your castle I see 4000 frightened, poorly equipped and inexperienced children", Robb told him, while directly staring into his eyes.

"Staring at authority and spatting on its face" Daemon smirked "Just my stile"

"And you ask why I exiled you" Viserys muttered.

"I agree with Robb's method" Rhaenyra spoke, her voice like steel "Walder Frey should have answered Riverrun's call and now he is not letting them pass. He has no choice but to strong arm Walder and show him his place"

"They'll be 30,000 corpses when Tywin Lannister gets here. Don't try to frighten me, boy. Your father is rotting in a black cell and your sister hostage in the Red Keep", Lord Walder replied.

"Maybe. But you definitely won't be alive any more to see it" Robb said.

"What does that mean" Helaena muttered a little uncertain at the threat.

"We will find out" Aegon muttered back.

"Why? Would you please enlighten me" Lord Walder said angrily.

"We have to cross the river to lift the siege of Riverrun and to free Lord Eddard Stark. If you don't permit us passage willingly, we will have to enforce passage, because you don't leave us with another choice. Your castle is strong and taking it would be very difficult for us. But somehow we will take it. We outnumber you eight to one, we have many supplies and the nearby forests has enough wood to build proper siege weapons"; Robb spoke.

"If you attack me, many of your men will die", Lord Walder answered but Robb can clearly see the fear in his eyes.

"Good" Daemon sneered "A little fear is always good for authority".

"Many of our men, but all of your men" Robb said, "Tywin Lannister is close to Green Fork and Ser Jaime is besieging Riverrun. None of them would arrive in time to save you from our attack. Perhaps we will be defeated by them after we defeated you, but you will never know, because you will be dead. You and your entire family. Maybe I will sing a song after your House has been eradicated just like the Reynes and Tarbecks, we really need a northern version of The Rains Of Castamere" Robb threatened "Mother says I have a very nice voice".

The air became tense at that. Many had their jaws dropped and eyes widened at the threat Robb just gave.

"By the Seven!" Alicent muttered in horror. Even Otto had stopped reading, looking a little shaken himself.

Daemon eyes hardened at that. Well if Frey won't listen then a threat will do the job just fine.

"He won't do it right?" Baela said a little unsure at her own words.

"Who knows?" Laenor muttered looking pale.

"He really is my blood"Aemond smiled.

That was clearly enough and it worked. Lord Weasel obviously had no idea what to answer. He was only gazing at him bewildered. Now, after he had intimidated him, it was time for the sugar.

"But that doesn't need to happen. We recognise the importance and power of House Frey. Why should we destroy you if you could be our trusted and useful ally", Robb continued.

Telling someone with an inferiority complex how great and mighty he was, has always worked.

"Of course it works" Aegon muttered. He had seen many Lords in the court who praces themselves in front of his father, just for some praise.

"An effective tool" Corlys nodded once again impressed at Robb's astute observation.

"We offer you the betrothal of my cousin, Edwyle Whitestark, heir to the fortress of Moat Cailin, to one of your daughters, or granddaughters, great-granddaughters it doesn't matter. You may choose the future bride yourself. We would be honoured by your agreement. The future father-in-law of my cousin will always have a place at my hearth, Lord Walder" Robb said "And not only that, I will also take one of your son as my squire and he will receive a Knighthood and Lands and Titles of his own when the war is done".

"Damm! Robb just made his cousin a sacrificial lamb" Daemon snorted "I feel sorry for the poor bastard who had to live the rest of his life being tied to a weasel faced Frey"

"But it did get him an Alliance, a strategic chokepoint in the form of a bridge and another 4000 men" Corlys pointed out "They need every advantage they can get"

"You will also take, two of my sons as wards" Walder demanded and Robb nodded his agreement.

"Greedy f*cker!!" Aemond grumbled "How much does he wants?"

"Some men are overly ambitious" Rhaenys muttered looking at her husband who shifted at his wife's glare. She hated how her husband overlooks Rhaenyra's infidelity and her children's bastardly status even though it is staring him right at his face. All because of his ambition of marking his place in history, forgetting that he is jeopardising House Velaryon's future.

"Now can we pass or would you want something else?" Robb asked.

"Very well you may pass" Walder spoke with loathing and hate in his voice.

"Pleasure doing business with you Lord Frey" Robb smirked before leaving the Hall with a triumphant look in his face.

The Greatjon would later say that putting Walder Frey in his place, was Robb first Victory (although a political victory) in this war.

"It really is, even though he has to sacrifice his cousin for it" Daemon said amused.

"But when you think of it, this isn't a bad match" Laena pointed out"House Frey is the second strongest House in Riverrun, same as House Whitestark. And both of them controls chokepoints to the North. If an Army has to invade North he first has to cross The Twins then he has to cross Moat Cailin, making it costly for the invaders".

Daemon looked surprised at his wife's both political and military observation.

"What are you staring at?" Laena pouted grumpily "Can't I be astute for once".

"Well I just think you are too sweet for war strategy" Daemon cooed.

"Are you forgetting that I ride Vhagar, The mount of Warrior Queen Visenya and biggest Dragon in Westeros" Laena grumbled as Otto turned the last page of the chapter.

"My Lord" Greatjon Umber, Robb's most loyal bannermen, immediately greeted him as soon as he entered the tent.

"So Umber has become his most loyal supporter?" Alicent eyebrows were raised at that.

"Looks like losing two fingers had done the trick" Aegon smirked.

"What did that Weasel said my lord? Will he let us pass" Rickard Karstark asked.

"Lord Frey, will let us pass and not only that his forces will also join us except 400 men which he will keep in The Twins to guard the Keep" Robb replied causing his bannermen to look surprised that he managed to convince Lord Frey.

"Well it's less convincing and more strong arming the Lord by threatening him on his own castle" Criston said.

"And what does he want in return?" Wulfric asked.

"He wants two of his sons to foster in Winterfell, I have also agreed to take one of his sons as a squire and" Robb paused before looking at Benjen apologetically "He wants my cousin Edwyle to marry one of his daughter when both of them comes to age".

Benjen grimaced at the thought of his son to marry a Frey but he sighed and accepted it as a price of war.

"Well at least Benjen realised that" Laenor said "Not many people would like that".

"Who would like to marry a Frey? " Jace muttered. He was lucky that he is betrothed with Baela. And while they don't love each other, there is an understanding between them.

"My Lord now that all the preparations are done" Roose Bolton asked "Who will lead the second host to attack lord Tywin".

"Second host?" Joffrey looked confused.

"I thought they will attack the Lannisters sieging Riverrun" Daeron looked confused.

That's right, it was Robb's brilliant plan to divide his army. One host entirely made of Infantry will do a diversionary attack to tie down Tywin's host while Robb will take his entire cavalry force to relieve the siege of Riverrun.It will give Tywin a false illusion of relief and prevent him from reinforcing his Son's army.

Once again they are stumped by Robb's military mind.

"Damm! Didn't thought of that" Daeron looked awed.

"But wouldn't an entire Infantry force be vulnerable to heavy cavalry?" Aegon asked confused "He could risk loosing his entire foot in a single battle".

"Only on a open battle this would be true" Daemon nodded at his eldest nephew "But if the Infantry position themselves on a hill with Long Pikes, it will be difficult for even heavy Cavalry to break them"

He looked at all his lords, no doubt all of them are eager to get the chance of leading the second host to face Tywin. It wasn't a very difficult choice as he already made it when he left Moat Cailin.

"My Uncle Benjen will" Robb declared looking at his uncle with a smile. There was no one he trusts more than his own flesh and blood.

"Good choice" Criston nodded "His Uncle is as loyal as Greatjon but is far more cautious. A perfect combination"

"It also helps soothe any ill feelings his uncle may have over the betrothal Robb made for his son without consulting him" Alicent nodded.

Benjen looked surprised before he managed to compose himself "I will not disappoint you my lord".

"Then it's decided" Robb declared before dismissing his lords and ladies.

With the council done and concluded he looked at the map and the pieces which depicted his army.

He had a total of 32,000 men drawn from all corners of the North.

More than 12,000 men at arms armed with spears, round oakenshields and Longswords.

At least 4,000 of the elite Skirmishers armed with Short swords, throwing axes and Javelins capable of harrassing the enemies from a distance.

"Javelins and Slings are highly effective against armour" Daemon nodded "The Triarchy had a number of them from Tolos and Manterys as mercenaries".

3,000 berserkers armed with war hammers and greatswords capable of destroying entire enemy units and another 3,000 archers armed with the strong Weirwood bows, which was sturdier than the normal wooden bows.

"This Army looks like it is made for War" Corlys looked awed "They are not like the peasent levied armies. These are professional bred for war".

"This will give them a huge advantage in man for man" Daemon nodded impressed.

"Quality vs Quantity" Aemond muttered

But his army's main power lies in his massive Cavalry force. More than 10,000 strong. More than 4000 light cavalry, 3000 heavy cavalry and 2000 of the famous Northern horse archers. He also had 800 scouts under the command of the Blackfish.

"Horse Archers" Daemon gapped looking at the Keeper "I thought only Dornish have those"

"Lord Cregan made them following the Dornish ones" Keeper nodded.

But the cream of the Cavalry force was his elite Winter Wolves nearly 1000 strong. They are the northern equivalent of southern knights, and were known for their ferocity and uncaring for their own lives.

There is a saying. If a man says he is not afraid of dying he is either lying or he is a Winter Wolf.

"So its more Suicide Wolves" Aegon japed.

They proved this during the Dance of Dragons, when the Winter Wolves led by Roderick Dustin massacred the Lannister Army during the Battle of Lakenshore, despite them being heavily outnumbered. While the Winter Wolves lost 1/3 of their number, the entire Knightly Chivalry of Westerlands were massacred. Ser Criston Cole, who was leading this army, will be among the dead.

The theatre becomes silent at hearing the fate of Criston Cole. The mentioned Kingsguard felt numb hearing that.

"I die fighting Northmen" Cole muttered, while Alicent looked pale at the thought of her trusted friend dying.

Aemond was feeling numb. Cole was someone he had closest to his father. The man who made him the warrior he was. Learning of his death is a dagger to his gut.

Daemon meanwhile looked smug at that and if his brother wasn't here he would have laughed.

But the fame of the Winter Wolves will not stop there. After destroying the Lannisters, the Winter Wolves did a suicidal charge at the Hightower Army during the Battle of Tumblestone.

The Winter Wolves knew they would die at the Battle, as not only the Hightower Army outnumbered them, they also had a Dragon, Tessarion ridden by Prince Daeron.

Daeron tensed at hearing his name while Alicent clutched his hand in comfort.

Otto meanwhile had stopped reading, his eyes glassy as he read the next lines silently.

"Father?" Alicent asked unsure and a little fearful. Otto steeled himself, took a deep breath and continued.

But that didn't stop the Winter Wolves from doing the suicidal attack, charging through Dragon fire and arrows, as they smashed against the Hightower Army. And while they will be slaughtered by the man, they did their job by killing Ormund Hightower and Gwayne Hightower, leaving the Hightower Army victorious but leaderless. Even Daeron wasn't spared, as he was injured by an arrow fired by Roderick before hisdeath.

"No" Daeron whispered, eyes watery at the thought of his mentor's death. Alicent closed her eyes feeling pain hearing the death of her brother and cousin.

"They charged through Dragonfire" Daemon spoke with awe "No one is brave or stupid enough to do that". He also felt pleased at Otto's discomfort of reading the death of his own Kin.

"Apparently the Winter Wolves does" Laenor spoke a little shaken at the zealotry of Northmen.

"That's it"Otto decided"A northern alliance is a must now"He thought as he read the last lines. This People are dangerous opponent and he can't have them as enemies.

All in all, it is a formidable force but Robb knows that an army is only successful if it's commander is successful.

"An Army which charges through Dragon fire is more than formidable" Rhaenyra muttered. Her respect for Northerners swelling. She must make an alliance with them in this timeline too.

"Don't worry father, mother, Sansa help is comming" Robb thought before his eyes hardened "Winter Is Coming"

"And end" Otto closed the book which was immediately snatched by Daemon.

"And now I will read" Daemon smirked, as he sat comfortable and turned the next chapter "Oh finally some action!"

"What?" Rhaenyra looked confused. Daemon showed her the name which she read slowly.

"The Battles Of Green Fork and Whispering Woods" She read aloud.

"So finally a battle" Aemond rubbed his palms, he cannot wait to see a real battle with his own eyes.

"Not one but two" Jace too looked excited at the prospect of seeing a battle.

"Well read it" Criston spoke impatiently causing Daemon to glare at him darkly before he began reading.


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Chapter Text

Daemon opened the next chapter and began reading.

299 AC




"So now we are reading from Lannister point of view?" Rhaenyra noticed. Everyone else too looked interested in seeing another point of view, especially from the opposite side.

Tywin Lannister, the old lion of Casterly Rock, watched the retreating Northern Army on the northern bank of the Green Fork, being led by the Stark boy.

Daemon stopped reading as he frowned at the retreat of the Northern forces.

"Wait..." Daeron looked worried "Is the Northern Army defeated? Why are they retreating?"

Everyone else too looked worried.

"I don't think it's a defeat" Rhaenys looked uncertain "They were not here to win but only to hold back the Lannister forces"

"You are right" Keeper nodded as Daemon resumed reading.

He still remembered how things led to this current situation.

For years he had prepared the Westerlands for this current conflict. He knew very well that after Robert's death his younger brothers Renly and Stannis might try to usurp the Throne, that rightfully belonged to his grandson Joffrey.

"Rightful! Don't make me laugh"Keeper snorted. The others too had similar reaction.

"That Throne rightfully belongs to House Targaryen" Rhaenyra retorted hotly.

"But you must see that the Baratheons won it by right of conquest, just like Aegon Targaryen did 150 years ago" Once again it was Daeron who explained logically.

"Whatever it is but you have to applaud Lord Lannister's wisdom on seeing the coming conflict and prepare for it accordingly" Corlys commented.

"Well Keeper said that Lord Tywin served as Hand and made the Realm prosperous during his tenure" Otto nodded grudgingly "He is a excellent statesman"

After Lady Stark, kidnapped his youngest Tyrion, he did what any other respectful lord would have done.

He invaded the Riverlands with an army of 60,000 Westermen.

The other looked confused at that.

"Why did Lady Stark kidnapped Tywin's son?" Aegon asked in confusion.

"Because She was suspicious of his involvement in the assassination attempt on her son's life" Keeper answered calmly causing the other's eyes to widen.

"Did she have solid proof of his involvement?" Otto asked incredulous "Kidnaping someone for only suspicion is stupidity".

"But still invading an entire Kingdom for this?! Isn't it too much?" Helaena asked feeling sad for all the Smallfolk who would die in the conflict.

"I would have done the same if it happened to you, sister" Aemond answered bluntly with Aegon and even Daeron nodding.

Daeron may not like war but if it comes to protecting his siblings and his niece and nephews, he would do the same.

Lady Stark had slighted the honor of House Lannister, by capturing Tywin's son and in return Tywin is going to bring her girlhood home to heel.

"I would have done the same" Aegon said nodding.

After all a Lannister always pays his debts.

"That's a very good motto" Baela said impressed.

"What do you think ours should be?" Aemond asked in amusem*nt "A Dragon always burns his enemies?".

There were some snigg*rs at Aemond's words.

His ploy was to pillage the Riverlands and lure Lord Eddard Stark from King's Landing, because he knew that if he captured Lady Stark's husband, he can swiftly bring an end to this conflict.

"Great strategy" Criston nodded "Neutralise the head and stop the war before more blood were shed".

The others to looked surprised at thar. At first they thought that Tywin was a ruthless bloodthirsty man who only wished to kill as many of his enemies as possible.

But now they understood that Tywin is only a practical man who always sees the long term consequences. He doesn't necessarily like bloodshed and will try to end the conflict as swiftly as possible.

But his fool of a son Jaime attacked and injured Eddard Stark, in the Street's of Silk, forcing Lord Stark to stay in King's Landing and foaling Tywin's well led plans.

"And hence proven how stupidity and blind impulsive actions based on emotions always ruin well done plans" Otto grimaced.

"This Jaime sounds reckless exactly opposite of his cold calculating father" Laenor said. This Jaime sounds as impulsive as his Uncle, Ser Vaemond Velaryon.

Nevertheless, Tywin launched his invasion in the Riverlands, his plan now was to capture Riverrun and force House Tully to sue for peace.

He divided his army into two hosts, each 30,000 strong. One led by his son Jaime, who was now besieging The Tully's ancestral home, after he defeated the Riverrun army being led by Mark Piper and Edmure Tully near the Golden Tooth and Riverrun. And another host being led by him, which has now already taken Harrenhal, Stone Hedge, and Maidenpool and was now currently guarding the southern bank of the Green Fork.

"Damm!" Daeron cursed "For a force of 60,000 they sure moved fast".

"Tywin seemed like a good commander" Jace said feeling worried for Robb.

At Harrenhal he had received scout reports that the northern army at least 30,000 strong is currently marching on the Ruby Ford of the Green Fork, so he had immediately left his position at Harrenhal and marched out to face the Stark boy.

"It is a good strategy" Otto nodded "The Fords would be easily defensible from any attacking Army"

He had camped at the east side of the Green Fork and west of the Mountains of the Moon, a few miles north of the High Road that led to the Bloody Gate of the Vale.

Along the way he had meet with his youngest son Tyrion who had brought 2000 mountain clansmen with him as a gift to his father.

"How did Tyrion convince the Clansmen to fight for them?" Jace asked in confusion "The Knights of Vale had tried to subdue the Clansmen for Thousands of Years and all their efforts were futile"

"Tyrion gave them the things they wanted and that is why they are fighting for him" Keeper answered.

"And what are those things?" Rhaenyra asked.

"Independence. The Clansmen want independence from the Arryns and for that they need good weapons, something Tyrion promised them" Keeper answered before smiling "He also promised them a good fight, something the Clansmen love".

His army had entrenched themselves and waited, expecting the Northern Army to reach them within three days time.

Except that was not the case.

Three days passed and scouts reported that the northern army was still moving south. Then another two days passed and still, the scouts reported the same thing, that they were coming. It was ridiculous, he had expected the young Stark boy to be inexperienced, but even he had not expected it to be such an extent.

"Well their intention is to make sure Tywin's focus remained on them and not in Riverrun" Daeron said "With the army marching towards their position, Tywin is in a constant threat of a sudden attack. This will make sure that Tywin's scouts and attention remained fixed on the Second host"

"Not to mention this also brought them time for Robb to prepare his attack on Riverrun" Aemond guessed "I reckon that the army is intentionally marching slowly, to buy as much time as possible".

"You both are right" Keeper nodded a little surprised at their quick assessment. And he wasn't the only one, as many in the theatre were surprised at their military thinking.

Both Alicent and Otto beamed with pride, while Aegon and Helaena were happy at both his younger brothers intelligence.

The Black Faction, mainly Corlys, Rhaenyra and even Daemon looked a little wary. They have already seen Daeron's quick strategic mind and it seems even Aemond is stepping up to his younger brother.

The Strong Kids, especially Jace, looked a little insecure at that. Both his uncles are showing their strategic mind and they are only a few years older than him.

Then the host finally arrived and he ordered the vanguard commanded by Gregor Clegane to charge. He hadn't expected much of it, the vanguard was a ragtag group of men consisting of the Clansmen from the Vale, fresh recruits, Freeriders and Sellswords.

Overall, it came to about 5000 men.

"So they are sending their fodder just to probe the defensive lines" Otto muttered.

"Good" Aemond nodded with a cunning smile "If most of the Sellswords die fighting the enemy then Tywin won't have to pay most of them. And they would weaken the enemy too."

"It's not morally right" Laenor conceded grudgingly "But it's a Win-Win for Tywin. He would save most of his manpower as well as get rid of the Sellswords without paying them"

"But it's not right" Rhaena protested with Helaena nodding along with her.

"In war nothing is" Rhaenyra said calmly causing Baela to nod while her sister and Helaena frowned.

As he had expected it didn't accomplish much as the Northmen had taken a defensive position around a hill and the steep ground and shallow waters of the Trident blunted the charge.

The men of the North are excellent warriors, and their troops are much more experienced in fighting. Their elite infantry the Skirmishers are particularly very dangerous, a fact he was reminded as he saw them raining Javelins on his troops,skweringmany of his men through the face.

"I don't want to face that" Criston gulped still remembering how the book said he died facing Northmen.

"No sane man would" Laenor nodded "Armour would do sh*t in front of 2 metre long Iron Shaft throw at your face"

Seeing that his vanguard is struggling, he ordered Ser Adam Marbrand who commanded two thousand heavy cavalry to ride down and run down the weaker left flank of the enemy.

"Not good" Rhaenys muttered "If the line breaks they would be run down by the heavy Cavalry. And without their own Cavalry they cannot counter that"

The Northmen rained arrows on the charging cavalry, and by the time Ser Adam reached the Northern host, he had already lost about five hundred men.

It was to be expected though, the Northmen were considered one of the best bowmen in the realm, armed with their strong Weirwood bows, which was far more sturdier and had longer range than regular Wooden Bow.

"To launch arrows from Weirwood Bows required great strength" Keeper informed "Fortunately North had many hunters and clansmen who could be easily conscripted into the army during times of War".

The others nodded at that.

He then ordered his brother Kevan to send half of their infantry to assist their cavalry forces struck on the northern bank. But before that could happen the entire Northern host retreated.

"They have done their job well" Otto nodded.

"I must commend Lord Benjen on his leading skill" Corlys said impressed "Often times army break during a retreat, so performing an organised withdrawal while in middle of battle is really hard"

"Especially when the other side has a Cavalry force which can run them down while they are ret" Daeron nodded.

It didn't make sense and his men who had been irritated by waiting for so long had nearly given chase to the retreating northern army. It was only because Tywin had anticipated this that he managed to keep order amongst his ranks and instead, watched as the northern army retreated back North.

"Well looks like Tywin too have an excellent control of his force" Laena said.

The question remained, why?

Had the young pup attempted to lure Tywin to give chase only to spring an ambush on him. Most likely, Tywin had only seen a few hundred northern cavalry units, about six hundred in all on right flank, half of which now lay dead on the field. He hadn't seen the famous Winter Wolves, the elite lancers of the Northern Cavalry or their deadly horse archers that could even take down enemy Knights from a distance.

"Well he is not wrong about the trap. Only it is not him but his son who will fall in it" Rhaenys said amused.

' He truly is inexperienced to believe that I would fall for such an obvious ploy.' Tywin thought.

The audience smirked at that.

"Overconfident much, my Lord Lannister?!" Aemond mocked.

"Well hopefully he will learn the lesson of never underestimating their opponents" Laenor said.

As he sits on his horse, he watches as a relatively large, but strong man is brought towards him. The man wore some fanciful clothes marked in blood and mud, but there was no denying that he was of Noble birth.

"Your name?" Kevan Lannister demanded from where he was beside Tywin.

"Halys Hornwood." The now identified man responded gruffly.

"sh*t!" Daeron looked worried "They had got a Noble Prisoner"

"Hopefully he won't be killed" Rhaena said worried "Nobles are a good bargaining chip after all"

"Prepare some chains for this man, we shall take him back with us to the camp." Kevan ordered and Tywin went to urge his horse back to the reserve ranks that he had commanded. This battle had been both a waste of time and manpower, as he had no doubt that he had lost more men than the Stark boy did.

They all looked surprised at that.

