Ark: Survival Ascended - Where To Find Pyromane & How To Tame It (2024)

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Taming creatures to become mounts is a core gameplay feature of ARK: Survival Ascended, but the Pyromane is one of the hardest beasts to find and befriend. This flaming panther constantly burns, making them interact in unique ways with the environment. Various abilities of the Pyromane can make it a great companion to have for battles against other dangerous animals within the world.

Unfortunately, recent updates to ARK: Survival Ascended have introduced microtransactions to include new creatures like the Pyromane into the game. The Pyromane is a premium creature that can only be added to your world when you spend $5 inside the game's Store to purchase the animal. Once some money has been spent, you can discover the fiery cat at specific locations on your map.


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Where To Find Pyromane

Be Prepared To Beat The Heat

Ark: Survival Ascended - Where To Find Pyromane & How To Tame It (2)

All Pyromanes spawn on the Lava/Volcano Island, one of the landmarks on the northern edge of your map. This location has nonstop, scorching heat to the point where it harms your character if you do not have the right gear in ARK: Survival Ascended. Some initial items, such as the Cloth Armor you start the game with, have great heat protection to help you explore this area to find at least one Pyromane.

Keep in mind that the Cloth Armor has very few defenses to protect your character from other hostile animals that roam the Volcano Island, including a Pyromane if it chooses to attack.

You'll have the best chance of coming across a Pyromane near the center of the island, where craters leading to lava can be seen more often. This new map from The Center update has a few obelisks you can run into along your journey, which sometimes attract Pyromanes and make them easier to track down. Try to locate a red obelisk on Volcano Island for the most abundant spawn rates for Pyromane creatures.

How To Tame Pyromane

Extinguish The Flames Of This Animal

The flames of a Pyromane make it one of the most difficult animals to tame, but you can make this creature friendlier if you find a way to put out the fire on its back. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, from waiting for rain to leading a Pyromane to a body of water. Volcano Island's heat makes water scarce, so try to discover a convenient river, lake, or beach to the ocean before hunting for a Pyromane's spawn location.

According to the above video by YouTube creator Syntac, you need to damage a Pyromane once its flames go out to continue the taming process. While this may seem counterproductive, it is the only guaranteed way to bring this beast into a state where you can use it as a mount for travel in ARK: Survival Ascended. The best place to damage a Pyromane is when it rains, but you can't control when that weather will happen.

One useful strategy for taming a Pyromane is to use a glider to lead it away while shooting it once to draw its attention. Then, glide or run from the animal until you get to the island's shore or another source of water you've already scouted out during some earlier exploration. Pyromanes take a small amount of damage over time whenever they are in a source of water, which will help you reduce their total health.

Be careful confronting any Pyromane, as they are alternate versions of the incredibly dangerous Shadowmane creatures, another cool creature to tame in ARK: Survival Ascended.

A cornered Pyromane will fight back with incredible ferocity, so remember to bring a powerful weapon or another tamed creature to help reduce the creature's health quickly. You don't want to accidentally kill the Pyromane, but you don't want to die yourself in the process. Thankfully, a Pyromane loses its fire attacks when in water, making it easier to handle as you continue to attack it.

Once the Pyromane you attack roars, it means that the creature has surrendered and will allow you to use it as a mount in ARK: Survival Ascended. You still need to harvest the flames of other animals that the Pyromane kills before it becomes loyal to you. You have to fill up the meter shown above your action bar to 100% within a short time limit before you can fully name your new mount.


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How To Use All Pyromane Abilities

Unleash Deadly Fire Onto Your Enemies

Ark: Survival Ascended - Where To Find Pyromane & How To Tame It (4)

Many passive and active abilities of the Pyromane can be used when you have full control over the creature. Pyromanes have natural armor, giving them much better protection from various threats than other, smaller mounts in the game. The basic attacks of the beast are simple swipes of their claws, which are boosted in power by the flames that burn with every strike you inflict on your enemies.

Pyromanes can transform into shoulder pets by shrinking down to the size of a small house cat. All you need to do is hold your inventory button to access more options with the new mount and find the "Transform" option in its settings. From here you can pick it up and have it on your character's shoulder as you walk around and do other tasks in the game.

Any Pyromane you place on your shoulder can shoot a flamethrower similar to a shoulder-attached weapon, burning enemies as you attack them with other tools.

The core mechanic of the Pyromane is how it needs to harvest flames from enemies to use different attacks. You can either kill different creatures to gain flames and build up the orange flame meter of the Pyromane, or absorb flames from animals that are on fire. Until the flame meter runs out, the Pyromane has four separate abilities that consume the meter when used, which include:

Pyromane Ability


Flame Absorb

Harvest the flames from burning enemies ignited by the Pyromane or another source of fire. This ability recharges your flame meter, allowing you to use other skills.

Flame Boost

Reignites the Pyromane if its flames are inactive and stops the flame meter from gradually depleting.

Flame Leap

A fiery jump where the Pyromance pounces forward in a burst of fire to damage any enemy it lands near. This ability travels farther when you do it in the air.

Flame Trail

A trail of fire that burns the ground and ignites enemies left in the direction of wherever you move with the Pyromane. This ability rapidly depletes the flame meter.

The abilities of this creature are versatile enough to give your new mount extra movement and damaging attacks. You'll have to learn how to manage the flame meter to make the most of each skill while fighting powerful dinosaurs or rival players. Those who find and tame a Pyromane in ARK: Survival Ascended will have a unique advantage in combat that takes place away from water as they set their foes ablaze.

Source: Syntac/YouTube

Ark: Survival Ascended - Where To Find Pyromane & How To Tame It (5)
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Ark: Survival Ascended - Where To Find Pyromane & How To Tame It (2024)
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