"These Northmen are continuing to surprise me" Otto looked impressed "Despite being outnumbered and in a route, they still managed to kill more enemies"

"Harsh lands creates harsh men, and the North is no different" Keeper explained.

It was already noon and night was beginning to descend, it would be best to set up camp in a more defensible location just in case the Stark boy, feeling confident on his little victory, decided to attack them again in the night.

Corlys and Laenor grimaced at that. The Triarchy Mercenaries loved doing night attacks, where they would use small boats to board their ships and set them on fire. Because of this Corlys had made sure that every ship remained alert during Nightime.

"I hate night attacks" Corlys grumbled.

It was only when he heard chucking that Tywin stopped.

He looked back to see Lord Hornwood laughing openly now, a full belly laughter as he threw his head back. His loud laughter attracting more attention from other Lannister soldiers.

"Oh ow!!" Luke looked nervous "Hope Lord Hornwood doesn't reveal Robb's plan"

"What the f*ck is he laughing at?!"

"Fools lost his mind."

Tywin ignored the muttering of his men and instead stared at the laughing Hornwood as he was pushed away by a few soldiers. The large Northman taking a number of men just to get him moving once more.

"Looks like Tywin had suspected something is wrong" Daeron looked worried.

"Lord Tywin?" Kevan asked and Tywin ignored him, instead continuing to follow the figure of the laughing Lord Hornwood.

Why was the fool laughing?

That was not the laugh of a madman, he'd heard enough of that from the Mad King, Aerys Targaryen. No, this was different, this was the laugh of a man who seemed to have accomplished something incredibly funny.

The others grimaced when they heard about the Mad King. The Fool along with his son is the reason their family lost a 300 year old Dynasty.

While Tywin had lost the battle, it was only a minor victory for the Northmen, nothing more than glorified skirmish, as he had lost no more than five thousand men and most of them were the mountain clansmen and Sellswords. They were fodder of his army and were easily expendable.

The others gaped at the number of losses.

"He thinks that losing 5000 men is not a big enough loss" Otto looked incredulous.

"House Lannister and Gardener lost nearly 4000 men in the Field of Fire and it was a huge loss for them" Laenor looked disturbed.

The bloodiest battle of Aegon's conquest saw 4000 dead. But this Battle of Green Fork, which is not even a proper battle but a delaying action saw more than 5000 dead.

This made one thing very clear. This War would be a bloody one.

'Why is he laughing? The young pups plot of ambushing me was foiled, yes he has won the battle but it was only a minor insignificant victory. A tactical victory but a huge strategic failure as the entire northern host has been pushed back. Unless, there never was an ambush, or at least not one set for me.'His eyes widened, as he realised too late that it was never his army in danger of being ambushed.'The northern cavalry, they did not come down south to engage me, they came south to engage, Jamie!'

"Damn!" Daeron cursed.

"Looks like Tywin is more cunning and observant than we thought" Corys admitted "To figure out his enemy's plan just from seeing someone laughing confidently"

"Well he did serve in the court as Hand" Laena said "He must have experience in figuring out other people's insight by observing their body language"

With a great deal of urgency, Tywin turned to his commanders.

"Order all the men to fall back from here, we move quickly to Riverrun to aid my son!" Despite their confusion, the commanders serving him didn't hesitate and quickly left and soon his host retreated south west to Riverrun to give aid to his son.

"Hope Robb would be able to releave Riverrun before Tywin's army reach Riverrun" Aegon looked worried for his brother's descendant.

Daemon turned the next page saying "Looks like it's from Robb's point of view once again". Which immediately caught the attention of the audience.




Everyone tensed with baited breaths while Joffrey asked "What's the Whispering Woods?"

"It's a small dense forest near Riverrun on either side of a valley" Keeper answered the Youngest Prince's question.

The eve of battle was upon them. It was a cool night, with the moon clear in the sky, illuminating the world enough at night, while he waited.

"So a night attack" Corlys muttered with distaste.

Riverrun itself was still far out of sight, but they would be there soon. First though, they had to defeat the Kingslayer.

"Wait!" Alicent looked confused "I thought Ser Jaime's army was at Riverrun and not in Whispering Woods".

The others too looked confused.

"It will be revealed soon enough" Keeper answered calmly.

The Kingslayer's host besieging Riverrun number around 30,000 thousand strong, while Robb had only 10,000 men, all of them being mounted on horse.

"One had advantage in numbers and other in mobility" Corlys said.

"Robb had an advantage in Cavalry but that doesn't negate that he is still heavily outnumbered" Otto said "In the Green Fork we just saw that a disciplined Infantry force can hold back a Cavalry charge."

"And Ser Jaime had more than two times Infantry than Robb as well as a Cavalry force" Aemond said crossing his arms "They could chip away Robb's force with a proper shield wall and then counter attack with their own Cavalry when the Northmen are tired and disorganized"

"If I was Robb I would try to find a way to neutralize the Lannister cavalry first as they are the biggest threat" Daeron agreed.

Once again the Blacks noticed Daeron and Aemond's tactical sharpness at analysing the battlefield, and frowned at that.

While he was outnumbered three to one, Robb was still pretty confident that their army will prevail.

"Having confidence is one thing" Laena agreed "But too much overconfidence may lead to his downfall"

But first they had to defeat the Kingslayer and his cavalry force numbering around 6000 strong. The only thing that posed a serious threat to their forces.

"Looks like Daeron was right on assessing the threat of the Cavalry" Aegon patted his youngest brother who looked a little embarrassed at the attention.

But they had to hurry, his Uncle Benjen had already engaged Tywin's army on the Green Fork and it is only a matter of time before the Old Lion realises that the forces he fought was only a decoy.

On their way to Riverrun, they had been joined with the Mallister forces near Wendish Town. Ser Jason Mallister, Lord of Seaguard had informed them that the Kingslayer frequently left the camp, with his cavalry, to engage any relieving force.

"That's a little reckless" Otto frowned.

"Well we did saw Jaime as someone driven by emotion when he foailed Lord Tywin's plan to lure Ned Stark" Corlys agreed.

"Just like someone I know" Viserys muttered looking at his brother.

This was something Robb had already taken advantage of. He planned to lure the Kingslayer and his host into the forest clearing of the Whispering woods and destroy his entire cavalry force in a single decisive battle.

The others eyes widened at that.

"By the Seven it.....its genius" Otto had his eyes widened.

"Keeper is right!" Rhaenyra spoke stunned "This boy is a prodigy".

Keeper only smirked thinking"Wait till you see Casterly Rock and God's Eye".

"But one thing" Daeron raised his hand getting Keeper's attention "If Robb tried to lure Jaime, wouldn't it make the enemy suspicious of the Northern forces present there".

The other thought about Daeron's words realising its a valid point. If Robb sent his men to lure Jaime, it may make them suspicious.

"Very observant Prince Daeron" Keeper nodded "Your answer is just in the next line"

Hearing this Daemon resumed reading.

He had also used the Riverland Cavalry of Lord Mallister to lure the Kingslayer to give him the illusion that it was nothing more than a few hundred scattered Riverland force which is harrying him. As using the Northern Cavalry as the bait might make the enemy suspicious.

"Oh" Daeron nodded a little embarrassed that he had entirely forgotten about Lord Mallister's forces.

He looked around him to see all his battle-guards, comprised of heirs to various northern house, waiting for the upcoming battle. He looked at each of them before his eyes settled on his she-bear.

"Why must she have all the fun?"Baela thought in jealousy. If only she was born 150 years later.

Dacey must have noticed his staring because she looked at his direction and offered him a small smile which he returned with a nod, before turning his head back.

His eyes followed the movement of the front of the Lannister cavalry, entering the valley.

They were closing in rapidly, but it wasn't fast enough.

The others tensed as the battle was about to begin.

From the forest, the horse archers stepped forwards, drawing back their bows and releasing their arrows into the air. Robb had positioned them in three different locations as to sow greater confusion amongst the Lannister ranks and to ensure that they couldn't mount a single charge on one unit without leaving their rear and flanks exposed.

One unit was positioned north east of the Lannister army, another south east and the final one south west. He had positioned most of his horse archers in the rear as to weaken that area the most so that they wouldn't be able to escape.

"It's a very well led trap" Laenor applauded "With the foliage as cover the Westerlanders won't even notice the archers"

And as the arrows whistled through the air, he watched with satisfaction as they came down upon the Lannister host.

Drawing his sword, the men surrounding him, numbering just under two thousand in number did the same. "Wulfric, sound the horn." He ordered firmly as he dug his heels into the side of his horse.

It slowly moved forwards but gradually picked up speed, the host of Frey and Northern cavalry following after this young commander. The sound of a dull horn, sounding like the howling of a winter wind echoed throughout the Whispering Woods.

Many of them shivered at hearing the horn, even Daemon felt a chill up his spine. The horn sounded like Death had come to claim them all.

And it was soon followed by two more horns, one from the north and one from the east.

All of it combined with the stampeding of hooves made for a terrifying sound.

The entire North cavalry smashed into the disorganised Lannister host, cutting down anyone who faced them.

Robb speared his lance through the heart of the unlucky Westerland Knight while Greywind tore open the throat of another, who tried to sneak on him.

"The Wolf is great fir watching sneak attacks" Daeron smiled. Robb and Greywind's bond reminded him of his own with Tessarion.

"First kill" Aemond said his eyes glued at the screen.

"You counting?" Aegon asked, his own eyes not leaving the carnage.

"Of course"

He abandoned his lance, which was now stuck in the dead man's chest, and drew his sword began hacking and slashing at his enemies.

It was like a rhythm. Block the attack, then parry it, before finishing your enemy with a slash.

The Swordsmen like Aemond, Criston and Daemon were all impressed by Robb's martial skills. Even though he is only Five and Ten he is fighting like a man possessed.

"Look at him" Jace muttered in awe "He is in the thick of fighting"

"He is a true leader" Daeron said "Nothing better than to lead men from the front. It gives them hope and maintains morals"

"Even though it paints a huge target on him" Rhaenyra said.

The others too were enjoying the fight, particularlyGreatjonwho laughed, howling in delight as he took the head of a Westerland Knight, while Dacey and her sisters, led by their mother, carved skulls with their axes and Morning Stars.

Aegon, Aemond Criston and Luke were all enjoying the fight, while Jace, Laenor and Daeron looked a little uncomfortable.

"They are enjoying it" Alicent looked a little pale at the bloodshed, and even a little disturbed at seeing Women fighting and killing men in battle.

Both Rhaena and Helaena looked pale at the slaughter while Baela smirking at seeing women defeating men successfully.

Rhaenyra tried to cover the eyes of her youngest, but Joffrey shrugged it off wanting to see the fight. He is a grown boy after all.

Suddenly three Lannister men charged at Robb intent on killing him. The First one went for an overhead strike but Robb batted it away with his Shield and jammed his Sword deep inside the stomach of his enemy. The Lannister man gagged as his guts came out of his stomach like worms.

It was too much for Helaena and Baela, seeing guts hanging like that were too much. They closed their eyes, doing everything in order to not to puke.

"Damm!" Aegon grimaced "That's too grisly even for me"

Robb then took his Sword out and slammed it in the head of his second advisory, before the man can even raise his own Sword, spraying his blood and brains out and cleaving his skull.

"Such strength to carve out a skull" Corlys muttered a little disturbed.

But unfortunately for Robb his Sword got stuck in the split skull of his enemy, and taking advantage of it his third foe struck.

"Oh no!" Luke looked worried, as others looked concerned for Robb.

Robb however managed to abandon his Sword and raise his Shield in time to intercept the attack.

There were sighs of relief at that.

Then with lightning speed, his free arm grasped his enemy by his throat. The man gagged as Robb slowly squeezed his throat tightly, his Sword falling from his grasp as he flailed his arms wildly, trying desperately to get out of his enemy's grasp.

But it was all in vain in front of Robb's brute physical strength. The Northern heir roared, and in a show of strength, he lifted the man up from his saddle by his throat, single armed. The man dangled in the air gasping for air, as he tried to escape the brutal Chokehold.

The other had their eyes widened at the raw display of Power, even Daemon's hand shook a little.

"How?" Corlys gapped and for the first time in his life he was speechless.

"To lift a man like that" Rhaenys whispered in shock.

Robb smirked cruely and with a roar he slammed the man into a sharp branch of a nearby tree. The sharp wooded tree branch impaled the man throach his throat. The man gagged for the last time, blood flowing down his mouth and throat, as he finally breathed his last.

"That's brutal!" Daeron grimaced at the raw brutality.

"Now that I am seeing a war, I really would not like to fight in one" Jace said his voice shaking.

Aemond however looked impressed at the martial skill Robb Iis showing.

"Now only he is a good commander, he is also a great fighter" Aemond smiled.

With that done, Robb casually took his Sword still stuck in the Skull of his previous enemy. He could see the fighting is dying down, almost entirety of the Lannister host has been destroyed with some pockets of resistance here and there.

"Looks like the battle is won for them" Otto nodded "With the Cavalry destroyed they could press their advantage and mount an attack"

"Hopefully no enemy soldier escaped the Battle" Laenor said "Otherwise they would alert the Infantry at Riverrun"

"The battle is not over yet" Daeron spoke cautiously.

But before he could take a breathe of relief, he heard the voice of the Kingslayer yelling at him.

"Stark" Jaime Lannister, whose armour is covered in blood, yelled at him "Come out and fight me boy".

"Looks like Ser Jaime is trying to cut the head of the snake and end this war here" Viserys said. The others tensed as they watched Jaime racing towards Robb.

The Kingslayer is galloping towards him at full force. He must have realised that he has lost the battle and was now trying a last ditch effort to kill him, to end the war.

Torrhen and Eddard Karstark, who were near him, quickly readied their weapons to face the Kingslayer but Robb merely raised his hand as a silent gesture for them to stop.

Robb knows that even if they both engaged the Kingslayer together, they still will not be able to win.

The others looked surprised at that someone as confident as Robb thinks he cannot take on Ser Jaime despite support from two of his bodyguards.

"How good is Ser Jaime?" Criston asked Keeper.

"Right now, he is the Second best Swordsman in Westeros just behind Barrisran Selmy, Lord Commander of Kingsguard" Keeper answered "But if we take Westerosi history as a whole, then he is easily in Top Ten".

The others were a little shocked, as they didn't realize how powerful Ser Jaime was.

"Can anyone on this room take Ser Jaime in one on one" Viserys asked curiously, hoping his brother may win.

"No I am afraid not" Keeper smiled apologetically "Only Ser Criston and Lord Cregan may pose a challenge to him. But not win against him".

The Blacks especially the twin daughters, Laena, Viserys and Rhaenyra looked disappointed at the thought of Daemon losing. While the Greens smiled at the thought of Criston stronger than Daemon.

Meanwhile both the Rouge Prince and Criston were thinking on the ways to improve their training once they returned.

Instead Robb turned towards Theon, who was standing beside him, "Shoot him" Robb ordered coldly "And aim for his horse, I want him alive".

After all why fight someone with a sword, when you can shoot them with an arrow.

"Imagine training for decades to fight in a battle and it was a flying pointy stick which ruined your day" Baela snigg*red causing the others to smile at her humour.

Theon followed his orders and proved his marksmanship by putting an arrow between the eyes of the Kingslayer's horse.

The Kingslayer is violently thrown in the ground as his horse collapsed dead. Before the Knight can pick up his fallen sword, Greywind jumped on him pinning the Kingslayer to the ground.

"He was lucky he didn't die from falling from his horse" Corlys said.

"The mud must have cushioned his fall" Aegon said.

"Surrender Ser Jaime, you are surrounded" Robb said "Resistence is futile".

Ser Jaime looked at his surrounding, seeing that he was indeed surrounded. He looked at Robb with hate in his eyes before he spat "You may have defeated me boy, but my father will crush you".

"Really?!" Laena looked incredulous "He just lost his entire Cavalry and he still is so confident"

"Well Jaime doesn't know of his father's defeat at Green Fork, yet" Rhaenys said to her daughter.

"Umber put him in chains" Robb ordered Smalljon "And gag him, his voice annoys me".

"I would have died at such humiliation" Aemond muttered.

Smalljon and Daryn quickly followed his orders, binding the Kingslayer's arms before taking him away to put him in chains.

"Lord Stark, the victory is ours." Lord Jason Mallister said.

"Aye, it is, but the night is not over yet." He responded, looking round over the battlefield. It was littered with the corpses of the dead, his ears filled with sound of moaning men as they slowly died, a fine feast for the crows.

The ones who had seen war immediately understood that Robb felt guilty at the deaths of his soldiers.

"At least he isn't needlessly throwing lives" Helaena muttered.

"Even so, we have scored a great victory." Lord Mallister continued, the older man recognising the signs of guilt upon the young man's face. Commanding men in battle was hard, especially when one learned of the deaths that came with your orders. However, he couldn't allow the young commander to lose hope.

"If the one leading the army looses hope, the men would soon follow" Corlys nodded at Lord Mallister's thought.

Men already whispered and looked at him differently.

An army of this size needed a symbol to rally behind and they now had one, the Young Wolf had ridden to their aid and scored them their first major victory, even capturing Lord Tywin's golden heir.

"It really was a flawless Victory" Aemond smiled.

If the Young Wolf lost hope, then their campaign would be doomed.

"Give it to them, my Lord." Lord Mallister said. "Raising your sword into the air and say the words."

Robb looked at him with a frown before he gave a stiff nod.

All around men watched as the Young Wolf raised his blade into the air.

" ours!"

And all around, men cheered to the heavens.

Many in the Audience cheered too.

"Looks like he had already got a nickname" Daeron smiled "The Young Wolf"

Daemon meanwhile turned the page "Looks like a report if the battle is given here".

The others quitened down to listen to that.




House Stark - 25,600 men (22,600 Northmen and 3,000 Freys ).
Infantry- 25,000 men.
Cavalry- 600 men.


House Lannister- 32,000 men (30,000 Westermen and 2000 mountain clansmen of the Vale).
Infantry- 26,000 men.
Cavalry- 6,000 men.

Result - Minor Stark Victory. Lannister Army retreated to Harrenhal.

Casualties :-

House Stark- Less than 2,000 dead with another 800 injured (Minor).

House Lannister- At least 5,000 dead with another 1,000 injured (Moderate).

Many had their eyes widen in shock and horror.

"Seven thousand dead in something which is not even a proper battle" Daeron whispered in horror.

"That's a lot of death" Otto agreed, as Daemon read the next one.



House Stark - 10,800 men (10,000 Northmen,500 Freys and 300 Mallisters ).
Infantry :- 0.
Cavalry:- 10,800 men.


House Lannister- 6000 men.
Infantry- 0.
Cavalry- 6,000 men.

Result - Major Stark Victory. Jaime Lannister and many westerlands lords taken as prisoners.

Casualties :-

House Stark- Less than 500 dead and injured (Minor).

House Lannister- Entire host virtually destroyed and very few taken as prisoners (Massive).

"Damm! nearly 13,000 deaths in just two battles" Corlys looked incredulous at the amount of casualties.

"It's more than all the battles in Aegon's conquest combined" Rhaenys said shakily "And the war is just starting".

"This War is going to bloody" Daemon agreed looking at book before asking "Who will read next?"

Viserys looked at his brother "May I?" The King asked politely. The Rouge Prince handed the book to his elder brother without a word.

The King turned the next page and began reading.


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The Cast is also shocked at the scale of the battles and number of Casualties suffered by both sides in just two opening battles of the war, which is more than all the Battles of Aegon's conquest combined.

So how do you think they will react to Blackwater Bay or God's Eye?

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Chapter 8: Reaction :- 6


The Cast Reacts To "The King In The North"


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Chapter Text

Viserys opened the next chapter and began reading.

299 AC




"So they are already in Riverrun?" Alicent looked surprised.

"But isn't the rest of Jaime Lannister's army still camped there?" Laena looked confused "He lost his entire Cavalry. But his Infantry should still be formidable"

"Maybe it's another timeskip" Daemon said to his wife who nodded.

The battle was over quick and fast.

"Looks like Daemon is right" Laenor said crossing his arms "The battle is already over"

"Which is a shame" Aemond sighed "I would have loved to see that". Daemon nodded agreeing with his nephew.

In the previous chapter they had seen a sample of Robb's prowess, and the Warriors like Aemond, Criston and Daemon can't wait to see another one.

Otto grimaced at his grandson's thirst of seeing bloodshed, even though the one they are seeing is his descendant. Aemond is a great Warrior and a studious student but his bloodlust often made him difficult to restrain. Which is a shame, because if Aemond could control his anger then he could become a fine Hand of The King for his older brother.

"Out of the three of them only Daeron is decent"Otto sighed"If only he was the eldest son"

Despite the fact that the Lannister host still besieging Riverrun outnumbered them more than two to one, the very positioning of Riverrun meant that you had to splitonesforce into three.

"This is one of the major disadvantages of sieging a castle like Riverrun. Even if you have a big army you have to divide your forces" Daeron grimaced. Without Tessarion, even he wouldn't dare to besiege Riverrun, until all his enemies were destroyed in the field.

"The Tully's were very intelligent when they built their Castle" Aegon agreed.

"They have to" Corlys said crossing his arms "Unlike other Kingdoms, the Riverlands is the center of all the conflicts in Westeros. They don't have any natural borders. So the only way to protect themselves is by building strong fortified Castles and making alliances with other Great Houses"

This is one of the reasons Harrenhal was built. House Hoare, the then unofficial ruler of Riverlands were known for their barbaric cruelty. So to safeguard themselves from the very men they tormented, they needed a big stronghold.

Too bad that didn't protect Harren and his Sons from the Black Fires of Balerion.

Because of this, eight thousand men were positioned north of the Tumblestone River. Another eight thousand were positioned south of theTumblestoneand west of the Red Fork while the final eight thousand were positioned east of the Red Fork.

"That's a nightmare for an army whose entire Cavalry is destroyed and an enemy force on their backs" Daemon grimaced.

"But do they know their enemy is still in the field?" Jace asked.

"No I don't think they know" Baela answered her betrothed's question "Robb's army had completely encircled and wiped out the Lannister Cavalry in the Whispering Woods. I don't think any escaped to warn the Camp"

Under the command of Ser Brynden Tully, three thousand men descended on the sleeping and leaderless camp in the dead of night. Despite it being a day since the Battle of the Whispering Woods, all Lannister scouts and outriders had been eliminated meaning that the enemy were unaware of the capture of Jamie Lannister and eradication of his entire cavalry force.

"They were sleeping?" Criston looked scandalized.

"Well they were leaderless. They don't have anyone to guide them" Rhaenys pointed out.

"And as far as they know the enemy was engaging Lord Tywin's forces in the Green Fork and that they have nothing to fear" Corlys agreed with his wife.

"But still they should be alerted. They are in the enemy territory after all" Aemond said.

"Yes" Daeron nodded "What if the defenders of Riverrun sallied out to fight them when they were sleeping? They should at least have posted sentries"

Rhaenys and Corlys frowned at Aemond and Daeron's logical words, while Daemon eyed them warily. Corlys is a veteran of Stepstones and hearing him out talked in strategies by two boys, who have even never killed someone in duel, is a little discouraging for their cause.

As a result, Ser Brynden Blackfish made short work of the enemy camp.

They quickly cleared the enemy palisades and deal with any sentries before going on to kill the men in the camp. This had not gone unnoticed by the other two camps, the one south of theTumblestoneled by Andros Brax quickly ordered three thousand of his men to cross theTumblestone.

"How are the men going to cross the stream with heavy armour?" Daemon looked dumbfounded at the idiocy.

"The waters are choppy and dangerous. And if the barges overturned then they would drown because of their armour" Laenor agreed with a frown. Being raised just beside the sea, he knows how dangerous choppy waters could be.

"And not to mention the Archers from Riverrun's battlements" Aegon frowned.

"This man is an idiot" Rhaenyra agreed with a frown at Andros's incompetence "And he is going to die an idiot death".

"But does he have any choice?" Luke asked causing all of them to quiten. The truth is Andros doesn't have any choice. The Battle is lost for them the moment Jaime was defeated.

Along the way he was harried by archers along the Riverrun walls, Tytos Blackwood ordering them to fire on the Lannisters exposed flanks. However, Andros Brax would not be deterred as he ordered his men onto rafts that were pelted by thrown rocks by the soldiers of Riverrun.

"This man is brave" Joffrey said. Even though he is stupid according to his parents, the young Prince had to admit that Andros is brave in trying to save his men from a slaughter.

"He is" Rhaena agreed "Continuing through attacks from both side while you may drown requires courage"

"But he is also stupid" Baela muttered.

It was disastrous.

The choppy waters of the Tumblestone overturned the rafts. The men with their heavy armour either drowned or were killed by archer fire both from the walls of Riverrun or by the horse archers Ser Brynden had lined on the bank. It was here that Lord Andros Brax met his end.

"As expected" Laenor shook his head while others grimaced. Drowning is one of the most horrible way to die. Having water fill through your nose and mouth while you are trying to breathe is truly horrifying.

"And there goes another" Laena muttered.

"Poor guy" Helaena, being the sweet girl she is, felt sad for his death knowing that Lord Andros's family won't even have a body to bury him.

"Don't feel bad daughter" Alicent assured her "Remember that the Lannisters are the ones who attacked a whole Kingdom and besiege their home"

Helaena didn't said anything but she still looked sad.

"She and Rhaena are the only flowers amongst the Thorns and vipers"Rhaenys thought feeling sad for both the girls to be tangled in the Game Of Thrones, just because of the ambitions of others.

However there were still around five thousand men left in the southern camp and Robb with his four thousand cavalry descended upon them, with Tytos Blackwood in turn leading his garrison force of five hundred out of the gate and struck the Lannister host from the rear.

"Looks like Daeron was correct on the Riverrun Garrison assisting Robb's attack" Aegon said.

"An attack from both sides must be a Nightmare for any army" Otto grimaced "Robb was lucky that Lord Tytos assisted him, otherwise he would have lost good men on trying to break the Shield Wall"

All the while Ser Forley Prester watched on from the eastern bank.

"I don't know what I would be feeling at this situation" Baela grimaced "Watching my men getting wiped out but unable to do anything"

"Must be horrifying for this guy" Laena agreed with her daughter.

"He should retreat when he still can" Jace said "The battle is lost for them. If they retreated now. They can still save a lot of men"

"Jace is right. Retreating is the correct course of action if he still wants to save his 8000 men" Rhaenyra nodded at her son's assessment "He can survive and live to fight another day"

As the northern camp was destroyed and the western camp all but overrun, he ordered his remaining eight thousand men to retreat back into the safety of the Westerlands.

But Robb is not going to let such a huge enemy force retreat unharmed. Havingknownthat his enemy might try to retreat once the battle was lost, he had reserved a force just to counter it. So his remaining three thousand cavalry under the command of Roose Bolton struck the retreating Westermen from the rear.

All of them were stunned once again.

"I swear to the Seven! It's like Robb is always one step ahead of everyone" Otto said stunned.

"I agree. It's like he knows what his enemy would or would not do" Laenor agreed in shock "It's like both are playing Cavasse but only Robb can see the results while his opponent is playing in the dark"

"It's actually terrifying" Rhaenyra felt a chill up her spine "Imagine how powerful he would be if he had a Dragon"

All of them except Aemond shuddered. The One Eyed Prince merely smirked, now really wishing that Robb would get a Dragon. He is his descendant after all.

It was a massacre, plain and simple.

Most of Ser Forley Prester's men were light infantry and the Northern heavy cavalry cut through the disorganised Westermen like a hot knife through a butter.

And not only that, seeing that the battle was lost many of the Sellswords, that Tywin had hired, changed sides and attacked their former allies resulting in further casualties among the Westermen.

"That's why I don't like Sellswords" Daemon grimaced. He had many Sellswords in his Army during the Stepstones War. Many of them turned their coats when The Triarchy offered them double the money Daemon offered.

Corlys had his lips thinned in irritation to remember how the Sellsails he had hired turned their backs and attacked them during the cover of night.

Out of the 24,000 Lannister Soldiers that took part in the Battle Of The Camps, only less than two thousand will manage to retreat to theGolden Tooth and into the safety of the Westerlands.

Once again their eyes widened at the number of casualties.

"I still now can't imagine the number of casualties in a single battle" Corlys muttered "This dwarfs anything we had seen"

"How many did we lose in the War against Triarchy? 5000 Soldiers while the Triarchy lost maybe 3 Times our number" Laenor shook his head.

The others looked stunned at that.

"Only 20,000 in 9 Years and throughout the war" Daeron whispered "While two times the number in a Single Day and three battles"

"This War will really be bloody" Otto muttered, unintentionally quoting Daemon's exact words from previous chapters.

This was the third battle, Robb had won in a row, and his legend was already growing, across the Seven Kingdoms.

"Only 15 years Old and winning battles left and right. Outplaying War Veterans and Seasoned Commanders three times his age" Viserys looked at Robb with shining eyes.

"His father would really would be proud" Alicent muttered.

"Ned Stark is a lucky father!"Was the thoughts of Otto, Daemon and Corlys.

After relieving Riverrun, Robb meet with his mother Catelyn and uncle Edmure. His mother had hugged him furiously, relieved that her eldest son is safe, before saying how his father would be proud of him.

Everyone smiled at that.

"His mother must be very proud of him" Rhaenyra muttered feeling a little melancholy as she remembered her own mother while Viserys looked down in sadness. He shook himself out of it and continued reading.

For an entire day he and his lords had celebrated their victories over the Lannister forces. And at night he had taken Dacey, to his bed, and had celebrated their victories, inthereown pleasurable way.

Baela looked jealous while Rhaena and Helaena were embarrassed once again.

"So the womanizer struck again" Daemon chuckled.

But the news thatarrived nextmorning made their victory taste bitter for everyone.

They all tensed.

"What now?" Luke looked worried.

Lord Eddard Stark, Robb's father, the same man that they were trying to rescue is executed as a traitor on King's Landing, by the command of Boy King Joffrey Baratheon.

Their eyes widened and jaws dropped.

"Wha..." Even Aemond was too shocked at this stupidity to answer.

"Why would you kill such an important hostage when you are losing the War?" Otto looked shocked at the stupidity.

Joffrey looked down feeling anger and shame of his namesake.

"This Joffrey is an idiot. He just made sure this war won't end until he is dead" Daemon agreed then grunted when Laena elbowed him "What?!" He groaned out.

His Wife merely pointed at the sad face of Rhaenyra's youngest and he felt a flush rising on his cheeks "Oh" He muttered dully "Sorry Joff! But not you. You are a sweet child".

"Don't feel ashamed of your name Joff. You aren't him" Keeper reassured him, speaking for the first time since this chapter began.

"She is right" Rhaenyra embraced her youngest in comfort while Rhaena clutches the hand of her future good brother for support.

In front of his Lords, Robb hadn't cried nor he had screamed in anger, knowing it will be showing weakness. Instead he had calmly thanked themessengerand told him to get some rest for his long journey.

They couldn't help but admire him for that.

"He really has control of his emotions." Otto nodded in respect "He knew that he would lose respect if he cried in front of his Lords"

But in the privacy of his chamber, he had cried hard clutchingGreywind, who licked off his tears, inan attemptto reassure him.

His father is dead.

He was the new Lord of Winterfell.

They all felt the sorrow.

"All this bloodshed for nothing?" Alicent sighed.

"It's a shame" Corlys shook his head "I would have loved to see this Ned Stark. He must be a remarkable man to raise such a capable son"

A council, comprised of both Northmen and Rivermen, was hastily organised to decide the next course of action. Rescuing Lord Eddard Stark was their main priority but now with him dead, they must decide on what to do or which King to support, as both Renly and Stannis had declared themselves King.

"So King Robert's brothers had declared for themselves" Aemond noted how Renly despite being younger had declared himself King.

"So now we have Joffrey, Renly and Stannis. That's three Kings already" Corlys grimaced "By the Gods what a mess."

"We already have seen Battles that dwarfs others in Westerosi History" Daeron grimaced "Now we have three Kings added to all the cards. This War is about to get much more messier".

"And it will be the Smallfolks once again who would pay the price in blood. Just for some ambitious Highborn's pride" Laena said somberly causing Rhaena and Helaena to frown.

After the devastating news of Eddard Stark's death, there was a dire need to organize the army against the so-calledKing Joffrey. Robb and his bannermen needed to have a plan for how to face their enemy – while sorrow and fury fueled their strength to fight.

"The sorrow and fury will turn them against each other if they doesn't have a common goal and a right path" Daemon said crossing his arms.

"Some will support Renly and others will support Stannis. I won't be surprised if few of them support Joffrey too" Otto surprisingly agreed with the Rouge Prince "And the ones who were allies will soon find them pit against each other from opposite sides of the battlefield"

"But why?" Helaena looked at her grandfather in confusion "Can't they just remain neutral in the conflict?" The ones who aren't war oriented thought the same.

It was Corlys who answered her, and everyone else's, question.

"The North may choose to remain neutral but not a Kingdom like the Riverlands, which not only is divided but also doesn't have a natural border to protect itself and sit through the conflict" The Sea Snake explained "There is a reason that all the major Houses of Riverlands maintains powerful alliances. They need that to survive"

"And besides we shouldn't underestimate human grudges. Do you think that Houses like Blackwood and Bracken would fight together if they don't have a common goal or enemy?" Otto asked theoretically "No they will join the opposite sides only to undermine the other"

Helaena nodded with a frown, her curiosity settled while others grimaced at Otto's words knowing the truth in them.

Ser Stevron Frey suggested that they should stay neutral, and let the other Kings fight it off. As expected his opinion is immediately chastised, as everyone told him that he was a coward.

"But it isn't Cowardice. It's logical" Laena looked confused.

"Maybe any other time it would be" Rhaenys nodded in acknowledgement "But not now when one great Lord, their ally, is murdered unjustly. If they turn back now it would be Cowardice" Laena nodded in acknowledgement.

His mother Catelyn, who was wearing a black garments as a sign of her mourning, spoke next "My Lords, why not a peace?"

They were shocked by this. She just lost her husband and she is asking for peace.

"She just lost her husband and is suggesting peace with their killers?" Daemon looked disgusted. If he was at their place then he would have sent Jaime's head on a platter and damm the consequences later. An Eye for an Eye. Blood for Blood. A Son for a Father.

"You can't just sue for peace after the head of your family is beheaded!" Aegon exclaimed. It is not time to spill ink for Peace letters but time to spill the enemy's blood.

"The Time of peace is over now. It is time for Fire and Blood" Aemond declared with Aegon nodding alongside his brother.

"Brother is right. If they sued for peace House Stark would lose their prestige forever. Not only in the North but in all the Seven Kingdoms" Surprisingly it was Daeron who said that leaving Otto, Alicent and Helaena surprised that the always calm and level headed brother would do that.

Rhaenyra looked hesitant at that. Would she have sued for peace if Laenor or her father or Gods forbid one of her sons were killed?

Robb stared at his mother in anger and disbelief, after everything that happened to their family she still considers peace as an option.

"My lady, they killed my father, your Lord husband is dead because of them" Robb spoke with anger in his voice.

Many nodded at that with Rhaenys saying "Robb is right to show anger. He can't lose respect amongst his men"

"And he shall remain dead" She said, her voice laced with grief and anguish and Robb immediately regretted speaking with her in that manner.

Everyone quitened down at Catelyn's words.

"It is I who have shared Ned's bed, it is I who have given him healthy children and it is I who shall always bare the grief of his passing" Catelyn said, her body shaking with silent sobs, "but he is gone Robb, he is gone, and not a hundred Whispering Woods will bring him back to me" She whispered "What I want is you and Sansa back safe in Winterfell, and live the rest of our lives in peace"

"She really loved her husband" Rhaenyra muttered. She could feel Catelyn's grief even from here.

"But still it's no excuse. Just because she is afraid to lose her son" Daeron retorted "What about others who had already lost their sons. Many mothers won't see their husbands or sons and. If they stop now it would be spitting on their graves"

Many nodded at Daeron's words. Both the Northerners and Riverlanders have lost too much to back out now. Especially the Riverlanders who were invaded so brutally.

Everybody was silent for a few moments before Ser Brynden spoke, his voice soft as a wind "Peace" he whispered "peace is sweet my lady but on what terms, it is no good hammering your sword into a plowshare, if you must forge it again on the morrow"

"Wise words" Otto nodded in respect.

"I expected nothing less from someone who is a Veteran of three Wars" Corlys agreed.

"The Mountain burned the Riverlands, raped and slaughtered my people, and left my home a smoking ruin, and now I am being told that I should meekly bend my knee to the same people who sent him" Lord Blackwood spoke with anger in his voice "I am sorry my lords, but i shall never accept a peace"

"Doing so now would be spitting on their memory and to those who lost so much" Criston agreed.

"But will this cycle even end" Helaena questioned wearily "The Riverlanders want revenge against the Westermen. Next the Westermen would want revenge against the Northerners ans Riverlanders. So I ask will this cycle of revenge ever end?"

They were all quitened by Helaena's empathic words.

"As long as there is Greed and lust for power. It will never end" Keeper said somberly causing many to reflect on their past actions as Viserys turns the next page to begin reading.

"Same, House Darry shall never bent their knees to the Lannisters" Lord Darry said jumping to his feat.

His mother looked around sadly knowing that she had already lost the conversation.

"She had lost the moment Lord Stark died" Otto said "The North would never accept this brazen disrespect"

Lord Jonos from House Bracken suggests that they should ally with King Renly Baratheon, and join forces to fight against the Usurper's child.

"But Renly is the younger brother" Rhaenyra frowned.

"Renly is not the king," Robb replied loudly and with severity.

"You cannot mean to hold to Joffrey, my lord. He put your father to death!" Galbart Glover said in outrage.

Robb looked serene as he addressed his bannermen "That doesn't make Renly king. He's Robert'syoungerbrother. Now Bran cannot be Lord of Winterfell before me, Renly cannot be king before Stannis."

Many nodded at that. The law of succession is clear. EldestSonscome before Younger ones.

"Do you mean to declare us with Stannis?"

"Renly is not right!" Lord Karstark argued.

It was only then that Greatjon Umber stood up, a giant amongst his peers.

"I still can't believe Umber being so supportive of Robb after Greywind removed his fingers" Baela said.

"Supportive?! The bloody giant laughed it off" Rhaena rolled her eyes.

"Typical Northmen" Laenor muttered a little amused.

"Here's what I say to these two kings." He spat furiously on the ground and cheers were heard.

Aemond smirked at this.

"This man's balls must be as big as his size" Aegon whistled causing ladies like Rhaena, Alicent and Helaena to look scandalized at the crude words.

"Renly Baratheon isnothingto me, nor Stannis neither. Why should they rule over me and mine from some flowery seat in the south? What do they know of the Wall or the Wolfswood? Even their gods are wrong." The northern lords laughed as they agreed. "Why shouldn't we rule ourselves again? It was the dragons we bowed to and now the dragons are dead"

Many quitened down at the words of Greatjon and the knowledge that House Targaryen won't be ruling in the future.

"Ruling ourselves again? What does that mean?" Jace looked confused just like the most.

However Corlys, Otto, Daeron and Aemond had their eyes widened.

"Don't tell me?!"The four of them thought in shock.

Greatjon drew his enormous Greatsword and pointed it at Robb. "There sits the only King I mean to bend my knee to. The King in the North!" he stated and then knelt before Robb.


Everyone had their jaws dropped at this. Seeing Greatjon just casually declares Robb as the King and boldly suggests sedation from the Iron Throne.

Viserys however continued reading, he was too onto the book to stop.

Robb seemed taken aback but as if he was prepared for it. He slowly stood up, looking bigger and fearsome. A true ruler had been born and the child was no more.

Lady Maege Mormont and her daughter Dacey knelt next, with Dacey declaring "The king of Winter" She said and laid her mace at his feet.

Lord Karstark stood up next "I will have peace on those terms, they can keep their Red Castle and their Iron Chair too" he knelt "The King In The North".

They just continued to stare in shock.

Theon and Wulfric stood up as well. "Are we your brothers, now and always?" Theon asked, hoping like always to be part of the family that had raised him, that had welcome him despite the dispute Eddard Stark had had with Lord Balon Greyjoy during their own rebellion.

"Now and always," Robb replied, meaning every word because he did not lie about family.

"My sword is yours, in victory and defeat, from this day until my last day." Wulfric said, as both him and Theon drew their own swords and knelt next to the other men.

"Damm!" Daeron whispered.

"The King In The North!" The Geatjon thundered and the rest of the Lords and everyone around them clamored, drawing swords and promising their loyalty to him.

"The King In The North"

"The King In The North"

"The King In The North"

They were all silent before Daemon just shouted what all of them were thinking.


"The North just declared their independence, that's what happened?" Viserys sighed.

"Bur how....why?? I don't understand" Rhaenys looked confused at the turn of events.

"Well it's actually pretty logical once you see it" Otto who had calmed down from the shock began explaining "If Keeper is correct then the North has been taken advantage of many times, even when they were loyal to us. Queen Alysanne giving away the New Gift, The Unfulfilled Pact of Ice and Fire, Starks losing their family in Dornish Wars, then the fiasco with the Mad King. The Iron Throne haven't treated them farely"

They all quitened down at that as Otto continue

"In Robb they all saw a chance of a better future one which would not take advantage of them. So is it really a surprise that they want independence?" They all looked down finally understanding Otto's logical explanation.

"You are right, Otto. We haven't treated them fairly" Viserys nodded "After this is over, I will try to make a better relation with our largest Kingdom. You as my Hand will help me to clean up the mess Late Queen Alysanne created" The King finished firmly causing many to look at him in surprise while Otto nodded.

"Maybe gifting back the New Gift to them would be a start" Otto suggested knowing that Alysanne giving the New Gift to the Night's Watch started the mess of a sour relationship with The North.

"Do that" Viserys agreed.

"But you can't disagree that it was a badass scene" Jace whispered in awe still remembering the scene where Robb was declared King and all the Northerners shouting "King In The North".

Many agreed with that and the fact that Robb didn't declare himself but his men did that for him makes it even more badass.

Viserys looked at the last part and quickly thought to end it so may the next person can read.




House Stark - 10,000 men (9,700 Northmen,200 Freys and 100 Mallister ).
Infantry :- 0.
Cavalry:- 10,000 men.


House Lannister- 24,000 men.
Infantry- 23,800 men.
Cavalry- 200 men.

Result- Major Stark Victory. The entire Lannister host besieging Riverrun is virtually destroyed. The Sellswords in the Lannister Army defected, and joined the Stark forces .

Casualties :-

House Stark- Less than 500 dead and injured (Minor).

House Lannister- More than 15,000 men dead with another 5,000 wounded and taken as prisoners (Massive).

Once again many grimaced at the casualties.

"Robb, Renly, Stannis and Joffrey" Daeron grimaced "That's four Kings already. This war is getting messier and messier"

"So" Viserys looked around "Who will read the next part?"

"I will"


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Chapter 11: Reaction :- 7


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"Hello" - Normal speech

"Hello" -thoughts

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"I will read next", Daeron remarked.

Alicent beamed at her son while Viserys passed the book to him. Flipping the pages, Daeron started.

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299 AC




Robb sat in the Godswood of Riverrun, sharpening his blade while leaning against the Weirwood tree, his mind alight with questions once more. At his side, Grey Wind lay down on the ground, eyes closed as it let itself rest.

He was praying for his father's soul and all the innocents that had perished due to the ambitions of the House Lannisters.


"He is so kind and caring", Helaena remarked with a soft smile, her eyes glittering with response and adoration.

"If only some our own were so caring to the plight of the Smallfolks" Helaena thought sadly.

Otto smiled at his granddaughter's kind heart.

"She really got it from her grandmother" Otto thought, thinking of his wife Helena with some melancholy.

"he has the makings of a good king" Otto smiled at his Granddaughter "He is already a brilliant strategist and his attitude towards the lives lost in this war shows his empathy. Something which every ruler must have" He said to his granddaughter with kind eyes, a rarity for the hand.

Otto then caressed her head, saying "But you are already the sweetest soul, my dear. You will make a great queen".

Helaena smiled then, a smile so pure and Otto couldn't help but grin too.

"Truly she had inherited Helena's heart" Otto thought again, with a kind smile. Entirely ignoring the venomous glare that the Rouge Prince was shooting his way.

"The bastard's schemes never stop. It wasn't enough making his daughter the queen, now he seeks to bind the blood of the dragon down with f*cking hightower blood again" An annoyed Daemon thought, thinking of ways to dismember Hightower limb by limb.

"We already have the makings of a great queen in princess rhaenyra, lord Hightower. A woman who you have sworn an oath too.", Daemon spat at the Hand Of The King deliberately not addressing him as per his position.

"As if I will let go of a chance to put him on his f*cking place" He grinned as Otto seethed at this insult.

Viserys sighed at this. Here they go again!!

"Helaena's calibre in her duties as the Queen Of The Seven Kingdoms will no doubt be as great as your proficiency in shaming our king, prince Daemon. That I can assure you as I haven't failed in my daughter's upbringing like you have failed in your endless plots to amass power and fail, quite comically too don't you think?" To the shock of all, it was Alicent who jabbed this at Daemon which caused a stony Aemond to crack into loud laughter, joined by Aegon.

Daeron too tried to contain his chuckle while reading the book.

Meanwhile Viserys was staring at his wife with wide eyes. He had never thought of Alicent being capable of this.

Even Rhaena and Baela giggled at the insult aimed towards their father. Before meeting their mother's cold eyes and quickly looking down.

"That's enough from all of you. Daemon, do not make me reprimand you again" King Viserys ordered with a hard voice, which was a surprise for his frail body.

But the King’s tone smashed any words that would come any Tongue. Targaryen or Hightower.

Daemon could only fume as he was belittled, by his brother no less.

"Apologies and thank you, Your Grace." Otto said with victorious eyes making the pale prince's beautiful face crimson from rage.

Daeron continued.


'King Robb.' He snorted at the title his men had given him.

Gripping the handle of his blade, Robb raised it up to his eyes and looked at himself along the flat edge. He barely recognised himself, his beard had grown and he looked less like a boy and more of a man. He felt like one too, the three battles he had fought seemed to have aged him, the weight of the guilt he bore at sending men into battle and dying on his orders was heavy.


"A boy forced to grow up so soon.", Rhaenyra said with a sadness known all too well.

Everyone knew what an effect the untimely demise of the former queen Aemma Arryn had on the realm's delight.

Viserys looked off into the distance, reminiscing about his beloved. Helaena hugged a forlorn Alicent who glared at a smirking Daemon, no doubt wanting to gouge his eyes out.

Rhaenyra hugged her sons. "They must not know what it feels like to live without a mother, without someone to soothe their aching feet after a day of prancing around, without someone to sing to them when they are ill, without someone to love and cherish them for what they are, the joy of a mother's life."

"I must make an alliance with the north, for the sake of my children" Rhaenyra thought which was no doubt being shared by the queen. The driving forces of the blacks and the greens would do anything to secure their blood upon the iron throne.

Daeron continued again.


"Robb?" Looking up, he saw his mother entering the Godswood, Ser Brynden and his uncle Edmure trailing behind him.

The sight of his uncle reminded him that he was not just the King in the North, but the King in the Trident. It had been Jason Mallister soon followed by Tytos Blackwood who had proclaimed him as such.

"I don't know whether to be glad or angered to have earned the respect of both men to such an extent that they wish me to be their King." He had tried to refuse of course, on both accounts. However, his bannermen didn't listen, to drunk on both wine and victory.


"You really are something when two Kingdoms bend the knees to you without you even taking the crown" Otto muttered a little envious.

But can anyone blame him? Most people followed them to either earn favour or because they feared them. But respect?

"He really is something" Baela muttered as she stared at Robb.


The cheers of, "The King in the North" and, "The King in the Trident" had spread throughout Riverrun, echoing across the surrounding lands into the army camped outside.

Now here he was, sat in the Godswood deep in thought, seeking the guidance of the Old Gods. He couldn't tell if they approved of his bannermens actions or were disapproving of it. Despite hearing them more often, he could never tell what they felt or thought.


"Men wasted on mead and mirth rarely listen to good counsel" Daemon said crossing his arms in distaste.

The rogue prince knew this all too well, having been the Commander Of The Gold Cloaks. And despite all the discipline that he had hammered inside their thick skulls, his men were still quick on Alcohol and Gambling.

"You hear that brother" Aemond nudged Aegon, who as everyone knows, is a drunkard.

"f*ck off" Aegon muttered in distaste, now wishing for a glass of Wine.

Helaena just sighed at her husband and shook her head.


"You can not remain here forever, the lords are asking for you. They wish to discuss what you plan to do next." Catelyn said and Robb frowned.


"Lady Catelyn is a good mother" Rhaena muttered.

"And she is strong too" Laena nodded at her daughter's words "Despite losing her husband and her daughter as a hostage and her Son leading a War, she is still strong enough to give Robb advice"

Laena doesn't know how she would do if she loses her husband or if her daughters were taken a hostage.

Daemon clutched Laena's hand in comfort and offered her a smile. Laena smiled back at her husband.

Rhaenyra frowned at this, feeling a bit jealous. But shook it off. Now is not the time to be insecure.


"Are you okay with this? Okay with me being named king? It's like admit that they're..." He paused unable to finish the sentence. Catelyn moved forwards and took one of his hands in hers.

"Robb." She muttered softly, bringing her son into a hug that he returned. "Of course I don't want you to be King, it puts a bigger target on your back. This war is no longer just about rescuing your sister, but for independence"


Alicent flinched at this. It was, is and will always be her greatest fear. To lose her children. Which is one of the main reasons why she agrees with her father and why she wants Aegon to be King, despite Aegon not wanting the Crown, the foolish boy.


Robb nodded his head, pulling away from his mother before looking at Edmure and Brynden. "I apologise uncle, great-uncle for my actions."

Brynden just grunted, he didn't blame the lad for being overwhelmed. "Don't worry, nephew. I apologise for Lord Mallister and Blackwood, I think they got a little overeager and had too much to drink."

"No, they knew full well what they were doing. Overheard them talking about it as soon as we freed Riverrun. Lord Mallister was even talking about it in whispers with Lord Umber at the end of the Whispering Woods. Don't blame them honestly. An army like ours needs a figurehead, a symbol to rally behind, nothing better than a King." Brynden explained and Robb appreciated that the man was never afraid to tell him the truth.


"Someone who will smack you in the back and not be afraid to tell the truth" Viserys nodded "Every King needs that".

Viserys thought about Lyonel Strong. The Master of Laws while not as blunt as the Blackfish was never afraid to tell the truth.

"If only I have some good men and not opportunists and lickspittles" Viserys thought mournfully.

If only Daemon was a little less violent and had a cool temperament then his younger brother could have been an excellent Hand Of The King.


"Well, it seems I have no choice" Robb admitted with a sigh, he could see the sense in the decision to name him King. Didn't mean he had to like it, but he'd certainly use it to his advantage. If what Brynden said was true and he was inclined to believe it was, then being King could help him end this war sooner. He just hoped it didn't come back to bite him in the ass.


"I like the blackfish. The man has a mind for warfare and an eye for warriors. He knows his grand-nephew is uncertain about being thrust into kingship and comforts the boy. He understands men and what inspires them. A king with a just cause like Robb is much easier to follow into battle than a wrongful king who murders his great lords and starts a war.", Daemon remarked.

Many people became silenced as they never expected the brash prince, quicker with a blade than with his mind to dispel wise words.

Viserys couldn't help but beam at his brother's level headed words after his spat with Alicent and his earlier thoughts.

"Maybe there is still some hope for my brother" Viserys thought, a little pleased. "And the man is more than a commander. He is a soldier. The man knows what feeds a warrior's blood. He of course has immense experience and most of all offers sound counsel, something not easily gained." Ser Criston replied to Daemon who listened keenly, for he respected the lord commander's skills in a fight even if he loathed the man.

"Well he is fighting in his fourth war. Only Tywin Lannister has as much experience as him and he is currently losing to a boy who hasn't even reached his majority." The Keeper said to both of them who looked at the Blackfish with eyes filled with wonder.

"To survive three wars and live to tell the tale" Corlys muttered in respect. He also thought of the great Voyages that he had undertaken to enrich his House. From Westeros to Asshai By The Shadow. And how many of his men perished during this.


As he walked down the corridors of Riverrun to the designated war room, behind him Edmure and Brynden followed him. Already he could hear the gathering of lords, 'my lords now,' he thought humourlessly were already arguing about the next move they should make.


"The responsibility is immense" Rhaenys muttered causing Rhaenyra to nod. She felt the same when her father named her Heir after her mother and Aegon's death.


It was a wonder the entirety of Riverrun didn't know the inner workings of his court.


Many snigg*red at this.

"They will be f*cked if Tywin had any spies in Riverrun" Daemon snigg*red. Considering he had his own Spy Network in King's Landing made by him and Mysaria.

Alicent's eyes twitched at the crassness of the Rouge Prince, but she didn't say anything knowing all her words would be futile.

"Minus the crass words, Prince Daemon is true" Corlys crossed his arms "They should be careful. You don't know whether the walls have ears or not"


The two guards stationed outside bowed, pushing open the two large doors open allowing Robb and his two companions to enter.

Inside, the lords gathered went silent as they watched Robb enter the room. His face calm and his piercing blue eyes looking over the lords before he moved to the head of the table where Wulfric was stood waiting.


"Such respect" Both Viserys and Otto thought. To immediately fall silent without any announcement. In Red Keep they needed a Herald to make the announcement before every Court Session.


"Bout time you got here, thought these lot were about to tear each other apart." He muttered quietly, though it was clearly heard amongst the silent lords, each of them sending glares to the Heir of the Wolf's Den.


Many snigg*red at this.

"Wulfric is even blunter than the Blackfish" Aegon smirked.

"And he doesn't fear the Lord's" Jace smiled.


"What seems to be the problem, m'lords? You all seemed to have a great deal of opinions on what we should do next, I'd like to hear them." Much like he should have expected, they all seemed to take this as a sign of continue their earlier arguments, the lords shouting out their ideas only to be interrupted by another. This all eventually descended into chaos and Robb sighed tiredly.


"And here they go again" Like sighed while some serious ones looked annoyed at this.

"They really are a rowdy bunch" Otto muttered a bit in distaste. As a Stateman, he liked all things orderly without any shouting and screaming.

"Sure but they get the job done" Daemon muttered. His previous distaste of all Non-Valyrian had turned into a grudging respect for the Northmen.


"Alright lads, shut the f*ck up!" Greatjon eventually shouted, slamming his fist down on the table making it shake, the figures displayed on the map falling onto the table in a mess. It was entirely unnecessary, the Lord of the Last Hearth having only ever really need to raise his voice to be heard clearly.


Many flinched or jumped at the shout, even Daeron almost dropped the book in surprise.

"Really was that necessary" Rhaena complained, as she rubbed her ears which were ringing due to the shout of the loud lord of last hearth.

"Still can't believe how tall Umbers are" Rhaenyra muttered.

Harwin had been tall and broad and had gotten the name of Breakbones. But the Umbers make Harwin look like an infant in both height and raw strength.


"Thank you, Lord Umber." Greatjon nodded his head, a grin coming to his face as he saw the man he had named King seemingly accepting the role. "Now, I believe we need to bring some order to this before we tear each other apart, yes?" Many of the lords grumbled in agreement, chastised and embarrassed. "Now, if someone would please inform me of the situation...Lord Benjen".


"Benjen had reached Riverrun so soon?" Otto was surprised "They just fought a battle at the Greenfork?"

"The Northmen were very mobile" Corlys muttered "Not surprising. They had

to be as their Kingdom is a big as all the Southern Kingdoms combined"


His uncle Benjen, who had just arrived yesterday from the Battle of Green Fork, with the rest of the Northern Army, answered.

"Of course, your grace." His Uncle reached forwards, taking the lion figurines from their positions on the map, all knocked on their sides and having rolled out of position. "After the Battle of the Green Fork, and your own victories here, Tywin Lannister took his men and has since occupied



Rhaenyra's lips tightened at the thought of Tywin occupying Harwin's home.


Benjen followed his words by placing one lion figurine on Harrenhall's position.

"And how did the battle go?" Robb asked curiously, wanting to know the exact measurement of losses that both sides had suffered.

"I did as you asked, marching south slowly. It took us five days to eventually meet the Lannister host, but that was only due to Tywin Lannister marching north to meet us. He sent his vanguard and heavy cavalry led by the Mountain and Ser Adam to strike our right flank, but as soon as I noticed his Infantry moving I called a retreat. Overall, we lost no more than two thousand men with another 500 wounded and the Lannisters lost more than twice our numbers." Benjen said confidently, proud that his nephew's strategy worked.


"Nearly 6000 dead in a single Battle which is not even a real battle but a distraction" Criston muttered, a bit disturbed with the number of deaths.

Considering the Field of Fire killed about 6000 men, mostly by Dragon Fire and it was the biggest and bloodiest Battle of the Aegon's Conquest.

And here, the First Battle of this War, which is more of a distraction than a

battle, cost the lives of as many men as the bloodiest Battle of Aegon's Conquest.

"This war will be something never seen before" Many thought.

Aemond looked at his descendant proudly while Baela and Rhaena gave Robb the doe eyes. Helaena also smiled at his success while Otto nodded at Robb's military acumen.

"Baela and Rhaena seem to be infatuated with the boy and Helaena is not far behind. And why not. Robb seems to be a kind soul who is already winning glory. The seven know how moon eyed I would be over the tales of ser Galladon of morne. And it helps that the boy is pleasant to look at." Laena thought while glancing at the girls who gazed at Robb lovingly.


Robb nodded his head in satisfaction, combined with his own casualties from the Battle of the Whispering Woods and Battle of the Camps, it brought the total number of casualties to just short of four thousand. He then turned to Ser Brynden "Uncle what does your scouts report"

"After your victories, Ser Forley Pester marched his two thousand remaining soldiers west, back into the Westerlands. He is currently camped at Oxcross where he has been joined by Stafford Lannister and recruits from Lannisport. It is obvious that their intention is to raise another host. Exact reports on their numbers are unknown however." His Great Uncle reported gruffly.


"At least Thirty-Six Thousand Soldiers are dead and the two main commanders haven't even battled each other yet" Viserys muttered in horror.

"Let's not forget the small folks" Laenor muttered in horror.

"By the end, this war will exact a great toll, turning many women widows while armies spill blood like water.", Aemond said, a bit disturbed but also excited for the future battles.

"The reserve army should not be a great concern for Robb as Tywin Lannister has already taken all the trained forces on his initial charge into the riverlands. Only green boys and old men will be camping at oxcross. Men who won’t have the cohesion of soldiers. Men who will flee at the first charge by northern heavy horse. Men who will perish" Ser Criston said.

Everyone knew of the effectiveness of the Northern Cavalry, second to only the knights of the Vale.

But hearing how the Northern Horsem*n had charged through Dragon Fire in the Dance really sells how great the Northeners are.


Robb studied the map carefully.

"The host Stafford Lannister is a point of concern, if they are not stopped we would be caught between two armies." Tytos Blackwood pointed out and he was met by boos and arguments from his fellow noblemen, especially the Blackwoods.


"Again with the Blackwoods and Brackens" Rhaenyra groaned remembering the idiots who caught for her hand during her Ceremony as well as the Tourney.


"Bah, f*ck the lot of them!" Smalljon cursed, even going so far as to spit on the floor.


"Yuck" The Woman in the audience grimaced at this.


"Aye, we haven't lost a battle yet. The Old Lions have been playing to our tune and have you forgotten, we've got the Young Wolf!" Galbart Glover concurred, a proclamation met with cheers.

"There's no denying that, his grace is a gifted commander." Jason

Mallister argued. "But we should not underestimate Tywin Lannister."


"The Riverlords are truly craven. Their undefeated king is with them, they have run circles around the lions for three battles and relieved their liege lord's home. They should be clamouring for the heads of the Westermen.", an angsty Aemond blurted out.

"Tywin Lannister has raped and burned his way through the riverlands, setting his mad dog on the Smallfolk, sacking their villages, filling their rivers with Riverlander blood. A good lord cares for his people, Aemond. The Riverlords are rightfully concerned as they have borne the atrocities committed by the old lion" said Aegon stunning everyone into silence.

No one expected the prince to say something so poignant as he was known to inhale more wine than air. Otto patted his grandson's back while Aegon just looked around nonchalantly before offering a smile to his proud mother.


"Enough." He spoke firmly, the lords that looked to be on the verge of another argument went silent, turning to stare at the Young Wolf. "Lord Mallister is right, Tywin Lannister is not a man we can afford to underestimate otherwise all we've accomplished will have been for nothing. We will not fall into the pitfall of arrogance like the Old Lion has done."


"A man who will not let glory cloud his good sense. Ned stark was truly blessed to have a son like Robb.", Viserys stated with a respectful nod, shooting a glance at Daemon who lead the victory of Stepstones get to his head.

Ser Criston offered a reproachful look to his king before glancing at his queen and her children, the children he adored and loved. He would defend them and their honour until his dying breath.


There were a number of nods from those that had shared his views and even those of the North who had firmly believed victory was in their grasp at least seemed mollified.


"They look like a bunch of children being denied their favorite treat" Alicent muttered amused. The Northern Lords are making faces like Helaena and Daeron did when they were denied sweets from Kitchen.

"Who would have thought these people are bloodthirsty warriors" Rhaenys muttered.


"However, we will not abandon the Riverlands. Ser Brynden, Lord

Bracken, Lord Blackwood, you will remain here in charge of keeping Tywin in check, Ser Brynden will be in charge of the overall forces, his position in Harrenhall ensures we need to leave a large number of our forces here in case he moves. Your task will be to ensure he goes nowhere."


"Good thinking" Otto nodded "Lords will never follow you if their own Lands are being raided and under occupation"


The three men in question bowed their heads, though Ser Edmure seemed nonplused at not being given any command.


Many tensed at this.

"I hope it doesn't bring him into conflict with his own Uncle" Helaena looked concerned.


Robb was wary of doing so, Edmure was a smart man when it came to logistics but this didn't translate to his skills as a commander which was subpar at best. Ser Brynden on the other hand was a veteran of three wars and was a gifted commander.


"Edmure is Robb's Uncle and Lord of Riverrun but if he is a subpar Commander then it's good that Robb isn't giving him Command" Criston nodded "Sometimes using someone with merit is better than birth, especially during a war of survival"

Criston himself was a nobody before he fought against the Dornish Incursions in the Dornish Marches and raised in power and position to the become a Kingsguard. He had done it not with blood, but with sheer merit.

"Though Robb isn't doing this on purpose considering he acknowledged Edmure's prowess as Logistical Commander" Otto nodded at Robb at least recognizing that Edmure's talent lies elsewhere.


It was a difficult decision of course, especially when it came to choosing between Lord Blackwood and the Blackfish. But at the end of the day, while both were veteran commanders, only one was respected by both men of the north and south.

That man, was Ser Brynden.


"Men will always follow whom they respect" Daemon muttered.


"Ser Edmure, how many men can the Riverlands muster" He asked the Heir to Riverrun.

His Uncle, who still looked a little angry at not being given any command, nodded stiffly "As of now much of the Riverlands are in the hold of the Lannisters, but if freed the Riverlands can muster ten to twelve thousand fighting men" he said before adding "fifteen thousand if we were lucky".


"Despite being angry, Edmure is doing his duty at least" Corlys nodded "15,000 is a great number especially for a Kingdom ravaged by enemy forces"

Not to mention many Small folks will eagerly join the Army to get revenge on the Lannisters for burning their lands.

"Well House Tully's Words are Family, Duty and Honour, so for them Family will always comes first" Laena said with a soft smile "And Robb is his nephew.

His blood and family".


"Then freeing the Riverlands is one our main priorities" Robb said loudly causing the Riverlords to smile in happiness, they are relieved that there homes will be soon be freed from the clutches of the Lannisters.

"Lord Mallister, you and the rest of the lords in Riverland shall retake your former lands. You will be in charge of coordinating this endeavour. I do not want division but unity." He then pointed to Oxcross. "I personally shall deal with Stafford Lannister and his host. With them gone, all that remains will be the Old Lion himself."


"Marvelous. In one stroke Robb has managed to do three things. Firstly, by letting the Riverlords free their lands from the Lannisters, he will earn their respect and gratitude. The lords will readily fight for a king who cared for them and their holdings. Secondly, by fighting and destroying the reserve host at Oxcross, he can weaken the Golden Tooth and open the gates for the westerlands. After defeating Stafford Lannisters host, no one can oppose him in the lion's lair. He can sack every castle in the west. Thirdly, with the Riverlords freeing their lands and the Blackfish keeping Tywin Lannister in check, the only Lannister presence in the Riverlands will be at Harrenhall. The old lion cannot free his lands as ser Bryden will harry and destroy his forces if he attempts to escape Harrenhall. This will also show discord in the Lannister camp as the lords will not sit silently as their lands are sacked by the northmen.", Otto replied with a smirk, happy at himself for understanding what Robb was doing.

He really is bloody proud that Robb is his blood.

"You forget that Robb now also gets to further his legend by winning another victory. Men follow a victorious king and a cunning and gregarious commander and Robb is both of them.", Daemon quickly said, no doubt wanting to annoy the Hand Of The King further.

The master of court politics stiffly nodded, berating himself for forgetting about this move by Robb.


299 AC




"They have my son" Tywin said quietly, but the war council heard him perfectly.

After their defeat at the Green Fork, they had marched with full haste to Riverrun, to aid Jaime and his host, who were unaware of the Northern Cavalry.

His father had sent scouts in advance to warn his brother, but they were all too late.

At the crossroads Inn, the scouts reported them of the defeat of Jaime's army. His father had been furious when he learned that Jaime was captured.


“Ah it seems we have changed perspectives to get the dwarf’s view, Daeron said, as he paused his reading a bit. He was a bit startled at the change of perspective at first.

“ Correct said the Keeper with a nod.

“Even the scouts wouldn’t have helped the kingslayer as Robb would be quicker with only a horse at his back.”, Ser Criston muttered with a grin. He was furious at ser Jaime for breaking the sacred oaths of the kingsguard.

“Ser Jaime’s conduct during the siege of the Riverrun was his bane. The only follies a commander can do is be hasty and foolish. The young lion is both of them" Daemon said with a smirk.

"You shouldn't say that, Daemon" Corlys said "While Jaime was impulsive, he was far from foolish. Are you forgetting that before his capture he won two battles and crushed the entire Riverlands Army and scattered them within a Single Month?"

Daemon frowned. Jaime Lannister's victories near the Golden Tooth and Riverrun had slipped his mind, where he defeated Lord Vance and Edmure Tully's forces.

"Jaime wasn't foolish. It's that.......he just encountered someone as intelligent as Robb" Criston nodded "And let's be honest we all would have fallen in Robb's brilliant trap"

"Good going my descendant" Aemond thought with a smirk.


Now they have arranged a war council, to discuss the next course of action.

"The Stark boy appears to be less green than we hoped" Tyrion quipped mocking his father. Lord Tywin had earlier insulted Robb Stark by saying that he was a green boy and will run back to Winterfell with his tail between his legs, at the first sign of battle.

And now the same green boy had humiliated him by winning not one but three consecutive battles in a row. And it really gave Tyrion some sort of satisfaction to know that his father had been proven wrong for once.


“Seems like stupidity runs in their blood. Underestimating someone because of their age is a mistake made by someone who is not long for this world.”, Aemond replied while glaring at Lucerys who shifted to be behind his mother who promptly glared back at Aemond.

Helaena elbowed her brother to stop him from doing anything stupid.

"So this is the dawrf" Otto muttered.

"Just looks like is a serious and intelligent version of Mushroom the court fool" Viserys muttered.


"I heard his wolf killed a dozen men and as many horses" Lord Harys Swift said a little afraid of facing the beast in battle.

"Both Baratheon brothers have taken arms against us" Kevan said gravely "Jaime captured, his army scattered, it's a catastrophe".

"Perhaps we should sue for peace" Lord Leo Lefford said hesitantly.


"The Lord Lefford is correct" Otto said "Looks like the Lannisters has many enemies. Peace is the only option if they want to survive" Daemon frowned a little at Harys Swift who was afraid if battle.

"Coward" The Rouge Prince sneered. He hated cowardice.


Tyrion promptly threw his cup on the ground which shattered upon impact. The noise caught the attention of his father and rest of the council.


Many flinched at the Suddenness of the glass throw which startled them.

"Beautiful glass" Joffrey muttered feeling a bit sad at seeing the glass getting destroyed.


"There is your peace" Tyrion said pointing at the shattered remains of his cup "Joffrey saw to that when he decided to remove Ned Stark's head, you will have an easier time drinking from that cup than you will bringing Robb Stark to the table now, he's winning case you hadn't noticed".


"It's not peace but pieces" Daemon snigg*red causing his daughters to giggle at the joke.

"Jokes aside. Tyrion is right" Laenor said crossing his arms "You can't just execute a high Lord and expect no backlash"

"As Blackfish had said the time for peace is long gone. And with Robb winning it's really not feasible" Corlys said seriously causing the atmosphere to sombre.


"I'm told we still have his sister, we can ransom Ser Jaime for Lady Sansa" Ser Adam Marband said.

"No truces we can't afford to look weak" Lord Flement Brax said, his eyes shining with anger.

"It was to be expected" Tyrion thought. Flement's father Androx died at the Battle Of The Camps and his son will surely want vengeance.


"Poor lad" Rhaenys muttered in sympathy.

"Both Ser Adam and Flement is right. They can do some truce" Corlys muttered "But they would look weak"

"I doubt the Northern Bannermen will be just happy with getting Sansa Stark back" Otto pointed out.

Many nodded at that. Even though Sansa is Robb's sister, she is also just a single girl.


"We should march them at once but first we must muster the rest of our forces, I heard Ser Stafford is gathering an army at Oxcross, soon we can attack our enemies from both sides" Lord Harys said.


Daemon grinned. “Seems like the Lannisters are surrounded on all sides.” He couldn't wait for the Coward Harys to die.


"THEY HAVE MY SON" Tywin exploded in anger at last silencing every other voice in the room, before he calmed himself down "Get out all of you".


Many flinched and some even froze at the shout.

"Damn....." Viserys muttered.

"I don't want to say it......but" Otto hesitated "Tywin really has a voice of King"

"I agree" Surprising it was Daemon who agreed with Otto "His voice isn't as loud as the Greatjon but it really contains much more power"

Both Alicent and Rhaenyra nodded. They had actually frozen when Tywin had shouted.


They all stood up and left in a hurry no doubt running from his father.

"Not you" Tywin said and Tyrion sat back down on his seat.

Lord Tywin poured him a glass of wine before he seated himself "You have the right of it about Stark. If he was alive we might have used Lord Eddard to forge a peace, that might have given us time to deal with Robert's brothers but now madness" his hands curled into a fist "Madness and stupidity".


"Of course it was" Otto, being the Politician he was, agast "You can't just execute a High Lord and expect Garlands and Roses"

"Well there will be Garlands made of Lannister heads soon" Aemond smirked in bloodthirst.


"Joff's only a boy" Tyrion pointed "At his age, I committed a few follies of my own".


"Killing a High Lord isn't just a folly" Corlys frowned.


His father gave him a sharp look "Then perhaps we should be grateful that our beloved King has not married a whor* yet".


"What does that mean?" Daemon was confused at this.

"I will tell you letter" Keeper sighed really not wanting to go to this topic.


Tyrion sipped at his wine, wondering how Tywin's face would have looked if he flung his cup of wine at his face. Tysha was still a sore subject for him.


"Who is Tysha?" Helaena asked softly.

Keeper sighed and began reciting what happened to Tyrion's first wife.

But the end everyone was disgusted at Tywin's actions.

“He’s so cruel to his own son !!”, said a sullen Helaena clutching Alicent who just stroked her beloved daughters head. Alicent herself had grown pale with disgust.

Baela and Rhaena also grew pale at the display of brutality. Laena hugged them both while Daemon gave them an assuring smile but his eyes displayed his true feelings.

"What a disgusting father" Viserys thought with horror at what Tywin had done.


"What do you want" Tyrion asked him directly, he doesn't want his father to give him another lecture about family value.


"Sometimes direct approaches are good" Laenor agreed. He too doesn't like all the Political Bullsh*t.


"I want you to go to King's Landing to rule as Hand on my steed" Tywin said simply "You always wanted to prove yourself, well time has come for you to do that".

Tyrion was shocked "why?"


"Giving his son a chance?" Helaena was hopeful.


"Because you are my son" Tywin said "And with Jaime captured it is your duty to hold the Mantle of House Lannister's Legacy".

"You bastard" Tyrion cursed his father in his head, but deep down he knows that it could be true, with Lord Stark's death his son can do anything to his brother in a fit of anger.


Everyone again looked disgusted at this.

"So he had just written Jaime off as dead" Daemon growled with disgust.

"What type of father is he?" Rhaenyra muttered in horror. If any of her sons were taken prisoner she wouldn't be able to sleep properly.

But here was Tywin.......who just dismissed Jaime as a lost cause.


He prayed silently for Jaime's safety, and that Robb Stark will not do any harm to the only person in his family that actually cared for him.


“Bloody great !!”, Daeron exclaimed with a hearty laugh as he finished the chapter.

Alicent gasped at her son’s curse while Aegon and Aemond giggled. Even Helaena smiled while Baela and Rhaena grinned too.

“This chapter had a lot of politics, which made my mind ache. Keeper you got wine in here?”, said Daemon, rubbing his eyes in pain.

"Good f*cking thing I am not the Hand Of The King. I don't think I could have survived all this sh*t" Daemon thought with relief which was ironic when he was pissed when Viserys didn't name him hand.

The Keeper smiled and snapped her fingers. Goblets of wine appeared before all of them.

Aegon quickly took a Goblet and took a sip and smacked his lips. “Now I am finally myself again”.

Alicent and Otto admonished Aegon while the others discussed the events.

“Robb has certainly set the stage for an invasion of the Westerlands.”

“The Baratheon brothers will also gather large armies and march on the king’s landing. Now Tywin is sending his son there. How that aids the situation in the crownlands remains to be seen.”

“ But both of them will surely fight each other first as there is no love lost between them.”

“ The support of the Vale or at the least their neutrality should be paramount for Robb to protect his flank.”

“The support of the Tyrells will be paramount as they field the largest armies in the realm.”

“ Cersei and the boy king cannot be trusted to keep the city safe.”


Everyone looked at the Lore Keeper surprised.

“You will get the answers to your questions as you read. Now, who will read the next chapter ?”

“ Can I read ?”, Alicent spoke up.

The Keeper smiled. “Of Course My Queen.” This earned a Smile from all the Green Faction while Rhaenyra frowned when she realized that Alicent was still the Queen.

Taking the book before her, Alicent opened the next chapter of the Book, and started reading.


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Chapter 12: Reaction :- 8


The cast reacts to " INTERLUDE - 1".


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Chapter Text

299 AC





“Ah, it seems we will be having another time skip. Keeper, how long has passed since Tyrion left Harrenhall? It hasn't been more than a moon, can it?” Daemon asked with a questioning look. He had been pondering on the strategic importance of the cursed and crooked citadel of stone, after the lore keeper told him his move to take it at the start of the dance.

“Correct prince Daemon. Tyrion had reached King’s Landing in a moon.” The Lore Keeper nodded at the Rouge Prince's assessment.

“Oh but he is going to regret not being tardy in reaching King’s Landing. Especially after seeing the mess that the lion bitch has created. The city was always infested with vermins, pests and gnats and Cersei and her simpleton son’s horrendous but hilarious misrule will only make their noise grow louder.”, Aemond declared with a snicker.

He whole-heartedly supported Robb after learning of his lineage and as if that was not enough, the wolf king’s military accomplishments would make even a stone-faced man smile in respect.

“And if the Reach puts their weight behind an enemy of the lion, the Capital can only be resupplied with food shipments from across the narrow sea as the Tyrells will no doubt want to starve the city for an easy victory." Coryls nodded, as a Shipmaster he knew how Sieges from Sea Worked.

"All those poor people" Helaena muttered in sorrow, feeling sorry for the Smallfolk who had nothing to do with the war.

"Don't feel so sad for them" Aegon shrugged "Remember they killed our Dragons"

"But still......." This time it was Rhaena who muttered.

"I know this is bad. But this is war." Otto said.

"Yes. This will swallow precious time and gold like a pit because the people need to be fed. Unfed stomachs lead to unruly Smallfolk. Men and women, consumed by hunger, robbed of any good sense. And I doubt that Cersei and the Lannisters can afford a smallfolk rebellion. The Lannisters are already losing and ABSOLUTELY CANNOT have half a million people trying to kill their ruler in an act of rebellion.”, Corlys said and the room quietened down to the point that the gentle sloshing of wine in the cups could be heard.

No one in the room was unaware of the strength of an angry mob, thirstier for blood than ale after listening to the bone chilling tale of the riot of king’s landing, where the smallfolk had sounded the death knell for the last scions of old Valyria by killing their dragons.

Daemon too was silent for he too had seen Smallfolk as weak harmless sheep. But hearing what happened in the Future changed his perception of them.

“Can they not have food transported from the Riverlands to the city ? Surely the Lannisters in their countless sackings of villages captured food and supplies and stored them in Harrenhall ?”, questioned princess Rhaenyra. Her question was a well thought one as the chamber quietened down again to answer her question.

Eventually Ser Criston spoke up. “Tywin Lannister has 28000 men with him. 28000 men fighting a war. Where they will need to eat constantly to gain, regain and conserve their energy. Where they will consume food so as to march for hours and not fall to the side of the road. Where they will eat and drink heartily, as if it is their last meal. Because it very well might be. Horses also eat a lot my lady as you know. An army runs on its belly and Tywin will no doubt keep his well-fed” The man with an acute mind built for war said.

Otto then stepped in with his pragmatic point of view. “Only the lands surrounding the god’s eye and Harrenton are under the control of the Lannisters. These lands while enormous and their crop bountiful, will hardly satiate the hunger of half a million people. Additionally, we also have to consider the option that Tywin may be a blunt object. He may have set off his mad dog in these lands who may have destroyed crucial supplies.”

"And you also have to see that transporting so much food will be massive and would require additional manpower that Tywin cannot spare now" Daemon added.

"And if they tried to transport the Food without at least 2000 Soldiers guarding the Caravans then I could assure you the Food wouldn't be reaching Kings Landing" Aemond added crossing his arms "They will be ravaged and looted by either the Northern Scouts or bandits which plague the lands during the Time of wars"

Rhaenyra lightly nodded at these answers, a little embarrassed for not thinking about these points. Where her younger half-brothers easily pointed it all out, along with Otto and Criston, all of whom were on the opposite side.

“I must sharpen my mind in all subjects if I am to become a worthy queen" she thought.

“Mother will begin now so everyone should pipe down.”, Helaena said, looking around the room before seeing her smiling mother who looked at her with adoring eyes before starting to read.

Aemond and Aegon snickered at Helaena's jab while Daeron smiled. Daemon looked a bit offended but just shook his head.


There wasn't much love in him for the woman sat at his left. In all honesty, it was difficult for him to believe she had any kind of love for him despite being her brother but if life and love were simple, he wouldn't have been who he was.

Most people were attracted to all things shiny and pretty, category in which his sister fell, sadly. He had morbid interest in all those dark secrets and ugly things that were hidden or broken, some people might say he was fond of those of his kind.


“A cruel soul wrapped in beauty”, Aemond exclaimed with an angry huff. The keeper had told them of Tyrion’s misfortune. How he was cursed with this absolute witch of a sister and a father who contemplated being a kinslayer rather than seeing the fruit of his seed live.

He then gazed upon his sister, his sweet sister Helaena. A soul that wouldn’t hurt a fly. He grimaced, recalling the fate that befell his sister. How she went raving mad over the grief of losing her children. He vowed to not let his sister get crushed in the vice of war.

“I won’t let her suffer once again, even if I have to become a monster for it. Damn the consequences, she deserves to live happily.” The one-eyed prince decided with a burning passion in his eye, the dragon blood seeping even through his sapphire glint.

“His sister is just like the majority of people. Phony fools who would rather buy an ornate cracked glass than a plain mirror.”, Baela said shaking her head. She wants to be a Warrior just like Dacey Mormont and she just like most doesn't like extravagant things.

“But I feel bad for Tyrion. It seems obvious that he blames himself for his mother’s death though no fault of his. It is not wrong to think that this idea must be ingrained in his mind by his spiteful sister and cruel father.” Rhaena said to join her sister.

Everybody looked at the Targaryen twins with a proud glint. Laena gave a gleeful smile while Daemon couldn’t have looked happier. Baela always wanted to be a Warrior and looks like Rhaena is too joining her sister in this.


Never had he imagined himself in the position he was currently in. His father wasn't fond of him either but he respected blood ties and so he had given him a task he could only trust in the hands of his kin.

But it still made him somewhat angry. In his entire life his father had done nothing but scorn him, and now after seeing that their family is in a perilous position his father had finally acknowledged his intelligence.


“Fond is too light a word. f*ckING LOATHES would be appropriate for the old bastard.”, Daemon mocked with a tone that could bend steel.

“f*cking hypocrite he is. Drones on and on about family, but the second his eldest son gets captured due to his own stupidity, he acknowledges his other son. The son he has hated for all his life and done nothing but put down. I suspect that the real reason that Tywin sent his son away was to have one less headache to worry about. The fact that Tyrion was related to him was just a cover for this man to manipulate his son to do his bidding.” Corlys declared with an angry snarl, surprising everyone in the chamber as the lord of Driftmark was famed for his level-headedness.

It was a quality found in all good sailors and the Sea Snake was the greatest of them. It was this quality which led to Rhaenyra making Lord Velaryon her hand as he could be expected to give the most pragmatic counsel.

The quickest to recover was Rhaenys who staunchly agreed with her lord husband. “Tywin is an obtuse man, too wound in his hatred for his son to see his talents. The old fool will surely regret spurning his son at every turn.” Alicent continued reading.


His father may not admit it but out of three of his siblings, Tyrion is the only one who shares his father's intelligence and cunning. Aunt Genna once said that Tyrion is the real son of Tywin.

That didn't end well for his Aunt as Tywin refused to talk to her for an entire year after she said those words.


“Genna ? Keeper, pray tell who is Genna ? She sounds like she has a lot of fire to say something like this Tywin.”, Daeron questioned with a small laugh at the thought of the great lion lord being confronted with a positive trait of his stunted son. His chuckle was joined by Helaena, Rhaena and Baela.

The lore keeper gave a wide smile.”Ofcourse Daeron. Genna Lannister is the third child and only daughter of lord Tytos Lannister, father of lord Tywin. She was betrothed by her father to the second son of the lord of the twins, Walder Frey. Ser Emmon Frey is nowhere near the line of succession as his elder brother has four children of his own.”


While his voice wasn’t matched by anyone in the room, his confusion surely was as everyone wondered why a Lannister would willingly marry a Frey. The silence was broken by a grimacing lore keeper.

“You see, lord Tytos was a weak man. A man who was easy to fool. Hard to anger, quick, too quick to forgive. A man who wanted to be loved by all. Weak men fall prey to cunning ones. He was swindled by many of his lords. Loans taken but never repaid, gold borrowed but never returned. His weakness was exploited by lord Walder. The eager lion betrothed his daughter to one of his sons. This Weakness was what moulded the young Tywin to become a harsh lord of casterly rock. A man who would wipe out entire houses by flooding their mines, for unpaid debts.”, she declared forebodingly.

The room was silent before Otto spoke up.

“So, he makes up for his father’s ineptness by behaving like a deranged bandit

? An intelligent lord wouldn’t have wiped out two houses over borrowed gold. He should have taken hostages and settled the debts. He can’t recover the borrowed sum from corpses, can he ? Seems to me that he is just like his father, just on the other side of the coin. He is as harsh of a hand as his father was weak of mind.”, remarked Otto with a thoughtful tone. Everyone agreed with his assessment as the chamber grew quiet.

"Still, I feel bad for Genna. First her father did that and then her brother refusing to talk for a year just because she said that Tyrion is like him" Laena said sadly.


Even still it was insulting to think that his father had entirely given up on Jaime being returned home alive.


Everyone grimaced at that. They remember how Tywin instead of writing to Robb for a Trade Or agreement, just entirely dismisses Jaime.


He grabbed the goblet of wine in front of him and then took a mouthful of the sweet liquor. He eyed his sister at his side and huffed. She was such an obstinate woman, one who only wanted power and her wishes made reality.


"Like a certain someone" Aegon muttered as he eyed Rhaenyra.

He still remembers how Viserys never sees the faults of his precious daughter and only scolds them. He still remembers the Night at Driftmark when instead of comforting an injured and crippled Aemond he only cared for his daughter and hide his treason.

"Rhaenyra only wants to Throne but she doesn't want the duty which comes with it" Otto thought. She couldn't even produce Legal Heirs after all.


It seemed awful of him but a part of him believed she had been praying to the Gods for the death of her husband for years. It was as if she had been freed from a curse but during those long years she had become a bitter and conniving woman.

In a different life Tyrion would have felt pity for his sister. But after everything she had done to make his life hell, he wouldn't feel a hint of remorse for her suffering.


“She is not worthy to be called a Queen. This woman is power hungry and craves cruelty as a method to achieve her goals. She cannot be trusted with the power of the seven kingdoms when she exudes such scorn for her own brother. A stubborn woman she is.”, spat Viserys in an uncharacteristically angry tone. This evoked surprised stares from his daughter and his Hand as they had known the king to be a mild and jovial man, quite unlike his brash brother.

"You are talking as if you are a Good King"Aemond sneered "You almost gave me up for torture just because you want to cover up your precious Rhaenyra's treasons"

Helaena could feel Aemond's anger so he just clutched his hand in support and comfort.

“The gods have certainly joked with the old lion. He who craves and seeks power for all his life gets a daughter who disregards her position to engage in squalid pleasure with her brother who has betrayed not one but two kings in his lifetime. Meanwhile his other son has the temperament to be a good lord but his dreams have regularly been crushed by Tywin. Hah, the irony calls for some good wine.” Aegon said before taking a long gulp from his cup.

"And another irony is you are the one calling it out considering you are the same" Daeron muttered causing Aegon to flush in embarrassment at his younger brother's reprimand. So much so he stopped drinking from his cup.

Ser Criston vigorously nodded. He was the most wroth after learning of the Kingslayer’s deeds. “Oh, How the honour of the white cloak has been sullied by the mad king’s cruel japes.”, he mourned.

"I love how everyone is calling everyone out even though they have done the same thing" Rhaenys muttered so that only Criston could hear it.

The Knight bowed in shame knowing that he had done the same dishonour as Jaime by sleeping with Rhaenyra.

“Keeper, was king Robert a horrible husband to Cersei ? If so, what could be the reason ? He is lord of the seven kingdoms, a great warrior with no peer and married to the most beautiful women In the realm. Surely, a man should not need more to find happiness in life ?”, Laenor asked with a pondering look.

“The seven know I would be the most jovial man in the realm, evoking and laughing like a madman if I was bestowed with all this.”, The Heir to Driftmark thought.

The lore keeper paused for a moment before answering.

“King Robert was a... voracious man. A man who would douse cup after cup of wine, boasts and promises in his drunken stupor. And you would expect him to forget what he said the next morning. He is the king after all. Except... He didn’t. he was proud, a man who wouldn’t bend no matter the cost. And he was passionate. He started the rebellion because of his betrothed kidnapping by prince Rhaegar”.

"Though of course Aerys's madness fuelled the fire"The Keeper thought.

The air was sucked out of the chamber after the mention of the prince. Everyone knew the reason for the downfall of the dragons. The prince stole the daughter of a great house, bound to the lord of another. This event led to the death of lord Rickard and his heir at the hands of king Aerys in a farce of a trial that would make The Father weep in agony.

“Eventually Robert won the throne, but lost the love of his life. He called his wife by oath the name of the woman stolen from him on their wedding night. That would make even the gentlest soul develop a heart of stone, would it not Lord Laenor ?”.

“A great warrior king should be the stuff of legends. Should Cersei hate her husband so passionately for the mistake of a man reeling from wine ?”, Daemon remarked nonchalantly, earning a stern glare from his wife. The rogue prince clearly did not know the workings of a woman’s heart.

“That is the issue. Robert was a warrior, a lascivious womaniser, more at home on the battlefield and in a tavern than at a court, dutifully ruling. He was not ideal to be the lord of the seven kingdoms. Robert wanted to be a sellsword king in Essos. That was what his mind yearned for. Years upon years of tremendous misrule and overspending led to the situation in Westeros. Robert also took liberties with Cersei, belittling her every step of his reign. A good king only has children with his queen. Robert had 21 children with countless women. He also laid with Cersei despite her resistance. Now this does not make Cersei’s deeds righteous but Robert’s influence clearly did not chip away at her heart of stone.”

Daemon was silent for a while before asking, “A great warrior in his prime eh.

Could he beat me with Darksister ?”

Everyone looked at the lore keeper expectantly for no one could deny the deadly skill Daemon possessed with the ancestral valyrian sword.

The keeper merely smirked before replying. “He would utterly trounce you with his Warhammer”

The room became as quiet as a crypt. “And me ?”, Ser Criston asked hastily, no doubt wanting to put down his rival.

“He would defeat you too.” Keeper shook his head "My Lords you are not understanding. While you all are fantastic Warriors, Robert was a warrior first then a noble. You have fought in shiny tourneys against polished knights. When you fought, cheers could be heard. When Robert swung his Warhammer only the throes of men trying to escape The Stranger’s grasp could be heard. Robert would defeat even the both of you together"

Everyone had their jaws dropped at this. To hear that Criston and Daemon the two best Warriors in the seven kingdoms could not even defeat the stag king together.

"The use of Dragons had really stagnated us" Viserys mourned.

"Just how powerful is Robert." Aegon muttered.

" was said that during youth the scent of Blood used to cling on Robert like a perfume so you can understand that he loved fighting, killing even more so" Keeper shrugged.

The two best fighters in the realm silently vowed to train harder. “At the least to become a better warrior than that prick.”Both Criston and Daemon thought.

"Are Robert’s peers in war in the story?" Jace asked excited.

"It will be revealed later" Keeper smirked at the disappointed looks.


Cersei wasn't happy with his arrival; that was for certain. She didn't even have the decency to hide it, to pretend.

"If I were capable of tricking Father, I'd be Emperor of the world by now. You brought this on yourself." She had because she had lost control of her son, the new King of the Seven Kingdoms, a boy who had no respect for anyone and was amused by the heads of people rolling at his feet. A sad*st and a coward and he was saying it despite being family but he was allowed as there was no love or respect to reciprocate.


Many laughed at Tyrion's jape of becoming the Emperor of the World.

"He is a funny man" Joffrey giggled.

Though of course not everyone is as amused as the kids.

“The woman has spent close to 20 years in the red keep and still does not know how to mask her emotions" Laenor huffed irritated.

As the heir of the richest lord in the seven kingdoms and kin to the royal family, Laenor was innately familiar with the intricacies of court. “A good ruler should be able to control their emotions and Cersei is anything but good.” He mused.

“The woman is foolish and powerful, a deadly combination. One with the potential to unleash devastation”, Otto said shaking his. Even his own daughter is not as incompetent.

Yes, Alicent is sometimes does idiotic things while high on emotions. But she also listens to advices given to her. And Cersei doesn't. Because she thinks herself much better than others even though she isn't.

“Why is that a deadly combination, grandfather ?”, Aemond asked curious.

“Because she thinks her father sent her brother to usurp her power and sink his claws in her precious son. This tells us that she thinks her father is a threat to her. And when fools are confronted with their foolishness, that is when they lash out. She is a powerful fool. Her lashing out will worsen the already bleak situation in the king’s landing”, Otto replied with a smile, happy that one of his grandsons is showing potential in playing the game of thrones.

“The boy king is also a sad*st who executes great lords in places of worship and a coward. Hardly someone to inspire loyalty. Although I don’t know what loyalty he can inspire from the dregs of mankind they call the smallfolk of the king’s landing”, Aegon replied. While he doesn't want to King he still had to study with his Grandfather and had picked up some lessons.

“Correct.”, Otto replied. “The boy is similar to his mother. He Lets his emotions control his actions.”

Aegon laughed after a pause. “Seems like the dwarf is the only sensible Lannister in the red keep.”

"Well, there are others but not currently in the Red Keep" Keeper nodded remembering Genna, Kevan, Devan, Stafford and some minor Lannister Cousins of Lannisport.

“Does that include Joffrey, the smirking bastard too, Aegon ?”, Aemond asked in a tone that could not hide his naked contempt for princess Rhaenyra’s child.

“You bet it does.”, Aegon replied with a knowing look directed towards his half-sister causing Rhaenyra to glare back.


"I've done nothing!" she snapped at him.

"Quite right, you did nothing when your son called for Ned Stark's head!

Now the entire North has risen up against us!"


“Like I said. A foolish woman with too much power.”, Otto raised his hands in

a mocking manner.

"And incompetent too" Daemon nodded "Most of the Men in King's Landing are Lannister men who would listen to Cersei instead of Joffrey. But the idiot Queen still couldn't stop the execution"

“Does she not realise what she allowed with the death of Ned Stark ?”, Helaena exclaimed in annoyance. Even though she isn't Political like her mother or Grandfather she knew that executing a Lord Paramount is nothing more than idiocy.


The North. It was not an easy place to live in and he was only there for a few weeks. The weather created men who were hard and resilient, not like in the South and much less like his arrogant and pompous nephew.

He knew the chances of victory diminished with each enemy his dear nephew, Joffrey, made.


"Harsh Lands creates Harsh people" Luke muttered remembering the Keeper's words about the North.

“Robb and his army of Northerners have almost rid the Riverlands of Lannister Presence and she still doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation.”, Rhaenys shook her head with a sarcastic tiny smile. She was definitely enjoying an unworthy queen’s downfall. And maybe for the first time a bit happy that she wasn't a Queen.

“Let me count how many enemies the boy has made. There is Robb stark fighting for a just cause, the lords of the Riverlands fighting for lands plundered and villages sacked. Then there is Stannis Baratheon, a stubborn, humourless man with enormous military experience and an accusation of bastardy. Then there is Renly Baratheon with a weak claim but enough manpower to run over the city with stag banners. The Vale lords were dear friends to Ned Stark and are definitely not keen on a bastard ruling over them.

All in all, the boy is pretty f*cked from all sides.”, Daemon said with a sneer. His deduction was met with acceptance and grunts.

"Wow! So You can count the enemy's brother? Considering how many you made during your own escapades" Viserys said sarcastically.

Daemon frowned at this.


"I tried to stop it!" she said but her tone gave her away. She had no control over the situation and she probably did want to get rid of the last tie to her late husband.


"This could be reason too" Viserys said with disgust "She wanted Ned Stark dead"

"But really.....just because of her spite now the Kingdoms are at War", Helaena uttered. Corlys looked stunned at this. And he isn't the only one as more political ones like Otto and Daeron were stunned too.


"Did you? You failed. That bit of theatre will haunt our family for a generation."

"Robb Stark is a child," she spat like an insult, like she couldn't care less about what Robb Stark was doing with his army. But she should have been scared of that child because her oldest son wouldn't even wield a sword without his knees trembling.

"Who's won every battle he's fought! Do you understand we're losing the war?!" The imperious need of slapping her to force her to face reality invaded him.


“She does not understand the consequences, does she ? If the Lannisters get beaten by Robb, her adultery will be exposed. Right now, the royalist lords are following Joffrey because they see a rightful king being challenged for his birthright. But if they lose the war, history will paint Joffrey as a Waters and not a Baratheon.”, Rhaenys said with disgust, as she glanced at Rhaenyra with a frown.

Rhaenys doesn't like how Corlys is also ignoring Rhaenyra's disloyalty with Laenor and passing Harwins children off as her son’s just because her husband wants power.

“And Tyrion says that his family will only be haunted for a generation. Hardly. If Robb wins, the Lannisters will be spat on as a family that engages in incest and betrayal of the king. The stain of adultery will haunt them for generations. Every babe borne of a Lannister woman’s loins will be peered at to see if he looks too blonde. Questions will be raised. Where was the husband nine months back ? Where was the woman’s brother then ? The Lannisters will lose their credibility as oathkeepers to the king.”, Otto stated grimly.

"And even if they win then what? Their name will still be tarnished because of the execution of Ned Stark" Corlys nodded. Now everyone could see the implications of Cersei’s foolishness.

“Wait if Joffrey’s father and mother are both Lannisters, does that make him a Waters or a hill ?”.Aegon spoke to a few chuckles. He really liked the irony how both Joffreys are bastards. One of incest and other of a Strong.

“Are Rhaenyra’s bastards more deserving of the name Waters or Strongs?” Aemond darkly thought about his half-sister’s sons, all born brown of hair and eyes the colour of mud with pudgy noses, features found in people of lower birth and not in the successors of pure-born Valyrians.


"What do you know about warfare?" It was as if his height was an impediment for his wit in her eyes.


"Better than you at least" Baela snarked.


"Nothing," he replied. And it felt like he knew nothing. "But I know people, and I know that our enemies hate each other almost as much as they hate us." He looked her in the eye and sighed heavily before adding the piece of information that was the most dangerous one so far. "But Robb Stark, the child," he emphasized to make fun of her ignorance and naivety "Has destroyed more than half our military presence in the Riverlands, in a single week and in three short battles, and now our spies report that his army has turned their attention to the Westerlands".


"Lord Tyrion is wise. He understands his own limitations at least" Laenor nodded.

"Yes his true strength lies in Politics and how he sees all the enemies something is sister is blind to see" Daemon said crossing his arms.

“The stags would be fools to not band up.”, Rhaenys declared.

“The younger brother seeks to usurp the elder. They are already fools, my lady.”, Otto declared as he glanced at Rhaenyra as if calling her fool too.

Rhaenyra just glared back at Otto.

“The only thing saving king’s landing from Robb is Harrenhall. That castle is the best place to mount an attack on the Capital.”, Corlys stated.

“Only if your flanks are protected. And with the Vale still holding on to their banner of neutrality, Robb has to watch over his back to make sure that banner hasn’t dropped from their hands to accept Lannister gold.” Ser Criston retorted.

"Which is why Robb hadn't tried to march to King's Landing" Aemond nodded "He doesn't want an attack from his backs or his supply route cut off from the


"Something the Lannister could easily do as long as they have Harrenhal" Daeron agreed.


"Impossible," she babbled before he could even finish his explanation "The Golden Tooth will protect our lands from those traitorous northern barbarians

"Oh will it?" he quipped but even he knew there was nothing funny about it. "Robb Stark has more than 30,000 men in his army and with the liberation of Riverlands more men are joining his cause." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Yeah there isn't anything funny about it" Helaena said softly still a bit sad about all the deaths.

"But it really amazes me to see how great Robb was" Daemon said with respect "Despite being outnumbered he killed more than 30,000 enemies in three battles while he himself lost only 3000 men. The Northerners have killed ten of the lions for every one of theirs"

"And he was outnumbered more than two to one." Laenor agreed.


His sister narrowed her eyes "Even if they force their way through the Golden Tooth, Ser Stafford and his army will stop them in their tracks".

"My dear sister" Tyrion said in a mocking tone "Have you forgotten that most of uncle Stafford's men are undertrained recruits, while the Northmen led by the Young Wolf are veterans of three battles".


“She doesn’t even let her own brother, the current Hand Of The King complete his sentence, openly showing her contempt for him.”, Otto stated disgusted. “By her conduct she has shown that the royal family has infighting in it. And anyone in the small council chamber can sow utter discord in them.

Additionally, by disrespecting the hand, the second most powerful man in the Seven Kingdoms so openly, she has also put every powerful man in the chamber on edge. They will start to amass power to save their own hide from the queen, if they haven’t already.”

“But her assumption about the golden tooth is surely correct ? That castle can protect the Westerlands from Robb right ? The Lions don’t have to worry about the castle falling if their supply lines into the Westerlands are intact.”, Aegon questioned.

“You forget brother that Robb’s aura will play a huge role in any upcoming battles. Imagine an undefeated king with a direwolf, a mythical creature of the cold and descending from a line of kings 8000 years long with the wrath of winter behind. Angry giants hailing from the end of the world and an army of VENGEFUL NORTHERNERS. Now imagine those fierce warriors aimed at you, their swords aching to bathe in your blood, their bellies howling for your heads. And that is not even counting the Riverlords who will no doubt want to plunder the lion’s lair for all its riches.”, Aemond remarked.

"Not to mention those Riverlords are pissed off to kingdom come." Daemon chuckled.

“And like I said , Tywin left only green boys and weak old men in the Westerlands. The northern cavalry will cut through them like a knife through butter. The whole of the kingdom of the rock for the taking and so few men standing in Robb’s way.” Ser Criston said with a sardonic grin.

"Don't count the Westerlands off yet. They still have the Red Cloaks of Lannisport with them" Corlys cautioned "Remember they are some of the best fighting force out there"

Daemon frowned. He had modelled his Gold Cloaks after the Red Cloaks of

Lannisport so he knows how dangerous the City Watch of Lannisport was.


The room was silent for a few seconds before Cersei hesitantly asked "What should we do.".


"And now she asks for advice" Baela huffed.

"Well better late than never I guess" Rhaena shrugged.


"The first order of business is that we call the banners of the Crownlands, which should have been called already" he looked pointedly at his sister for not calling the army of the Crownlands "We need a standing force, other than the Gold Cloaks of the City Watch, to guard the Capital".


“The Crownlords can only muster 8000 men, 10000 if all the castles and lands are left undefended, open for sacking, something which the lords will never agree to. That many men combined with 4000 gold cloaks, men who have become corrupted with filled bellies. Hardly 15000 men cannot defend the city against any of the countless enemies of the crown" Viserys declared.

“Those 4000 men will also flee at the first sign of any army. Be it the Starks or the Baratheons. They will show no bravery before armoured knights. These men have meagre experience and even less loyalty.”, Daeron spoke.

"But defending on a siege is also easier" Laenor said "The attacker will need at least 6 times the men to take a city"

"Maybe. But if only the City was supplied with enough food" Aemond countered "The Riverlands and Reach are the main suppliers of food for the Capital and with them being enemy a siege will be disastrous for them, especially with half a million Smallfolk there"

“Oh how the gold cloaks have fallen. The men I trained and armoured, with whom I broke bread and laughed, with whom I cleansed the city of rot. How could they have descended into such rot ?”, Daemon sullenly said and some were surprised to see lines of grief on the co*cky prince’s brow.

Viserys comforted his brother by patting his back lovingly while Laena, Baela and Rhaena hugged him.


"Shouldn't we send the men to our father he needs them more than we do"


"Yeah and leave the City defenceless" Daeron mocked with a grin "It will be better for Robb"

Many laughed at Daeron's jape as well as Cersei's stupidity.


He chuckled humourlessly "Dear sister, do you really think that the city can survive an attack or do you think that Robb Stark is our only enemy".

At her confused look he continued, "Both Stannis and Renly Baratheon have taken arms against us, Renly with the might of Stormlands and the Reach and Stannis with the enormous Royal Fleet".


“Keeper, why is the younger brother of king Robert the lord paramount of the Stormlands ?”, Daeron asked.

The Lore Keeper scrunched her face before replying. “Another one of king Robert’s follies. When Stannis returned from capturing Dragonstone, the last stronghold of the loyalists in the rebellion, He came without The children. Robert was wroth after that but eventually his rage faded in the vice grip of good wine. He then granted the Storm’s End to Renly and Dragonstone to Stannis. Stannis took this as a slight for his failure in capturing the last figureheads for the loyalists to rally to. In reality, Dragonstone is the seat of the heir to the iron throne and Stannis was the next in line. Of course, Robert never clarified any of this to Stannis.” She finished with a sad smile.

“With the royal fleet closing off Blackwater Bay and Renly depriving the city of food supplies, the city will fall into anarchy soon” Rhaenyra said.

"I am surprised it hasn't fallen yet" Viserys muttered.


"Joffrey is King." She was in denial.

"Joffrey is King," he repeated because he had no choice but to agree because he might have been anything but he would always be loyal to his own family "But Renly has more than 100,000 men at his disposal and Stannis has experience on his side, we cannot win this war at this way."


Everyone had their jaws dropped as they listened to the number of men at Renly's disposal.

“100,000 men”, Joffrey said in wonderment.

"That's almost double of Field of Fire" Otto whispered in shock.

"Can Reach gather so many men" Aegon asked his grandfather.

"I.....don't...know" Otto was still shocked that the Reach and Stormlands could field so many men.

“They will all look like the little black circular stiches on your mother’s gorgeous black dress from the sky Joff.” Laenor meanwhile whispered to Joff. “You will see them the day you get your own dragon.” Laenor smiled at his son who looked at him in pure admiration.

"If Renly had so many men why is wasting time like an idiot?" Daemon frowned at the tardiness.

“Grandfather, why is Tyrion afraid of Stannis when he only has the allegiance of minor lords. Keeper, only the lords of the narrow sea follow Stannis right ?”, Aemond enquired of Otto and the lore keeper respectively.

“Correct.”, The Lore Keeper replied.

“Well experience plays a big hand in swaying the loyalty of many men, Aemond. An excellent commander with 4000 loyal men who will follow him to the sun and back are more terrifying to me than a green boy with 20000 men at his back who are only following him because their liege lord told them to and not because that man has proven himself to them. Now yes, Renly has an overwhelming advantage against his elder brother but he is a young man, prone to bouts of brashness. He will crush his brother but it will be a pyrrhic victory. His lords will definitely caution him against confronting Stannis in a battlefield of his choosing. A good king must always listen to his lords. A great man is not only known for his knowledge, but also for his humbleness. After all, what are advisors for ?”, Otto finished, after he had recovered from his shock of the man men that the Reach could field.

“Stannis also holds the banners of a just cause. And a man is no more terrifying than when he is just.”, Ser Criston added. Aemond deeply pondered on the words of his mentors.


"You're speaking nonsense." Cersei clenched her jaw and added, "You are here to advise the King."

"Only here to advise him. And if the King listens to what I say, the King might just get his uncle Jaime back," Tyrion offered kindly. He wanted Jamie back as well because he was the only one who made him feel part of the family.


“Closing her eyes and ears to something she won’t face. Stupid woman”Viserys thought seeing the moronic queen mother.

But can he blame her when he himself failed to see the hatred between his own family.


"How?" she asks eagerly.

"You love your children. It's your one redeeming quality. That and your cheekbones.....


Many laughed at this unexpectedly words of Tyrion. Even Alicent paused to giggle at the words.

"This man is funny" Jace snigg*red as he repeated his youngest brother's words.

Alicent composed herself and began reading again.


........The Starks love their children as well, and we have lady Sansa with us" Tyrion might have been overlooked most of the time but he knew how to fight his battles. He was confident that if Robb Stark got his sister back, they would spare them... something. But they had to hurry before the Young wolf cause any further trouble.


“Oh trouble he will cause, dwarf. He is my blood after all” Aemond thought with a macabre grin.

“It seems the chapter ends here.”, Alicent said quietly about to close the book.

“It doesn’t my queen. Read on.”, the Lore Keeper gently coaxed with a smile befitting of the little girl.


After an hour of verbal sparring with his sister, he left the council chamber with Bronn, his sellsword, in tow.


“An hour of sitting in that stuffy chamber. My sympathies lie with the little lion for being in that dingy room and listening to the Lunatic Lady Lion bitch and moan about her Son’s greatness and suggest idiotic plans.”, Daemon chortled.

“As if the moron ever gave any advice that befitted his position. He should have never been given any place in the court.” Otto thought with hardened eyes and a stony face, as showing any rightful disgust at the rogue prince’s childish conduct would only embolden the fool.


"So" Bronn started casually "Did your sister agree".


"Who is he?" Baela asked intrigued.

"Looks like Tyrion's Guard but he isn't wearing any Lannister colours" Rhaena guessed.

"He is Bronn, Tyrion's personal Sellsword" Keeper explained causing many except Daemon to grimace.

"Sellsword!!" Criston muttered in distaste.

"Well we shouldn't underestimate Sellswords." Daemon shrugged "They may not be loyal but they are great fighters."

Coryls and Laenor grimaced. Most of their armies were Sellswords in Stepstones so they know they are good fighters, just less loyal.

"But still Tyrion could have gotten a Westerlander Knight for his protection.

He is rich after all" Viserys frowned "Why a Sellsword. Someone who would slit their employer's throat in night if they got a better payment"

"Maybe Tywin didn't give Tyrion any protector" Aegon shrugged "There is no glory in protecting a Dwarf. Something most Knights want" "How good is Bronn as a Warrior?" Aemond asked curiously.

"In this room only Prince Daemon and Ser Criston could defeat him" Keeper informed causing some discontent at the thought of being weaker than a Sellsword.

"I am weaker than a Sellsword"Both Aemond and Laenor thought grumpily. Maybe it's time they take their training seriously, instead of just Dragon Riding.


Tyrion looked at his paid friend "She did agree" he nodded "But I don't think Robb Stark will agree to this trade".


"But why not? Robb loves his sister" Helaena was confused by this.

"It's not so easy dear" Otto thought wanting to tell her how the life of a Single girl is worthless in front of independence of Two Kingdoms. But he doesn't want to hurt her feelings.

"Damn Tyrion calling Bronn a paid friend" Daemon snigg*red.

"Well it's true" Viserys shrugged.


"Why?" Bronn asked confused "Didn't you say that Starks love their children"

"Robb Stark doesn't have a choice, if he agrees to this trade his own bannermen will string him up" Tyrion said "I only said that to give Cersei some sort of assurance".


“So even he knows Robb won’t fall for this ploy. At least someone in the red kept respecting the wolf king.”, Daemon nodded his head in respect for the young king. Though he doesn't know how he would react if his daughters were hostages.

“He would be stupid to believe otherwise. Robb’s bannermen are fighting for justice and their very own survival. They cannot accept any compromises. And all the Lannister’s will offer them are poisoned gifts.”, Corlys added.

"And the Northmen lost their sons and brothers in the battle and all for their independence. They will not be satisfied with just a Stark girl being back especially when Ned Stark was executed" Otto said quietly.


As he and his companion walked through the corridor of the Red Keep, he suddenly heard a sob, coming from a corner.

He stopped walking and looked at Bronn "Stay here".

Bronn looked confused but he shrugged and nodded. It was not his place to question his employer.


“Someone sobbing ? Who is it”, Lucaerys and Jacaerys asked together.


He walked around the corner, to see who was crying, and his suspicion was correct when he saw who it was.


“Who is it ?”, Helaena asked, almost impatiently sparking some benevolent chuckles.

“Calm down, my sweet.”, Aegon chuckled while Helaena elbowed a laughing Aemond.

Helaena just huffed before looking at her mother in anticipation.


His niece, Myrcella was sobbing all the while clutching a doll. A doll he knows full well, that who has given to her.

Robb Stark.


The entire room ceased breathing while Helaena, Baela and Rhaena glared at Myrcella. Daemon smiled. Seems like the girls had some competition now. Aemond silently appreciated the blonde girl’s beauty while Aegon, Joffrey, Lucaerys and Jacaerys stood stupefied.

"She is so pretty" Joffrey looked at the girl with a blush "Her hair is so curly and shiny. She is beautiful"

Baela and Rhaena huffed at this.

“How sweet. Robb gifted her a doll.”, Laena wiped off an unshed tear while Rhaenyra was pleasantly surprised at the fact that the young Lord Of Winterfell, a boy from the harsh north could be a charming romantic.

"Who would have thought that a Warlord could be so charming" Rhaenyra muttered. Though of course her own Uncle while brutal could be charming.

"They met as allies and now they are enemies" Aegon muttered.

"Yes they are enemies" Helaena snarked as she huffed at the attention that a Lannister is getting.


Since arriving to Winterfell, she had been enamoured with the handsome Stark Heir. And what was once simple attraction turned into something more.


“Friendship ?”, Joffrey innocently asked. Rhaenyra laughed then bent down to Joff’s level.

“No my sweet. He means love.”, she cupped her son’s face. “Something which you will eventually learn, young man.”, she smiled.


He knows that King Robert, at first, had arranged a betrothal between her and Robb but Cersei, that bitter woman, had raged and screamed and seeing that Robert had relented and instead arranged a betrothal between Sansa and Joffrey.


“Might be one of the only good things King Robert did.”, Viserys remarked in a sullen tone, feeling sorry for Myrcella.

“But it bore no fruit, my king. Cersei broke it off anyway and sentenced Lady Sansa to a life of torment at the hands of a mad boy.” Otto replied with a crack in his stony façade, his empathy for both the girls seeping through in an uncharacteristic moment of kindness.

“The girl would have been happy in the north. f*cking bitter bitch.”, Daemon angrily spat, his disdain for the lion whor* increasing yet again.

“I…. I just need a moment before I read again.”, Alicent said before stepping back from the book. She sniffled which caught the attention of her daughter.

“Mother ? Are yo-“, Helaena couldn’t complete before her mother enveloped her in a warm hug.

Alicent stayed like that for a second before removing herself from her daughter’s arms and stepping in front of the book to read it again. She can't help it for Myrcella reminded her for herself when she was younger. Before her marriage and when she and Rhaenyra were friends.


In another life Joffrey and the Young Wolf would have been Goodbrothers, but now they are bitter enemies.

He wants to console his niece, to tell her that everything would be fine. But he doesn't have the heart to do it. His father had asked Tyrion to arrange a betrothal between her and Prince Trystan of Dorne, to bring the Martells, back into the fold.


“Selling her daughter like a broodmare. Damn this. I won’t let my daughters be sold like livestock. They deserve to find love.”Laena thought with a fiery resilience that could burn water as she held her daughters in her embrace. She had no doubt that Daemon was thinking the same. He was alike her in that sense.

After all Daemon saved her from her almost marriage to the Sealord's Son.

"Why does it feel like one of those love stories with tragic endings" Daeron muttered.

"Well the love is one sided" Helaena said with irritation.

"Yes, remember Robb doesn't love her and only hates her family" Rhaena agreed.

"Yes, they are with war" Baela smirked.

"Yeah Robb doesn't. He is with Dacey Mormont" Aegon smirked as he poured some salt on the wounds of the three girls causing them to glare at him while Aemond and others snigg*red at Aegon's witty reply.

"Didn't know a drunkard could be witty" Baela snarked back causing many to laugh too. Though many were surprised that Aegon isn't jealous that his wife is attracted to Robb.


"How many childhood dreams shall be destroyed because of this godforsaken war" Tyrion thought sadly looking at his sobbing niece.

Lady Sansa, Robb Stark and now his niece Myrcella. Everyone's childhood dreams now destroyed because of the actions of his vile nephew and his real parents.


“And how many more dreams shall be broken, never to be mended again ? How many more hopes will fade away with the last breath of the people that held them, never to be seen again, like tears in rain ?”, Rhaenys said with a sniffling tone before being hugged by her husband. She sunk into his comforting embrace as she thought about lost dreams and shattered hopes.

Myrcella's innocence and her heartbreak really reminded many of them how they were before the poison of politics soured everyone's relationships with one another.


And the war is just only beginning.


Alicent finished forebodingly stepping back.

The chamber was silent as everyone knew the first was yet to come. The first casualty of war was innocence and many more innocent lives were to be shed before this madness ended.

The lore keeper silently looked around the room before asking, “Who would like to read the next chapter ?”

“I would like to read it.” Laenor requested.

The Lore keeper solemnly passed the book to Laenor “Of course my lord.”



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Chapter 13: Reaction :- 9 :


Our beautiful cast reacts to chapter 9 : The young wolf strikes again.


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Chapter Text

Laenor opened the book and turned to the next page. He began reading.


TOTAL STARK ARMY- 32,800 men.

INFANTRY - 22,000men.

CAVALRY - 10,800men.


“Damn, that is quite a lot of men that Robb has. Nice to see a count of his army. Makes the kid even more respectable seeing that his enemies outnumber him and he still runs circles around the c*nts.”, Daemon snorted. His respect for Robb had surpassed his own expectations.

Some chafed at the choicy language the rogue prince employed but his point wasn’t grumbled upon. If Robb survived the war and the wave after wave of knights, knives and steel from everywhere in the south that Tywin Lannister would throw at him, he would undoubtedly become the greatest military commander in Westeros. If. After the capture of the old lion’s golden child, the only way to survive the war was to win it.

“Oh Robb will eventually whittle down the enemy. He has enough men now to invade the westerlands, destroy any Lannisters in the riverlands, block and defend effectively any and all paths to king’s landing and keep Tywin in harrenhall, like a caged animal. But that makes me question. Is Robb counting on Tywin stupidly trying to charge onto king’s landing ?”, Aemond pondered.

“Yes, Robb wants to drive Tywin out of Harrenhall and to the capital. That way the Lions host will be destroyed, ridding the Riverlands of their Presence completely. This will also allow one of the Baratheon brothers to capture the city and claim the throne. Robb will definitely be open to negotiate with one of them. Additionally, with Tywin dead or captured, the vale lords will be most definitely swayed to Robb’s cause. their horses and men will be helpful if Stannis or Renly refuse to sway.”, Ser Criston replied to his prince.

“But why would Tywin pull such a move ? he would directly be playing into Robb’s plan ! Would he risk everything for his pride !!”, Aemond exclaimed.

Otto just smirked. “ He would risk everything for his pride. And his reputation. Tywin has cultivated the image of a man with immense aura. His name strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. A man you don’t want to cross. For you won’t survive. But Robb did exactly that. He crossed Tywin, he defeated Tywin and he is winning over Tywin. The aura the man has created for 40 years, disappearing into the wind because of a boy not even fully grown. Robb has shattered Tywin’s image. We as creatures of the heart often value pride over good sense. Tywin is no different. Additionally, his legacy rests in the capital. His daughter, the queen of the seven kingdoms and his grandson the king. Right now, his very legacy is being threatened from all sides. A man with his future at stake is cornered. And a cornered man in no better than a cornered dog. He will bite back violently, viscerally.”, Otto finished.

Aemond looked satisfied with the answer. He certainly was happy that his descendant’s enemy was being such a fool if the joyous gleam in his eye was anything to go by.


KING ROBB STARK - 22,000 men.

INFANTRY - 15,000 men.
CAVALRY - 7,000 men.


7000 horsem*n. If he manages to break through the golden tooth and enter the westerlands, he will be terrifying.”, Ser Criston nodded.

“Why is that Ser Criston ? Wouldn’t those horses be a burden for him and his army if they are crossing into the heartlands of the enemy ? Horses can also be noisy. I know one horse can cause quite a ruckus. Imagine 7000 of them !!”, Daeron exclaimed with a wonder only possible in children. Alicent only smiled at her youngest’s query.

“Because prince Daeron, horses are quicker than men and are especially needed if you are venturing into hostile lands like King Robb is. They can be used to quickly eliminate resistance in a land like the Westerlands which has been deprived of all of its fighting men. Half of them pinned down in the Westerlands, the other half having become one with the waters of the trident. Horses already strike fear in trained men of war, what chance do ordinary smallfolk have against a cavalry charge ? Especially one flying the banners of a vengeful king. They can also be used to quickly withdraw. And if Robb somehow meets an opposing army, with his horses and the Northerner’s unparalleled mobility, he can lead his enemy on a wild goose chase picking them off until only Robb and his army remains.”, Ser Criston finished with a smile. He adored the youngest prince of the realm like a son.

“How do you know what one horse can do, Daeron ? You should be riding a pony.”, Queen Alicent playfully interrogated her son.

Silence. Daeron quickly assumed an aloof face. “I just know”.

“How ?”

Daeron looked at his mother with large puppy eyes. “I tied uncle Ormund’s favourite cloak to his most prized steed and…… scared the horse off. It wreaked havoc for half a day before Uncle’s men managed to capture it and relieve the horse of its cloth.”

Helaena started first with a giggle, Aemond snigg*red before Aegon started laughing like he unearthed a valley overflowing with Arbor gold. Alicent looked positively horrified by her youngest son’s antics while Otto managed a tiny smile, nigh impossible to notice before resuming his mask of metal. It was easy to forget that little Daeron was well, little. A boy of not even seven. All children are mischievous. Seven hells, Otto damn near drove the maester of the Hightower to madness when he used to steal his books and hide them in the stables. That one time when Ormer and him sneakily removed the chain of the Maester and undid all the links. The Maester found those links if not for Aela’s blabbering to father. Ah, memories of a life long past. The hand of the king reminisced for a second before turning his jovial eyes which had turned neutral towards his grandchild. “Daeron, you must never do such a thing again, got it ? Lord Ormund is your uncle and you are fostered there. He is like your father too. You wouldn’t want to trouble your father, would you ?”, Otto gently coaxed.

Daeron looked a bit sullen before being embraced by his mother. “Oh my sweet, don’t look so sad. Who will have all the fun in the world if children don’t. If children just sit with their hands folded, never to pull a prank again, the world would be a woeful place to live in. you are the joy of my life, my love and if my joy isn’t joyous, then I am not joyous.”, Alicent pouted as she whispered to her last child. He looked at her with loving eyes, before quickly kissing her on the cheek. She retaliated by kissing him on the forehead before gently tapping his nose. Laenor started reading again when they separated.



INFANTRY - 2,500 men
CAVALRY - 500 men.


“3000 men. Isn’t that a lot for relieving a castle ? surely a lot less people would be required to relieve the castle of a small group of men ?”, Rhaenyra enquired.

“They will also need to relieve the lands of any enemy Presence and make sure no bandit groups of vagabond Lannister men form which harry the smallfolk.”, Ser Criston replied.

“It also sends a strong message to any enemies of Robb stark. We can spare 3000 men to relieve the lands of one of our lords. Imagine what we can bring in a battle. Even though they may have less men. Deception assures wins in a war too. Additionally, Stone Hedge is close to Riverrun. These men can quickly reconvene at their liege lord’s castle as that is where no doubt the next armies of the Riverlands will gather.”, Lord Corly answered to his good-daughter.

Rhaenyra nodded before Laenor started again.



INFANTRY - 2,500 men.
CAVALRY - 500 men.


“Giving the same number of men to lord blackwood as he did to lord bracken. Robb may be young but his mind isn’t. Now neither of the two can allege favouritism and try anything stupid to curry favour thereby putting the alliance in danger.”, Otto mused. “God knows they will pull out their swords over leaves of Bracken trees being found in Blackwood lands.”, he grimly thought.

Rhaenyra silently smirked. She could claim to be one of the only ones in this chamber to have seen the hate that the Brackens and Blackwoods bore for each other, firsthand too. When Willem Blackwood fought and killed Jerell Bracken during her time in Storm’s End 4 years back. She wasn’t expecting one to kill another in her presence. Fools, the lot of them. Although, that wasn’t even half as horrifying as Criston Cole killing Ser Joffrey Lonmouth at her wedding tourney. Laenor didn’t deserve seeing his companion die such a horrible death, being in untold agony for six days before the gods showed him some mercy.



INFANTRY - 2,000 men
CAVALRY - 1,000 men.


“f*cking waste of men that castle is. Took the lives of who knows how many men to build it. Now it requires 3000 men just to lay siege to it.”, Daemon hatefully said.

“But it is prudent that they arrest Tywin’s campaign and box him there. Harrenhall is the centre of the entire realm. Harren the black wasn’t a fool to select the land surrounding the god’s eye to build his castle. You can even mount an assault on the capital from there.”, Corlys spoke.

“Yes and if trapping a dangerous man like Tywin in a place that doesn’t let him execute any schemes requires such a mass of men, then I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Robb has essentially secured his position in the Riverlands and his next campaign will most definitely target the Westerlands. He can afford a demanding siege, especially to trap his most dangerous enemy.”, Rhaenys finished. Many were shocked to see her impart such acumen for matters of war. But she paid no heed. “They forget that I was my father’s heir before grandfather did what he did. He trained me well. Trained me to be a queen. Before his father proclaimed a prince of Dragonstone and not a princess.” ,The queen who never was pondered.



CAVALRY - 1,000men.


CAVALRY - 800 men.


Not a bad distribution of cavalry. We know that Lord Edmure is good at managing logistics and this is a good number of men to maintain supply lines.”, Otto remarked quietly nodding.

“Lord Mallister also has only horsem*n so he can be frighteningly quick. Great to maintain order in the recently ravaged Riverlands.”, Ser Criston added.




Many gulped at that. “That’s a lot of men. Robb has a hard road ahead of him. I hope he doesn’t die.”, Laena mused, a thought no doubt shared by every lady in the chamber.


INFANTRY - 33,000 men.


“He definitely has an overwhelming advantage over Robb here. These men are some of the best trained spears and pikes in the realm.”, Daemon said. He had modelled the city watch of king’s landing after the red cloaks and knew of their skills the best in the chamber.


CAVALRY - 7000 men.


“They are equally matched for cavalry but with the skill that the northern horsem*n possess and a legendary outrider like the Blackfish commanding them, Robb’s cavalry will eat them for breakfast.”, Ser Criston said.

“You could say they will wolf them down for breakfast.”, Aegon japed. Ser Criston snorted alongside Aemond while Helaena giggled. Even Viserys laughed which surprised Queen Alicent’s boys as they were deprived of attention from their father.



INFANTRY - 23,000 men.


“That’s a lot of men to feed everyday while being sieged.”, Rhaenys grimaced.

“And the fool does not possess a supply line and has probably will quickly burn through all the grain looted from the smallfolk of the Riverlands. Like I said, a blunt hammer.”, Otto spat with a visceral hatred for a lord he deemed unworthy of power.


CAVALRY - 5000 men.


“And horses eat twice as much as men. That land cannot sustain the stomachs of 28000 men. Let alone 28000 soldiers. The man has trapped himself now.”, Ser Criston mentioned with a hint of a grin. He was distraught after listening the extinction of his Queen’s lineage but knowing her blood flowed in young Robb had won him over. The young wolf’s victories had just cemented his belief in the capabilities of Queen Alicent’s children.



INFANTRY - 10,000 men.
CAVALRY - 2,000 men.


That is a lot of reinforcements. Sure Robb will win any ground battle but when these men find out that the young wolf is coming to ravage and rape their lands and ladies, they will fight ferociously. Would it not be a pyrrhic victory for Robb ?”, Rhaenyra enquired.

She was not wrong, Laena thought. “Anyone will fight to the death to protect their homes. When the thought that his wife and daughter will be raped and slaughtered passes someone’s mind, even a peasant picks up a sword and fights with zeal. And the only thing deadlier than a warrior willing to fight to live is a man willing to die to fight.”


299 AC




In the west, Robb Stark approached the Golden Tooth with his army. His scouts estimated that the castle was garrisoned with at least five hundred men many of whom were survivors from Jaime Lannister’s broken army.


“The Kingslayer’s men ayy ? oh they will definitely not want to face Robb in a open field again. Broken army, broken men.”, Aemond remarked nonchalantly. It was true. With the way Robb broke Jaime’s army under the walls of Riverrun, any survivor of the vicious tactics employed by Robb to break the enemy’s back would never want to face the northerners in a pitched battle.

“They have an advantage. They are literally sitting in a place built to stop armies from the north entering the Westerlands. They will definitely be looking to take revenge on Robb.”, Aegon said with concern, not keen on his brother’s descendant being unceremoniously killed by a random archer in the middle of battle even before he started plundering the lands of the family responsible for the Targaryen’s downfall.

In a way Robb was taking revenge for all three parts of his bloodline. Fighting not only to avenge for the injustice meted out to hisfather and the assault borne by his mother’s lands but in Aegon’s mind also avenging Rhaenys and his namesake’s death. While he absolutely loathed Rhaegar for doing something that sounds like one of mushroom’s japes and f*cking their position more than his mad father already had, he was horrified on listening to the brutal ends of Rhaegar’s children. And when he heard what Elia Martell went through. Gods. He grimaced when he remembered that Helaena would befall a similar fate. Daemon, that bastard. Murdering a child, his child and making his mother watch as she was goaded into sentencing one of her sons to death under the threat of her daughter being raped. He wanted to kill each and every one of Rhaenyra’s ilk. Damn him being proclaimed a kinslayer. At least his sister won’t suffer.

“I don’t think so brother. Robb possesses a massive army of blooded men. Now the numbers won’t scare an experienced warrior. They will scare the sh*t out of the peasants and farmers who make up an army though. But here’s the thing. Keeper, did Tywin not take all the experienced veterans of the Westerlands with him when he initially charged into the Riverlands ?”, Aemond excitedly said, finally getting to show his acumen.

“Correct, prince Aemond.”, The keeper replied with a smile.

“So would it be wrong to assume that the golden tooth does not possess a capable commander as castellan ?”

“It… wouldn’t be wrong.”

“So you see Aegon, they are not in that much of a position of power as you think. They do not possess a capable castellan, most of the defenders have met Robb and lived to tell the tale, a feat I am sure you would agree increasingly few can achieve. These men saw their powerful army slaughtered by angry giants and a f*cking Direwolf. They are shattered, psychologically. Additionally, Robb possesses their commander, the kingslayer. If he manages to sneak a few men to the other side of the tooth and make sure that no ravens reach Casterly Rock, he can just show the blonde c*nt’s pretty face to the defenders and force them to open the gates. These men are scared of Robb but they are even more scared of Tywin Lannister. If he learns that they rejected his golden boy’s well-being for defence, the fool will slaughter his own men, no doubt. Robb still has an advantage.”, Aemond finished. He then paused to take a gulp of air as he spoke without stopping for a moment. It showed his acumen in matters of war that the young lad could understand battle tactics. His mother and mentors were certainly proud of his intelligence. Mother gave him a bright smile while grandfather and Ser Criston appreciatively nodded at him. Daemon had a weirdly impressed look

Laenor continued reading.


The castle was not very large and would not normally present a difficult fight based on its size, except that the Tooth was practically built to stop a larger force. It sat perched on the top of a hill that overlooked the winding road below. An attack from the west would have been much easier. The only problem is Robb had no way to get to the west except through the Tooth.

While Robb can force his way through it will result in massive casualties, casualties he cannot afford if he wanted to take the Lannister's ancestral home of Casterly Rock.


“What…did he say ?”

“Did he say he intends to capture Casterly Rock ?”, Viserys said with disbelief.

Everyone silently stood with their mouths agape.

“WHAT THE f*ck!! IS HE STARK RAVING MAD TO WANT TO TAKE THE MOST DEFENDED CASTLE IN THE f*ckING REALM .”, Aemond shouted, spouting the thoughts of everyone in the room.

“Calm down, brother. You heard Robb.”, Aegon retaliated massaging his poor ears.

Laenor paused and quizzically looked at Robb. Had the victories gone to his f*cking head ? Dreaming was alright, everyone dreamt of things. Glory, Gold, a good f*ck. Dreaming of impossible things was alright when you kept your thoughts to yourself and ONLY YOURSELF. But dreaming foolishly in the middle of a battle campaign when your mind was the only thing saving you and your men from a gruesome death ? When you were already outnumbered and every soldier was needed ? What the hell was going to through the young wolf’s mind ?

“Aemond isn’t lying though, is he ? Robb intends to take Casterly Rock !!”, Viserys questioned his oldest son.

“So ?”

“SO !!! Have you gone crazy too ? he wants to take Casterly f*ckING Rock, The place even Aegon the conqueror was hesitant to attack. Queen Visenya Targaryen herself said that she was grateful that King Loren Lannister rode out to war with the last Gardener kings against us, instead of sealing himself within his castle. Do you know why ?”, Daemon screeched angrily.

“Because the Rock could withstand Dragonflame itself.”, Aegon calmly replied.

“EXACTLY !!. Visenya had Vhagar at her side. You have seen the Dragon right. She could swallow a young dragon and leave not even a speck of its existence.”

The Keeper winced, remembering a future not bound to unfold.

“So ??”, Aegon once again calmly said.

Daemon slapped his forehead while Aemond scratched his head. Rhaenyra smirked before looking at her uncle. Seems that Alicent’s brood was a pack of fools. Corlys was thoughtful while Rhaenys looked at the entire room before resting her eyes on Alicent’s eldest. Otto wondered what made Aegon so confident that Robb could achieve the impossible. Casterly Rock consisted of the thickest seams of stone according to his knowledge. That stone could stop anything thrown at it, even dragons. Then what assured Aegon in this foolhardy quest of his ?

Alicent then spoke up. “Aegon have you taken leave of your senses ? Has the wine clouded your judgement ? The Rock is impossible to take ! Even Dragons cannot take it !!”

Aegon then spoke with maturity and wisdom more suited for a seer than the prince of the realm.

“You are correct mother. Dragons cannot take the Rock because Dragons are useful as weapons of war rather than the pawns in a battle tactic. Dragons are good to instil fear in the enemy. Because they can be seen from afar. Dragons cannot be used to hit and run from enemy forces because their roars will proclaim your arrival stealing any guile. They are blunt weapons. But Robb isn’t a blunt weapon. he possesses guile to deceive and run circles around his enemies. The enemy will know if Dragons attack them. The enemy won’t know if Robb will. They definitely won’t know his purpose : to take the ancestral home of the Lannisters. So they won’t prepare for it. Tell me this, what do we know of how Robb wages battles and fights a war. Grandfather ?”, He gestured towards Otto.

Otto could finally see it. “He uses guile and cunning. How he divided his armies into two and led the quicker one to break the siege of Riverrun while baiting Tywin into fighting his army of infantry. That was clever.”

“Correct. And we know Robb is clever. I am sure he will concoct some plan to capture Casterly Rock. Oh, it’s going to be damn fun to see Tywin’s reaction to his pride being stomped on.”, he finished.

The room became as silent as a crypt. Ser Criston broke the silence by clapping vigorously. “Bravo, my prince !”

Daemon was unnerved by Aegon’s words. This boy would need to watched out for. Better to be safe than sorry.

Rhaenyra quietly fumed while Corlys and Rhaenys were surprised.

Baela, Rhaena and Helaena could not hide their shock. They were definitely perplexed by how a drunk like Aegon could see what other, more experienced people in the chamber could not. Aemond slapped his brother’s back while he slipped his wine.


Robb needed to think so he, Wulfric, and Theon went riding among the hills near their camp. They were also accompanied by the now very large direwolf Grey Wind, who had now grown to be the size of a horse.


All the children giggled at Grey Wind’s comparison to a horse.

“Why doesn’t Robb just ride his dire-wolf into battle ?”, Jace said with a hearty snigg*r.

“It would also scare all the enemies. Imagine a huge wolf with a man on top of him running towards you at breakneck speed.”, Helaena said.

“I would start praying to The Mother if I saw that.”, Lucerys remarked.

“The Northerners would kill you for it, c*nt. They don’t pray to the Seven.”, Aemond darkly whispered.

None except Aegon heard what he said who laughed silently in his cups.

“Grey wind must be eating as much as three horses, wouldn’t he ?”, Rhaena questioned.

“I don’t think so Rhaena. Humans are much, much heavier than horse-food and Grey wind has been getting a hearty supply of Lannister men to gorge on.”, Daemon replied to his daughter who giggled along with her twin at the jape.


After his victory at the Camps, Robb had split his army into 5 hosts. Ser Brynden, Lord Blackwood and Lord Bracken, each of them has a host number around 3,000 strong. Their task is to prevent Tywin's army from crossing the Trident and attack their army from the rear while they are in the Westerlands.


Corlys winced. “Yeah, that would be horrible. He would definitely be slaughtered and cut off from any help from up north.”


Lord Jason Mallister has about 1,000 men, all of them being cavalry. His task is to liberate the rest of the Riverlands that were still under the occupation of the Lannisters.


“An easy enough task. He can also use them to patrol the lands, Restore some semblance of order.”, Ser Criston nodded.

“Well it will be hard. The Riverlands have probably not suffered like this since the days of Harren the black.”, Aemond remarked.


Robb has the remaining 22,000 men under his command, 15,000 on foot and the rest being mounted men. And now they were approaching the castle that guarded the domain of House Lannister.


That’s a good number of men, Corlys thought. “With just 12000 soldiers currently in the Westerlands, who consist of green boys, old men and sellswords Robb could easily wreak havoc and pull apart the Lannister’s already shaky position.”


The biggest problem was that the castle garrison knew that they were coming. Tywin had sent word to the Lannister forces in the Westerlands to prepare for a likely attack and Robb had been harried on his approach to the Tooth.


“that’s a real thorn in Robb’s side.”, Viserys said. “depending on how many days have passed since the tooth has been alerted to Robb’s movement, they will have stocked their stores, filled their larders and taken all kinds of precautions to ensure that the gate to the Westerlands does not fall.”

“They also have the advantages of knowing the lands surrounding the tooth better and having far less men than the approaching army. The enemy outriders can be crippling for Robb if used effectively.”, Daemon remarked to his brother who pondered upon his words before responding.

“By utilising Robb’s hit and run tactics against him and slowing his march. It would be bloody effective if it works.”


“Well they can use proven tactics like melting into the hills after striking his army. They can also set traps in Robb’s path since with such a big army, Robb can only use the roads which are big enough to accommodate his army. Roads that can be used against him.”


He had not sustained much damage, but Tywin had been right in his prediction which took away any surprise entrance into the Westerlands.


“Seems that Tywin has atleast some sense. But it still isn’t enough to save his lands from being ravaged.”,Otto thought.


“We could attempt to go further south and attack through Deep Den”. Wulfric suggested as they slowly rode through the grass.

“It would take too long to march further south. Our spies report that an army is indeed gathering near Oxcross. Stafford Lannister will have more than ten thousand men in a moon’s turn. It is the same reason we cannot afford the time for a siege.” Robb countered.


“Why can’t Robb force march his army to Deep Den and breach it to enter the Westerlands ? He still has more men than Stafford Lannister ?”, Alicent questioned.

“Deep Den is surrounded by steep hills and rocky terrains mother. It has valleys and countless streams of water surrounding it. While easier to take than the golden tooth, it is by no means not gruelling. Traps are much easier to place and far more deadly in rocky terrain.”, Daeron replied.

“Deep Den is also at a lower height than the rest of the Westerlands. It is the reason it is called Deep Den as you have to descend from the Westerlands to reach it. Robb will have to take his army upwards. Ascending with such a large amount of people in hilly terrains. That’s a death sentence.”, Aemond added.

“And we also have to understand that Robb wants to breach into the Westerlands as quickly as possible. Every moment that he wastes whether it be marching towards Deep Den or trying to traditionally break the tooth is a boon granted to the Lannisters who are already on the backfoot. The defense of the enemy will be better coordinated, Stafford Lannister’s army will be better prepared and Robb will be continuously harassed by the outriders. He has to take the chance and open the gates of the golden tooth somehow, anyhow.”, Aegon finished.

Alicent gave a bright smile to all three of her sons before Laenor started again.


Stafford was gathering an army from what was left of the men in the Westerlands. He had made his camp outside Oxcross so that he was more centrally located and could pull men from all corners of the Westerlands.


“That’s a good idea. But then he would be depleting the already troubled border areas. Though most of his recruits must be coming from the west and areas of the coast. In that case this can hardly be called an army, more like sheep for slaughter.”,Ser Criston mused.


Robb had received word that many of these soldiers were old men and young boys. However, there were also sellswords and freeriders among them.

The longer Robb waited the more likely it was that Stafford would have an army that could reinforce the garrison at Casterly Rock and Lannisport, making it much more difficult if not impossible to take and they needed to take the Rock to break the Lannister power in the west.


Everyone in the room grimaced at that.

“Casterly Rock always employs a full garrison which never leaves. Taking the rock was already very dangerous. If they reinforce the garrison, it would be nigh impossible to breach the gates let alone capture it.”, Corlys silently said.

“Oh he will do something.”, Aegon confidently said.

“Why is that ?”, Helaena asked her brother. His confidence mildly perplexed her.

“Because, sweet sister the reward is too great for Robb to think anything else. He gets to etch his name in the history books if he captures a seat that has never fallen. The Lannisters would have to move mountains to recover from a setback so extreme. You just need to have confidence in Robb.”

“Fair enough”, she huffed.


Just as Theon was about to speak, he stopped, noticing that Grey Wind heading away from them smelling the ground.


“Food ?”, Joffrey chirped.

Rhaenyra giggled at that. “Maybe Joff. Maybe there could be plump goats waiting there for Grey Wind.”

Viserys smiled before wondering. Did the normally protective Direwolf find something that warranted straying from Robb ?


“Where is your Direwolf off to?” Theon asked pointing at the grey Direwolf as they went between two hills.

The group followed them and found what might have been the single most important trail in the whole war.


Everyone was shocked at that. Seems like Grey Wind did find something that important, Viserys thought with a surprised look.


Robb looked at the trail in shock, before a cold smirk came to his face.

"Theon, Wulfric gather the lords we are having a war council in the next hour" He ordered.


“Oh this will be exciting.”, Daemon gleefully chortled, rubbing his hands together. His excitement was certainly matched by Queen Alicent’s children. Aemond had a particularly macabre smile while Aegon silently laughed into his cup. Daeron was left wondering how well-hidden was this trail to have only been discovered by Robb’s direwolf. Perhaps he truly was blessed by the old gods. Helaena couldn’t have been happier for Robb.

Laenor turned the page to read the next part. The scene shifted to a massive tent which housed all of Robb’s lords.


That night Robb was in the war tent having summoned his lords.

“Our scouts, that we sent down the trail report that it leads to the other side of the mountains into the Westerlands. My lords, it bypasses the Golden Tooth entirely.” Robb said with a smirk. His lords looked at him with the same blood thirsty smirk that matched his own.


Aemond was absolutely shocked at this. Bypassing the golden tooth would mean that Robb could effectively circle it and choke the defenders from both sides. He could shoot down all ravens.

Daemon laughed at the rabid adoration with which the northern lords were looking at Robb. But he would to, if his king found a trail that would effectively give his forces the richest kingdom in the realm without any hard opposition. Afterall, Men fight for riches. Though looking at Robb’s army, even a blind hag could tell that spoils were secondary. These men were devoted to their king’s cause. This kind of loyalty was only possible in a land where the lord truly looked after his people. He had to give Ned Stark a hell of a lot of credit for that. The loyalty that the Starks possessed could not be matched by any other realm. It reminded him of the loyalty that the gold cloaks had for him. Based on what the Lore Keeper had told them about the dance, he would have to reward a lot of those hardy bastards personally when he met them again. Luther especially, that smarmy tall git, he smirked.


“We should march through them immediately and attack the army at Oxcross" Greatjon spoke loudly.


“Ever the boisterous, bellowing and bloodthirsty.”, Aegon guffawed. “Though, does he want to move the entire army ?”, he wondered.


“I agree with your idea in theory my lord but not in practice. We have a very large army and it only takes one raven to tell Casterly Rock that we are coming. The end of the trail is still a bottle neck and they could likely defend it if they knew we were coming” Benjen said deflating the lord’s excitement.


“Exactly ! it only takes one mistake to make the defenders alerted. It’s a hilly area. They can very well block the causeway with stone.”, Ser Criston said. “Lord Benjen is ever the cautious one. A good counter-weight to The Greatjon’s headstrong approach. Robb is extremely lucky to have such talented and experienced advisors.”,the lord commander of the kingsguard thought.


“However,” Robb began finishing what his uncle had started. “We can take our entire cavalry force, through the pass without them realizing we have moved our army. We leave the main force here, attack the army at Oxcross then wheel around and surround the Tooth. If they surrender, great. If they do not, we take it by force, the Keep can survive an attack from the east but from the west it will be relatively easy with a large enough force.” Robb finished. The lords had no questions, they were all ready tor the coming battle.


“That’s an excellent plan ! He will lull the defenders of the tooth into a false sense of security while utterly decimating the force that Ser Stafford is raising. Maybe then he can also pose as the Lannister army and get the defenders of the tooth to open the castle from the south side and then effortlessly capture it.”, Corlys remarked.

“But would it not be messy dear husband ? How could Robb’s men differentiate Lannister from Stark ? Grey from red ? Wolf from lion ?”, Rhaenys asked Lord Corlys after a brief moment of deliberation.

The Sea Snake pondered for a short while before giving up. “As usual my dear wife is right.”, He gave his better half a kiss on the cheek. Rhaenys looked at him with adoring eyes. Laena smiled a little while Laenor looked a tad bit embarrassed. The Lore Keeper smiled too before urging Laenor to continue.


"Uncle, just like Green Fork, you will take command of our infantry and wait here" he ordered his Uncle who simple nodded in affirmation.


“A smart choice. Lord Benjen is not bombastic and very cautious. He can easily keep up appearances to fool the defenders of the tooth.”, Viserys remarked.


"My Lords, the Lannisters have burned Riverlands and massacred its people, my mother's people, and now we are going to pay the Westerlands tenfold for what they did to the Riverlands. We are going to prove that the Lannister's aren't the only ones who pay their bloody debts" Robb said coldly "Today we shall attack the Lions where it hurts and after the battle we are going to feast on their corpses. Winter has come for House Lannister, and no amount of gold will save them".


“He definitely knows how to rile up his men. A good f*cking speech can give these men the motivation and appreciation they want, need even.”, Daemon exclaimed.

“Was this how you got the city watch of king’s landing to act like bandits dressed in gold cloaks ?”, Otto nonchalantly retorted.

“It is the way I got them to force the law onto lawless scum. Tell me what the f*ck did you do for the people living in the city in your tenure.”, Daemon angrily retaliated.


“Apologies, your grace.”

Regaining his composure, he beckoned Laenor to continue reading.


The Lords cheered with excitement and bloodlust, and Robb smirked "Winter is comingLord Tywin,I hope you are prepared for It, because I certainly am".

That same day near sunset Robb lead his entire cavalry on the trail. The army outside the Tooth made no overt movements making it seem as though they were going to wait out the garrison inside. The forces within the Tooth never saw Robb back track with his cavalry force into the pass.


“He knows time is of the essence when undertaking this task. Good call on taking the cavalry. I don’t think Ser Stafford will keep watch for enemies in his own lands. If Robb pulls this off, he can slaughter the entire host pretty quickly.”, Aemond deduced.

“Lord Laenor, please turn the page.”, The Lore Keeper said.

Laenor turned the pages as the scene shifted to dense foliage and the small mild flicker of a bonfire at some distance.





“Ah so they have reached Oxcross.”, Rhaenyra remarked. “Keeper, is it well defended ?”

“Well, Oxcross is a village. It is in the centre of the Westerlands and is mostly used to rest by traders before going to Sarsfield and Lannisport. It is not that well defended. It resides on flatlands which are at a lower height than the Golden Tooth and Sarsfield.”, The Keeper spoke after a second of pause.


He felt the ground beneath his feet, smelt the scent of man and horse in the air and above all else he heard the sound of two men talking. Sniffing the air, he moved forwards slowly and carefully, taking care to not make too much noise as he did.


“That’s a very silent horse that Robb is using.”, Daeron thought.

“So he is utilising the woods to hide his men.”, Aegon said.

“Why is he sniffing the air, father ?”, Baela questioned.

Daemon contemplated for a moment before beginning. “Maybe he is smelling for the horses and burnt wood ? Horsesh*t has a uhh… very distinct smell.”, He laughed.

Both his daughters giggled.

“But I do wonder why he is sniffing the air like an animal.”,Daemon thought.


"It's got to be the mountain. He's the biggest. He's the strongest." He heard one man say and he felt his ears perk up.


The chamber became as quiet as a crypt at the mention of the mountain who rides.

“That Bastard.”, Viserys growled. Not one soul questioned the King’s words.


"Bulls are bigger than lions. Doesn't mean I'd pick a bull in a fight. If the bull had fangs and claws, I would." Another human spoke and he watched from the foliage he was hidden in as the man sat down by the other one. Both dressed in the armour of lions, he felt his teeth pull as a soft growl escaped his lips. "Right, the Mountain, or our man Jamie?"


Laenor was perplexed at the words used.

“Can I feel my teeth pull ?”, Lucerys wondered.

“Why is Robb referring to another man as a human ?”, Laena questioned.

“perhaps he doesn’t even consider his enemy worthy enough for a second thought ? You know thinking takes a lot out of a man.”, Daemon mumbled to his wife with a joking expression who laughed before replying.

“So you don’t think a lot because you aren’t a man or because you don’t have a lot in you, Daemon Targaryen ?”, she chirped to her husband who pouted before quickly being kissed on the cheek by his wife. He grinned as he quickly tried to reciprocate the kiss.


"If he ever gets out." The man paused.

"Loras Tyrell?" The Tyrell's, they were allied with Renly last he checked, his mother should be meeting them soon.


“So Lady Catelyn has gone to meet with Renly. Perhaps to broker an alliance ?”, Daeron remarked.

“Definitely to broker an alliance, my prince. If Renly allies with Robb, he can quickly march up to the capital after dealing with his brother’s forces and blockade it. With the city falling to the Tyrells, Tywin will fold pretty quickly. Though what conditions has Robb put forth and will Renly accept it is the question.”, Ser Criston answered.

“At this point, Robb won’t settle for anything less than the independence of the North and the Riverlands.”, Aemond said.

“Would Renly agree to it though. He is extremely untrustworthy and will definitely not hesitate to stab Robb in the back to reclaim half of his kingdom.”, Otto cautioned.

“He has no right to it though, does he ?”, Helaena asked her grandfather.

Otto mirthlessly laughed before speaking. “He has no right to the Iron Throne also, does he ? He is still trying to usurp it though, my dear.”


"Loras Tyrell." A man scoffed. "He's prettier than the Queen."

"I don't care about pretty. He's better with a sword than any of them."


“Can he defeat Robert Baratheon in a duel ?”, Corlys questioned.

“No. Robert would have some difficulty but he would eventually defeat Loras. He is very quick and can tire his opponent. That is not to discount his skills with the blade, though.”, The Lore Keeper declared.


"How good can he be. He's been stabbing Renly Baratheon for years and Renly ain't dead." The man laughed and he moved forwards slowly, his presence noticed by the horses who neighed in panic.

Carefully, he slinked back away as one of the men placed down their drinks and rose, his hand resting on the handle of his blade.


“They are getting suspicious now ! Get out of there Robb !!”, Joffrey exclaimed.

“Why is Loras stabbing Renly Baratheon ? isn’t his sister married to Renly ? Why would he want to kill his sister’s husband ?”, Lucerys innocently asked his mother who became a shade of red before answering.

“It means that Loras Tyrell really loves Renly.”

“Like I Love you ?”

“Not exactly.”

“Like I love Jace and Joff ?”

“No no not that way.”

“Then ?”

Rhaenyra tried really hard to think on how to tell her son before giving up.

“He’s different. And let’s keep it at that.”

“I will ask father then.”

“Do not ask father. I will tell you. Loras likes men the way men like women.”

“…So he’s a sword swallower.”


Rhaenyra paused.

“Where did you learn that ?”

“Somewhere ?”


"The horses seem a little spooked to you?" What followed was a joke of juvenile humour he'd expect from Theon and he moved forwards slowly as eventually, one guard didn't relax like the other. It seemed his presence was coming under greater suspicion as the guard cautiously moved forwards to his location.


The chamber watched with bated breath as the men came closer and closer to Robb’s position.


Sensing that the time for action was closing, he anxiously moved forwards, his presence spooking the horses even further. Eventually it seemed the flimsy rope holding the horses in place couldn't hold under their constant bucking and so they broke free.


Corlys grimaced at that. “Spooked and untethered horses. They can sow utter chaos.”


As they rushed round and galloped away from him, the Lannister guard released a shout of fear as he leapt at him, mouth agape before he bit into the man’s neck. The blood in his mouth was sweet as he ripped the man’s neck out before charging on.


Laenor paused at that before blinking and poring over the text. Everyone in the chamber was equally confused. Why would Robb bite into another man’s neck ? Perhaps his sword bit into another man’s neck ? Rhaenys turned to the Lore Keeper.

“Is there any mistake in the text ?”

The Lore Keeper smiled. “None.”

But that didn’t make sense. Unless…



The scene then shifted to a sea of grey.


'What was that. ' Robb thought in shock as he found himself back on his horse surrounded by his detachment of horsem*n. One moment he had closed his eyes, saying a silent prayer to the Old Gods and suddenly, he found himself at the front of the Lannister camp where the horses were being kept a sweet taste lingering on his lips. 'Was I…Grey Wind?'


“He warged into his Direwolf.”, Otto explained, shocked.

“What is that, father ?”, Alicent asked.

“I read about warging a long time ago in a book from the Hightower’s library. “Conquest before the arrival of the Andals by Maester Damoldyn” , it was called. The Starks after adding the blood of the Warg King to theirs, gained the ability to enter the minds of animals and perceive the world through their senses and even control their actions. What we just saw is the re-emergence of magic long gone or at least dormant.

“So he can even taste the blood that Grey wind drew ?”, Helaena asked.


The chamber became silent before Daeron chirped.

“Does blood really taste sweet ?”

“No it tastes salty but… Ok, Robb is getting a sweet sensation because Grey Wind thought of the blood as sweet. It is what happens when a warg leaves a body. Some remnants of the animal’s mind reside in the warg. It is why the wargs of old wouldn’t stay inside their animals for long, otherwise their behaviour would start to emulate beasts.”, Otto said.

Everyone was awed at that. “The valyrian ability to form bonds with dragons is quite similar to warging.”, Viserys said.

“And when we were seeing through the eyes of Grey Wind, he referred to Lady Catelyn as his mother. So that means we were seeing through Robb’s perspective who himself was warged into Grey Wind. Our dragons can also understand our thoughts father.”, Rhaenyra remarked.


It was a dark, moonless and rainy night. He had charged Grey Wind to lead them through the forest. The trusted direwolf was also in charge of spooking the horses of the crimson army, still training under Stafford Lannister, hoping to face a war they thought far from them.


“Fear tactics to beat an unprepared enemy. Robb couldn’t have been blessed with better timing.”, Corlys said.

“Well he had a hand in creating such hard times for the Lannisters.”, Rhaenys remarked.


But what he just felt, it wasn't natural. It was almost magical.

Normally Robb would have scoffed if someone had said, a few months ago, that magic actually exist.

But now after meeting the 'Hungry Wolf' in his vision, and feeling Grey Wind's emotions and consciousness in his dreams, his view of entire world had changed.


“Well, ofcourse my view would also change if millennia old magic, magic which was thought to have vanished, reawakened in me.”, Aemond joked.

“Keeper, what happened to magic ? Did it die out with our dragons ?”, Aegon questioned.

The Lore Keeper contemplated before responding. “Not exactly. Magic did wither when the last dragon took its last breath, some 33 years from now.”

“And it has reappeared again ?”

“As you can see, yes. But it never disappeared. See, magic is ingrained into the land. It resides in the salt of the sea and the grass of the field. Just like seasons change and winter departs for summer, the world changes. Magic dwindles and strengthens in the world. Magic blossomed in the north during the earliest ages, whereas it withered in the south after the coming of the Andals. Magic can’t vanish from the world, simply because it is the world.”

The room became silent as everyone contemplated the Keeper’s words. Eventually Viserys spoke.

“We call what we cannot fathom as magic. The goatherds and shepherds who tamed the first dragons also must have thought of them as beasts of sorcery. But eventually that magic seeped into us. Our very souls. It must have withered after the doom just as it strengthened after the rise of the freehold.”


"Your grace." Theon spoke from his side and Robb shook his head, it would not do to dwell on such things right now.

Drawing his sword, he urged his horse onwards, bellowing "For The North!"

Smalljon beside him cried out, "The King In The North!"


“This must be terrifying for the Lannister men. One moment, you are safe in your own lands, the next you are faced with rampaging northerners atop their mythical Direwolves. Imagine facing the next best thing to a f*cking GIANT !!”, Corlys said.

“Yeah, looking at the Smalljon, there is no doubt he can cleave a man in half in one stroke.”, Daemon concurred.


"The King In The North!" It was a cry that was echoed by his men, at least 7,000 strong, as they descend downhill and onto the disarrayed Lannister camp.


“Well, they certainly have speed on their side going downhill. Add in the fact that Oxcross is a flat patch of land which means the horses will retain their speed. This won’t end well for the Lannisters.”, Otto declared.


The horses that had broken free and those his men had cut free had trampled through the camp, killing dozens and now he and his men descend upon them in the dead of night.

It was a slaughter, plain and simple.


“Let’s see.”, Aegon started counting. “Grey Wind scared the horses into panicked frenzy. His men have cut free the remaining horses. Who are trampling men. Which means the camp is in chaos. Add into the fact that the entire camp must have been sleeping. Which means cohesion in the din of horses and dying men is utterly impossible. Yeah I would say this counts as a slaughter.”, He chuckled.


Only about two thousand of the twelve thousand strong host were actually trained soldiers. The remaining ten thousand were all fresh recruits from the surrounding lands. Despite its large numbers, many weren't even trained soldiers and those that were, had already developed a hefty amount of fear for the Young Wolf and his army.


“More than hefty. They are deathly scared of you now.”,Daeron thought.


When they noticed the northern army rushing towards them and cutting through swaths of their fellow soldiers, the morale shattered near instantly. Some attempted to fight back, but they were quickly overwhelmed as the remaining men were quickly routed in short order.


This was the death knell for the Lannister host, Ser Criston mused. An army without morale on its shoulders would be crushed by the weight of its enemy.


He watched Grey Wind tore out an entire arm of a Lannister soldier who was no older than him.

He killed another Westerland Knight who was foolish enough to challenge him.


Helaena covered her eyes at the stomach-churning violence on display. The way Robb decapitated the knight was enough to unsettle even the most hardened veteran.


He looked around the battlefield looking for the person he wanted to face, before his eyes caught a flash of crimson gold, in the pale light of the moon.

He instantly knew who he was. It was the same person he was searching for.

"Ser Stafford" he screamed in top of his voice, before galloping straight towards him.


“Oh, he is going to be scared.”, Rhaena remarked.


Ser Stafford Lannister, Lord of Lannisport, Tywin Lannister's Goodbrother, and the commander of this Lannister army, looked about with wide eye as the Young Wolf himself came galloping towards him.

Stafford stalled his horse and prepared to fight for his life.

"Robb Stark, The young wolf himself" Stafford snapped.


“Why waste your breath talking, just f*cking attack him.”, Viserys thought.


Robb didn't say anything instead he slashed at his opponent which Ser Stafford blocked.

They both began to fight, slashing, parrying, hacking, blocking, thrusting and swiping at each other.


Everyone in the room was awed at the delicate mess of grit and steel that erupted from Robb and Ser Stafford’s fight.


Robb is far better swordsman than his adversary having youth on his side as well as strength and experience.


“Careful Robb. All it takes is one stab or slash.”, Aemond thought.


Stafford landed a blow which Robb blocked with his shield before landing his own blow at Stafford's shield arm drawing blood, but the Lord Of Lannisport fought on regardless, Although his movements became a little sloppy due to his wound.


“Atleast he isn’t craven. He will die a warrior’s death.”, Corlys declared.


The fight continued, with all men nearby who were fighting now watching their fight instead. Robb urged his horse closer to Stafford, smashing his shield at him. Stafford nearly fell from his horse and fought to stay on. That was all that Robb needed, as the Young Wolf slashed his sword down onto Stafford's wrist, severing his sword hand.


Alicent flinched at seeing a hacked hand. Helaena embraced her mother recoiling in the same terror.


Stafford yelled out in pain and Robb roared in bloodlust and satisfaction before drawing his sword over his left shoulder and slashing towards Stafford's neck with all his might.


“Clean kill, though his angle is a bit off. No matter, he will quickly learn.”, Daemon darkly thought.


Robb watched with gleaming eyes as his opponent’s head flew off, blood trailing from the stump. The head landed with a dull thud as his lifeless body swayed, before dropping to the ground. A loud cheer went up among the Northmen, while the men of the Westerlands broke and began to flee, only to be brought down by the men of the North.


“That rout is going to be brutal for the Westerlands. Both in the number of men lost and the proclamation of the reckoning coming their.”, Ser Criston remarked.


Robb looked around the battle which was now finally ending. He raised his sword and roared to the heavens.


His men cried along with him.

The battle was over. The last major Lannister presence in the Westerlands has been routed. And the door towards Lannisport and Casterly Rock has now been opened for them.


“Oh he’s going to wreak havoc on the Westerlands. It is his to plunder now.”, Aemond proclaimed feeling overtly proud for his descendant.




House Stark -7,000 men.
Infantry :- 0.


House Lannister- 12,000 men.
Infantry-10,000 men.
Cavalry- 2,000 men.

Result - Major Stark Victory.The last remaining army guarding theWesterlandseradicated.Death of Ser Stafford Lannister.

Casualties :-

House Stark- Less than 300 dead and injured (Minor).

House Lannister- More than 8,000 men dead and wounded and the remaining men taken as prisoners. ( Massive ).


Laenor exclaimed in surprise. “That is a massive win.”, he said.

the chamber broke into discussions on the future now that Robb had free reign over the lion’s lair.

“Tywin Lannister’s entire image has been shattered by a boy. Serves the c*nt right.”

“Now how long will the lords of the Westerlands accept being boxed in Harrenhall ? Tywin’s fear cannot save their homes can it ?”

“Oh Cersei is going to be wroth. The boy king will probably declare his own kin a traitor for not defeating Robb. This is going to be exciting.”

“Once Robb captures Casterly Rock, the Lannisters will lose their powerbase and prestige. Who can they rely on ?”

“They are surrounded on all sides by enemies and have had their homes invaded. Tywin is truly trapped.”

Finally the Lore Keeper spoke up. “My Lords, calm yourselves before you wear out your throats.”, she said to a few giggles from Baela and Rhaena.

“Drink some wine and then you can decide who shall read the next chapter.”, she snapped her fingers and the goblets were filled again. Everyone took a sip.

“Ahh refreshing.”, Aegon said. “Though I would love some Arbor Gold the next time.”

The Lore Keeper smiled. “As you wish, my prince. Now who shall read the next chapter ?”

“Can I read next ?”, Jacaerys piped up.

The Lore Keeper gave a bright smile again before presenting the book to him.

“Please do, Jace.”

Jace flipped the pages.



So again this chapter was damn fun to write. i created some new minor lore which you will find out. and also this is our longest chapter yet at 9600 words !!! I do keep my promises though so you cant hold that against me. what you can is my upload schedule but as i said, EXAMINATIONS. anyways now i will be uploading regularly though cant make any promises on the chapters being as big as this one. What i will say is that they will be engaging. i havent started the next chapter yet but will soon. As always comments are welcome and so is constructive criticism. but only constructive otherwise comments can quickly devolve into COD lobbies from 2009. THe next chapter will be out soon. Till then, signing off. PEACE !!!

Ps : Anybody seen alex garland's civil war ? is it good ? and what about Fallout ? Do tell if both are worth watching.

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